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Friday Frenzy: $15/$30 @ Palace 3/30/18 (LIVE BLOG)

March 30, 2018

3:19 PM: A little bit of a late arrival to Palace. We slept in ridiculously late for no good reason.

I ended up taking Tuesday off, as planned, but did play ten tournaments on Global Poker and managed one measly cash.

I also took Wednesday off from live poker but ended up playing on Global again. I got off to a similarly terrible start and was 0-6 while making decent runs in my last two events standing. Well, those ended up very well:

That makes 11 or 12 titles on Global and both of those scores were my best ever on the site. I also won 300 big blinds playing $1/$2 PLO and $0.25/$0.50 PLO cash games. All in all, a pretty great day online which has my Global bankroll at its peak and primed to play in their $200K GTD $540 event this Sunday – with an amazingly deep (1000 bigs to start!) structure.

Last night The Leak and I attended the Seattle Mariners home opener for the sixth consecutive year.

What a game! King Felix was amazing, going 5+ scoreless against a very good Indians team and Corey Kluber’s one mistake to Nelson Cruz was the difference in the game, a 2-1 Mariners win! Great way to start the year, edging out one of the two best starting pitchers in the American League.

3:49 PM: Started off with a $4/$8 warmup and played a fun hand where I 3-bet AQhh multiway from the small blind, call a cap, check-call J98hJ board and shrug-call blank river heads up and win against king high – and then spent the next ten minutes getting berated by that player, before leaving for $15/$30.

$15/$30 starting lineup: lady that had been coming in recently then disappeared for a while, Chief Wiggum, a rather annoying non-reg that Hollywoods almost every hand, a total unknown, a classic maniac, and a couple of nits.

4:50 PM: Nothing too exciting so far. We lost the maniac already, which sucks. I’ve picked off some bluffs and have a little sugar right now.

Dealer is asking me if I have any nicknames for seat four and I don’t. Not because he’s not deserving of one – he is quite special – but just because he doesn’t play much. The dealer suggested “The Pest” or “The Flea” because he super annoying. I won’t say who this dealer was, but it definitely was NOT The Man’s wife. Seriously, I don’t even think she works today.

I think my most interesting hand came against seat 4 when I opened button with QTo. Flop is KTx and we both check. Turn is a blank and he checks, acts like he’s going to fold, and then says, “maybe I can suck out” and calls. River is a ten. He checks and feigns fold again and snap calls when I beat and shows how unlucky he got with K4. Almost played me like a fiddle!

Speaking of fleas, it has been a few weeks since I’ve seen The Tick in here. Please come back! It will turn around, buddy!

5:14 PM: Hmmm… maybe he is The Flea. I open cutoff with JJ, Flea 3-bets big blind and I cap. Flop is ATx, he leads, and I call. Turn king, he bets and I call. River ace, we both check, he turns over K6ss and puts a $1 on his cards to tip the dealer before I do anything – a move straight out of the Douchebag Handbook.

Some wonder how I can have a win rate so high in this game and it’s literally because people go out their way to give me chips.

6:00 PM: I guess Palace is spreading PLO on Fridays @ 6 PM now. When I got here I put my name up, but I thought I was signing up for next Wednesday. Not planning to hop in at the moment, but I may change my mind after comparing the lineups.

I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to stuff like this. I came to the casino planning to play $15/$30 LHE and it’s really unlikely I’ll switch gears now and play PLO out of the blue.

But some lineups you can’t resist. There is already one player sitting down that is really good at PLO, so I’m leaning no at the moment.

6:15 PM: Just got back from my second run to the gas station to get The Leak something for her allergies and incoming cold and pick up JJ on my second hand and… go running quads to secure the top High Hand spot with 5.5 minutes left. Leggo!

6:37 PM: Naw. I’m not calling him The Flea. It fits but someone has to be Hollywood and this guy is the biggest actor I come across here.

Hollywood straddles, big defends, I 3-bet QTss and they both call. Flop is Q43 two diamonds and one spade, I bet, Hollywood raises, big calls, I 3-bet and they both call. Turn is 9s, I bet and both call. River is a lovely ace of spades, I bet and Hollywood raises. I reraise and he goes into his whole routine and feigns a muck which I thought meant he was eventually capping it… but then he did something weird… and folded.

Also, ship that High Hand for +$220!

7:33 PM: Couple of tough pots in a row. I have QQ in the big blind and the lead on JT9dd6d (with Qd) in a pot that was capped pre and 3-bets on flop. I get two callers there and the river is an ace. I check, UTG bets, and the cutoff calls. This is also the first street that’s been in Overs, so I’m facing a $60 bet. Kind of painful but I just don’t think I’m ever good here. I fold and AA beats TT. 😮

Very next hand, there’s some limping, button raises, I 3 with the KQhh from SB and all call. Flop is QT6 two diamonds. I bet, Hollywood raises, cutoff cold calls, I 3, Hollywood caps and we all see diamond turn. I check-call. I check ten river, Hollywood checks, cutoff bets, I call, Hollywood raises and I end up folding. Hollywood wins with J9dd.

8:00 PM: It’s always fun when you can sense the whole table rooting against you. Audible groans from people that weren’t even in the hand when I win a pot. Someone turning over an ace high when I give up on the river and someone else not in the hand chiming in with a giddy “that’s good!”

And just now, a “get him” when the third player in the pot folds.

I’m not complaining. I actually really do enjoy it.


8:26 PM: Just ran AQ into 66 on Q64 flop. I am basically even… with the High Hand… which makes the fact that multiple people are openly rooting against me all the more hilarious. I mean… I’m used to it when I’m crushing, but not as much when I’m running really mediocre.

9:40 PM: This place is about to riot because there are 19 players on the list for $15/$30 and they are not starting a second game. There are four $8/$16 games going and basically the whole list is in those games.

I have to admit, if I showed up late and got locked out with 19 on the list and there was no second game in sight… I’d probably just start going to Fortune instead. I’m not making a recommendation but there’s no way I’d be cool with that.

Man, I’ve had this situation where s7 opens from the cutoff and I’m the only caller from the big blind come up about five times and every single time he’s flopped top pair or better. I’ve had top and middle pair a few times and every time I think he can’t always have it and he always does.

And with that latest matchup, I am now stuck… and this game sucks. There are no spewers. No maniacs. No world beaters either, but still.

And as I type that, there’s a straddle and a 5-way pot for three beats each. 😂

9:54 PM: Some odd Overs dynamics: under the gun limp and I reluctantly check the JTdd. Flop is Q99 and I’m actually planning to check-raise, but he checks back. I’m obviously bluffing the turn here but hey, I just made a straight and there’s less than $25 in the pot. I think it’s clear he’s rarely calling $60, so I check again and he checks back. River is an ace and I didn’t take this line to start betting now. I check, he bets $60 and I can’t even contain my grin at the hilarity of it. I raise and he snap-calls and I somehow get him to put $120 into a $22 pot on the river. 💪🏻

10:05 PM: Here it is again: s7 opens cutoff and I defend AQhh heads up. I check-call down on KQ3J6 and he shows KJ.

Every time? EVERY TIME?

I am up less than $100 overall and I’m probably down $500 in this defend vs cutoff scenario alone.

10:45 PM: I am putting on a clinic on how to lose money playing out of position tonight. Two limps, button raises, I 3-bet AQ and they all call. Flop is TT8 with two clubs and I check-call button and three of us see 6c turn. I have Ac so this is an easy check-call. We are heads up and the river is a queen. I think leading has merit but I end up check-calling another $60 and he shows me the T9hh. Sigh.

11:25 PM: The Joker is at Run It Up Reno and just bagged 188k (47 bigs) in the Main Event, which is way more exciting than anything happening at my table. Good luck Pesky!

11:35 PM: Running AWESOME! I’m straddling on the button because this game is trash right now and needs action. Hollywood calls and says “oh, he straddled, I raise!” but dealer won’t let him, someone else raises, I look down at KK and know I can get five bets in without revealing my hand strength so I call and they put the bets in for me. They both check to me on 754 flop and Hollywood check-raises and caps when I 3-bet and the other player is in there too. Turn is a 6 and we all check. River is a 3. A fucking 3. And I have to chop this pot with AQ and KQ. Solid lines from both these champions.

I mean they are both trying pretty hard to torch off their chips here but I think I have to bet the turn. They both raised and reraised preflop and I can have anything, especially straights. That makes this a mandatory turn bet for my range, even if it’s not a great card for my actual hand. Plus, when they both check, I have no good reason to think I’m beat anyway. KQ turned a flush draw but maybe the AQ folds?

The dealer from earlier said she likes The Flea better. She’s right. Hollywood doesn’t even come close to describing how annoying this dude is.

11:56 PM: Small victories! Seat 7 opens cutoff and I defend my big blind with 55. We’ve seen this about seven times already with the same outcome. Flop is 742 and I check-raise… he tanks long enough before calling that I know I got him this time. Turn 3, I bet and he folds! HE FOLDS!

Meanwhile, he has like $130 in front of him, which is goddamn amazing considering I’ve given him $500 of my own chips.

12:02 AM: Well it’s a new day now so they decided to finally start the second $15/$30 game. I’m on the move list because my game is epic bad, but if I move tables I won’t be able to take The Flea’s chips and that’s something I really want to do. It’s a close call. The other game is substantially better. At least three players worse than anyone in my current game.

12:07 AM: My mind is kind of blown right now. I said earlier that I haven’t seen The Tick in weeks. Well, he’s here. And he’s been here since before I got here. It’s funny… I was looking at him earlier and I thought That sure looks like a respectable version of The Tick. But I didn’t think it was actually him. It’s the first time I’ve seen him without a hat on and he’s wearing glasses. And he’s sticking to $8/$16. God bless him.

12:22 AM: Sigh. The good news is I moved to the second game. The bad news is someone I wanted to play with took my old spot. Then, after no one left my previous game for 3+ hours, two other players cashed out and took another player I wanted to play with. 🤦🏻‍♂️

There is still a maniac in the second game. I believe I called him The River Man in my last blog. Plus there’s another player I don’t recognize and that’s always a good thing. The rest of the table is filled out with decent regs, including The Invisible Man.

12:29 AM: Amazing! Another player left and now three of the four players I came over to play with are in my old game. Is this real? Seriously. No one left that game for the last 3+ hours and three people have left in the ten minutes since I switched tables. I swear, sometimes the poker gods just hate you.

12:51 AM: The bad news is The River Man is almost out of chips. The good news is he just doubled up. The bad news is he doubled upthrough me. 🤦🏻‍♂️

12:59 AM: I just saw something crazy. The River Man raised pre and everyone checked Q55. The turn was a ten and the big blind led out and The Invisible Man raised (after open-limping) and the big blind called. River was a blank and the big blind check-called and The Invisible Man shows KJ high. 😮😮😮 A stone cold three big bet bluff! Never seen that from him before. And apparently this detour from his comfort zone was too much to handle because he literally didn’t take another hand and cashed out instead.

1:40 PM: I was eating chicken wings while playing 6-handed so no updates, but Peter “The Joker” Lynn checked in from Reno with a printout of chip stacks after Day 1A of the Main Event:

Joker in 9th and some random with the chip lead.

8:34 AM: Whoops. Forgot to post a wrap up. Not a very good session. Never had any upward momentum. Any time I got ahead I’d lose pots. On the bright side, I didn’t lose pots all day either.

Final Score: -$90


So Many Movie Reviews! Three Billboards, Phantom Thread, Game Night, Lady Bird, and more!

March 28, 2018

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) was a movie that I immediately wrote off when it was announced, but as the release date approached, I was intrigued enough to check it out. It was fun. All the main actors are funny and I was laughing through most of the movie. I wish there were more animal encounters, but I can hardly complain about this sequel – it was better than it had any right to be. Anyone interested in watching this shouldn’t be disappointed.
Replay Value: It is fun enough to watch again, but unless Dina wants to see it, that probably won’t happen.
Sequel Potential: Can you believe this grossed $400 million in the United States alone? To put that in perspective, that’s just under the combined box office receipts for Justice League and The LEGO Batman Movie. It did more business than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spiderman: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok! Unreal. So yeah, lots of potential for more Jumanji.
Oscar Potential: Zero nominations.
Dina Meter: My wife would have definitely enjoyed this movie.

6/10 (Fun)

Phantom Thread (2017) was more high level filmmaking from director Paul Thomas Anderson. Daniel Day-Lewis gives his typical powerhouse performance, although this one has quite a bit less dazzle than some of his best work. Still, his high strung and OCD fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock is another very memorable DDL character. The writing, direction, and acting are all very well done in this film, but fair warning, it does get a bit weird towards the end. I doubt general audiences would be enthralled, but those of you that enjoy more artsy films should find a lot to appreciate here. Phantom Thread is a film that is already making me reexamine my new movie ratings because it doesn’t seem to fit the “Highly Enjoyable” or “Fun” categories, but it was certainly a better film than Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
Replay Value: I would take this journey again.
Sequel Potential: Zero.
Oscar Potential: Acting nominations for DDL and Lesley Manville, plus Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Score, and an unsurprising win for Best Costume Design – it is a movie about a fashion designer!
Dina Meter: Definitely not Dina’s kind of movie and if she did watch it, she would have been out in the last half hour.

7/10 (Highly Enjoyable)

Lady Bird (2017) was a lot of fun, but I have a confession. The trailers for films are so long these days that I no longer make it a priority to be in the theater when the movie is supposed to start. The actual film almost never starts until 15 minutes after its listed showtime. Well, I walked into Lady Bird over ten minutes late and the feature presentation looked like it was well in progress. Walking in late to a Best Picture contender is inexcusable and I think it may have hindered my experience ever-so-slightly. Still, I definitely enjoyed Lady Bird. Saoirse Ronan was absolutely terrific and her character, while a flawed teenage girl trying to figure things out, was one of 2017’s best movie characters. Laurie Metcalf was also great as Lady Bird’s mother. On the other hand, this movie was a good contrast for Timothee Chalamet’s performance in Call Me By Your Name. After seeing him in this, I’m upgrading his performance in Call Me By Your Name to truly phenomenal. I give Lady Bird a strong recommendation and I feel like I owe it another watch myself.
Replay Value: High on my list to see again immediately.
Sequel Potential: Seems very unlikely.
Oscar Potential: Five nominations: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, plus Saoirse Ronan for Best Actress and Laurie Metcalf for Best Supporting Actress.
Dina Meter: I am looking forward to watching this with Dina and I am sure she will like it.

7/10 (Highly Enjoyable)

The Post (2017) was an enjoyable politically-charged newspaper thriller with a standard Oscar-worthy performance from Meryl Streep and lots of quality work from the rest of the cast. The story of a government cover-up and a small newspaper putting everything on the line to publish the conspiracy was actually quite a bit more entertaining than I was expecting. It’s still difficult for me to picture The Washington Post as the Oakland Athletics of the newspaper world, but this movie has a bit of a Moneyball feel to it. I tend to prefer Steven Spielberg’s adventure spectacles, but at this point, I think you have to give the guy credit for being very adept at making political thrillers.
Replay Value: Not really a movie I’m looking to watch more than once.
Sequel Potential: N/A
Oscar Potential: Two nominations: Meryl Streep and Best Picture.
Dina Meter: I think she’d like The Post.

7/10 (Highly Enjoyable)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) might be one of the most polarizing films of 2017. I’ve seen people say it was the best film of 2017 and I’ve seen people say they hated it. Honestly, it’s a tough film to rate. There was definitely times during the movie when I thought it was the year’s best film. Frances McDormand gives my favorite performance of the year – of that, I am certain. Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson also chip in with exceptional performances. Much like the film itself, Rockwell’s unhinged police officer is one that is likely to divide audiences. He’s an idiot and a total loose cannon that seems to have no leash and there seems to be no good explanation for his free reign of destruction. The character is rather despicable but Rockwell’s acting is off the charts. I loved him in this movie. Three Billboards is brutal, shocking, and full of twists and turns and will possibly leave audiences shaking their heads or unsatisfied, but I thought it was great. McDormand and Rockwell give two of my favorite performances of 2017 and the plot, although absurd at times, is insanely entertaining. This movie is a total spectacle and a must see in my books.
Replay Value: I am looking forward to watching it again.
Sequel Potential: Almost none. I guess it’s possible, but I don’t see any reason to continue this story.
Oscar Potential: Seven nominations: Best Picture, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, Best Original Screenplay, and Woody Harrelson, plus well deserved Oscar wins for Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell.
Dina Meter: I have no clue where my wife will fall on this movie, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

8/10 (Must See)

Game Night (2018) was tons of fun. Absolutely Hilarious and totally unexpected. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams were terrific and had great comedic chemistry. Jesse Plemons is also hysterical every time he’s on screen. I mean absurdly funny… like I laughed through almost every second of his screen time. Game Night twists and turns so much you’re never really sure what’s real and what’s not (and neither are the characters in the movie) and it doesn’t get so outlandish that it becomes ridiculous. This would have been the best comedy of last year and after a brief glance it looks like I’d have to go back years to find a straight comedy that I enjoyed more than Game Night. If you missed this in theaters, make sure you check it out on home release – it’s a must see comedy and very fun flick.
Replay Value: Comedies are best the first time, but I’d happily watch this again.
Sequel Potential: Successful comedies always have sequel potential.
Oscar Potential: None.
Dina Meter: If Dina doesn’t love Game Night I’ll be shocked.

8/10 (Must See)

Annihilation (2018) is writer/director Alex Garland’s follow up to his terrific Ex Machina. I don’t know. There’s a good movie in here somewhere, but I didn’t love it. Annihilation is intriguing, at worst, and there are some thrilling moments when the women enter The Shimmer and encounter some strange beasts, but the last 20 minutes or so of the film are definitely going to lose viewers. I’ve read a number of people that loved this movie, but I’m among those that were kind of boggled after Natalie Portman reaches the lighthouse. Ex Machina was a bit weird too, but I think it was substantially more palatable than Annihilation is. The cast here is okay, but nothing remarkable. I’ve read enough good things about Annihilation to know it has an audience, but it was a slight miss for me.
Replay Value: Debatable.
Sequel Potential: I believe this was the first adaptation in a series of novels.
Oscar Potential: A February release and a divided audience are going to hurt its chances, but I suppose a Best Adapted Screenplay could be a long shot.
Dina Meter: I think making Dina sit through this would ruin her day.

5/10 (Decent)

Red Sparrow (2018) did not grab me at all. To be fair, I was incredibly distracted while watching it, as I explained in this post, but even if I was focused on the movie, I don’t think I would have been impressed. This is the least inspiring performance I’ve seen from Jennifer Lawrence to date and none of the characters I saw were interesting or likable at all. I walked out of this movie probably less than halfway into it.
Replay Value: I will probably give this a second chance on home release.
Sequel Potential: $44M in gross with a budget of $70M is a dud. Let’s just stop now and let J-Law focus on meatier roles.
Oscar Potential: More like Razzie potential. Seriously… drawing live IMO.
Dina Meter: Dina could probably stomach this movie if she were multitasking.

3/10 (Bad)

Game Over, Man (2018 – Netflix) was a comedy I was looking forward to since it was written by and starring the dudes from “Workaholics,”, but this is stupid comedy, not smart comedy. Game Over, Man relies on shock value and grossout humor and while it has some funny moments, it’s mostly just really dumb. It’s basically Die Hard with three idiots instead of Bruce Willis and a posse of forgettable bad guys, none of which have the charisma of Alan Rickman. No idea how this movie has a 5-star rating on Netflix, but I expect that start plummeting as more people start watching it. This movie wasn’t trying to be good, but it also didn’t succeed very well at being silly entertainment. You can safely skip this, unless you enjoy bad comedies and a lot of people do.
Sequel Potential: There was a sequel teaser similar to the credits of 22 Jump Street. No idea if it’s a real thing or not, but it probably shouldn’t be.
Oscar Potential: None.
Dina Meter: Dina was laughing before she fell asleep, but so was I. I’m confident she would have lost interest too.

3/10 (Bad)


Minithon Monday $15/$30 @ Palace 3/26/18 (Live Blog)

March 26, 2018

Before I start updating I’m going to see if I can publish and update from an iPhone that is no longer active.


6:38 PM: Great success! Blog opener coming soon.

If you don’t like baseball talk, just skip ahead to the next time stamp.

Yesterday I participated in an AL-Only auction fantasy baseball draft and that process basically took up my whole Sunday. It was a blast though and I’m really looking forward to seeing how I do in a format I have absolutely zero experience with.

Today I had another baseball draft. This one is a little different. Six of us draft six MLB teams and whoever has the most combined wins… wins. We also draft four players for homeruns and four starting pitchers for wins and whoever has the best two from each category wins money there too.

My picks (overall rank in parentheses):

  • Indians (2)
  • Diamondbacks (11)
  • Phillies (14) [Gambooool]
  • Athletics (23)
  • Reds (last six draw)
  • Nolan Arenado (5)
  • Joey Gallo (8)
  • Manny Machado (17)
  • Matt Olson (20)
  • Justin Verlander (6)
  • Luis Severino (7)
  • Trevor Bauer (18)
  • Carlos Martinez (19)

After that I went and upgraded to the iPhone X and that’s why I’m just now sitting in a poker game at 6:30 PM on a Monday. I haven’t transferred anything to my new phone so I’m updating from my old one via wifi.

6:54 PM: Starting lineup: Radio Mike, at least three fun action players, and three average regulars.

First hand I post cutoff with Q8dd and there are multiple limpers, one of the fast players raises from SB and everyone calls. Flop is QT7dd an there is a bet, calls, and a raise in front of me. I go ahead and 3-bet and we are 5-handed to the turn. The SB donks again when it’s an 8, everyone calls, and I get to raise again. Three of us see the 5d river and the SB donks again! The other player folds, I raise, and the small blind folds! A line so spectacularly bad and fishy that the third player on the river asked to see the SB’s hand, even though he folded. Hard to blame him – except he knows me and I can’t imagine he actually thinks anything funky is going on. Just bad players doing bad player things. Nothing to see here.

Good start!

7:25 PM: The action players are certainly making this a high variance game. Just lost a big pot where I defend J8 from the big and pop it on the JTx flop because the small blind was the PFR. I end up getting raised by one of the loose players on the 6 turn and Radio Mike had called two bets cold on the flop and the turn, so I’m fully prepared to fold when the river is an ace, since KQ seems like one of his most likely holdings, but he folds and I have to pay off the lunatic and she shows me J6o – the kind of hand you just can’t fold preflop when you’re in middle position.

7:31 PM: New blog nickname: Rocksteady. Rocksteady is a friend and blog reader that seems to have made the jump from $8/$16 regular to playing $15/$30 the last few times he’s been in.

First person to tell me who this person is and why I came up with this nickname gets $5 from me.

7:48 PM: I’m just going to refer to each individual maniac by their seat position. I open utg with KQss, maniacs 9 and 1 call, decent player calls, maniac 4 3-bets, and I cap because my hand plays incredible against this ensemble. Flop is K98 all diamonds and I decide to try and check-call down since so much can go wrong here and my hand isn’t really worth protecting but has showdown value. I check-call flop and turn, but the only reasonable player in the pot fires his third barrel on a final board of K98ddd75 and there are still two maniacs standing, which makes this a pretty trivial fold now. He shows the other two players A7dd.

Very next hand, maniac 9 raises utg and I defend 88 and check-call down on KJ73K and beat his 75o.

8:29 PM: Just broke a huge losing streak vs Rocksteady. My last session we battled in a decent amount of hands and he had me coolered basically every time. I think I went 0-9 against him at showdown on Saturday. Something ridiculous like that. Maniac 4 limps, he raises, I 3-bet AKo on button, 5-way action to ATx two clubs and Rocksteady and Manaic 4 check-call. Turn is Qc (I have no club) and I decide I’m probably going to bet-fold if Rocksteady raises here, but the maniac folds and he check-calls so I feel very comfortable betting the river for value and he pays me off.

8:35 PM: Radio Mike limps, I limp along with A4cc, maniac 9 raises, maniac 1 3-bets, maniac 4 calls, and both Mike and I call. Flop is 653 one club; maniac 9 bets, everyone calls, I check-raise, he 3-bets, and everyone else folds. Wow! I call. Turn is an ace and I check-raise since I should be crushing his range now and I have good outs if I’m not. He calls. River is an 8 and I actually consider checking but there’s no good reason to do it, so I bet and he calls with… 63hh.

10:00 PM: Maniac 4 limp-raises me after I raise QTdd from late position and both blinds call. I love my spot here so I put the cap on it and wind up losing to the big blind’s J7dd on JT8d5d3. Lots of good possibilities there and a terrible river. Maniac 4 also pays it off with A8o.

Things are going pretty well though. I’m up over $1000 and it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been running great.

There are currently four players that read my blog in the game now, which might be a new record. John Kim, Muckleshoot Main Event winner, has joined us and since I used his real name in my Player of the Series post, I guess I’ll continue to do so here. Maniacs 9 and 4 still in with $2000 and $500, respectively. Rocksteady and Radio Mike both still in too.

Maniac 4 is calling Maniac 9 “The River Man,” and having just read multiple books about infamous Puget Sound serial killer Gary Ridgway, I think I will bestow this name upon Maniac 9 on my blog.

10:52 PM: Of course, as soon as I give him a name he cashes out. On the bright side, he has been replaced by Puss-In-Boots!

11:32 PM: Radio Mike has been running brutally lately. So brutal that when he opens cutoff and I look down at KTss, I almost feel bad about having to 3-bet him for the 5th time tonight. He calls. Flop is TT6 with two clubs. He checks and I say “that is a better flop for me than it is for you” but he calls anyway. Board runs out jack and 7 and he check-calls both streets and then shows me the best possible hand he could play that way that I beat: KJ of clubs.

And then he goes home. John Kim also just left. We just picked up an $8/$16 regular that I haven’t played $15/$30 with yet but comes with a great nickname: Bingo Man. Also naming the female maniac Rosanne at the urging of Rocksteady. Trust me, it fits.

12:18 AM: I feel for Radio Mike right now. I’m not sure there’s any worse feeling than getting crushed in a totally juiced game where multiple players aren’t just making lots of mistakes, they are literally hemorrhaging money. There are weak players and then there are legit spewers. My game has at least three spewers in it right now and zero good players. It’s amazing. I was thinking I would leave around 2 AM but this is the kind of game where I feel like I need to dig deeper and take one of the team – even if it renders me useless until late afternoon tomorrow.

12:30 AM: Well, I was overdue to post an actual hand and, on cue: one limp, a spewer raises, I call K9cc because 3-betting never gets me heads up and my hand plays decent multiway. Puss-In-Boots 3-bets from the small blind and seven of us see the A99 flop. It checks to my right and he bets, I just call because I want everyone in drawing basically dead and this isn’t the type of flop texture where they take cards off for all the bets. I keep it 4- or 5-handed and then call again on the turn and Puss-In-Boots springs to life with a check-raise. The turn bettor calls and now I 3-bet because I know I have them both smashed. They both call and can you believe the river is an ace? Cruel, cruel world. Puss leads out, the other guy folds (?), and I lose to AQ. 🤢

1:14 AM: Puss-In-Boots had the courtesy to stay an extra half hour before leaving with all my chips.

And I’ve gone card dead and cold at the worst time!

Palace has a new floorman and his name is Mooski and I absolutely can’t resist the urge to call him Mookie instead.

1:51 AM: Chipped back up with AA in 3-bet 6-way pot and getting a little too much action from J6 on J42dd3d9 – they donked into me on flop and turn and helped me clear the field. I’ve seen this player take this line basically every time he turns some sort of draw so I felt fine raising flop and turn and still betting river.

2:38 AM: Oh, it’s painful but I think I have to leave. There are still three certified spewers in the game but I am super tired and running a little card dead, which can be a bad combo and make you start doing stupid things like opening 44 from the nojack at a loose table (I got folds from everyone but the big blind, but the hand still didn’t end well).

2:47 AM: Six players limp in and I look down at A9dd. I mean I have to raise this, right? Everyone calls and one of the spewers 3-bets from the cutoff. I mean I have to cap this, right? Flop QJ2 one diamond. I check, someone bets, I peel getting like 35-1, and a number of us see the Qd turn and it checks around and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that. River is another Q and a spewer bets and everyone folds to me. Am I winning with A9 on QJ2QQ more than 4% of the time basically heads up (others left have nothing) against an crazy person? Uhm, definitely. Probably closer to 50%. I call and lose to JT.

Then I pick up KK and get outflopped by AK when they hit their 3-outer twice.

It pains me but I will be racking up and playing my last orbit.

Final Score: +$610

Pretty blah result for a game where it seemed like money was falling out of the sky at times. You look at a hand like that K9 v AQ on A99xA and you can see how much of an impact it has on your overall session. Winning 2.5 racks is substantially sexier than winning 1.2 racks!

I will be taking tomorrow off although I might play a number of online tournaments but mostly I’ll just be playing catch up.

Wednesday I’m probably playing PLO but I’m not committed to it and Thursday we are going to the Mariners season opener (even though we don’t have tickets yet)!

Then back to the LHE grind this weekend.


Friday Frenzy: $15/$30 @ Palace 3/23/18 (LIVE BLOG)

March 23, 2018

3:00 PM: I played over 8 hours of $8/$16 yesterday and broke exactly even – an incredibly rare occurrence. The $15/$30 game didn’t start until I was over seven hours into my session already, so I passed on it and ended up calling it a rather early night.

Just got to Palace a few minutes ago and immediately got a seat in a 7-handed $15/$30 game. There seem to be a ridiculous amount of chips on the table, which makes me wonder what happened before I got here. I think I may have missed out on something special.

First hand I post in the big blind and defend Q7o and flop trip 7s to start my day off with a solid win.

Current lineup consists of two $15/$30 regs without nicknames, Part-Time, two guys I’ve never seen play $15/$30, and a couple other non-regs. There are three players with really short stacks (and one is all in as I type this), so this game needs some serious backup or players willing to play short-handed.

3:18 PM: Fell down to six players for a minute but Curious George is here to save the day!

Strange hand: guy opens, I 3-bet QJhh, he calls. Heads up to KT6 one heart and two spades and he check-raises me. I 3-bet and he folds. Did not expect that.

3:57 PM: Full game now.

Couple of odd hands against the same player. Guy has been coming around for PLO and seems to be a reg now. He plays super loose and makes some interesting plays.

First hand I open TT and get way too many callers. Flop is 532 and I get called in four spots. He raises me on 9 turn and everyone else folds. River is ace and we both check and my hand is good.

Then I 3-bet JJ and he caps from the small blind and check-calls Q98hhd flop. He check-calls 7d on the turn and the other player folds. River is 2d and he suddenly donks out. I call, expecting to lose to AKdd or AJdd but he shows me 43dd instead.


4:33 PM: 4 of 8 players with $30/$60 Overs now.

4:58 PM: Man that guy owns me. I open QQ, he’s my only caller, so we are playing $30/$60, and I get the KQ6 flop and can’t beat his J9.

5:52 PM: Nothing exciting to report. My big hands are losing to draws pretty consistently. QQ loses to a river king that flopped a flush draw with K3ss. Defend 75 and lose to 65dd on 977dd. Down about $500.

7:05 PM: This has been a boring session. They let me win with KK in a capped pot.

Just had AhQx in 3-bet multiway pot and got the QT3hhh flop and none of the pot. Cap flop. Two bets turn. Brick. I don’t even call cause it’s so obvious. Blah.

8-handed now. Curious George left. Part-Time came back. Not a great game at the moment.

7:22 PM: Hit&Run just sat down and The Joker just walked in and is first up and, by God, this game needs him in here putting people on tilt.

8:58 PM: Still playing.. but done blogging for the day. Obviously haven’t really been into it. Sorry!


Your Muckleshoot Spring Classic Player of the Series is…

March 22, 2018


Ship that extra $6000 my way!

But not without controversy.

I’m going to tell this story how it happened, even though it will probably upset some of the parties involved. Because maybe they are going to look bad. But that’s not my fault. It’s their fault.

So heading into Day 2 of the Main Event, I was in first place by myself in the Player of the Series standings. 34 players were returning for Day 2 and I knew that if I didn’t add to my point total by final tabling, there were a couple guys still in that could pass me if they finished in 8th or better. I also knew that if they played down to a single winner, the winner would get 150 points plus whatever participation points they had and that person could pass me also.

Well, I busted out in 29th for no additional PotS points and I didn’t want to stick around much, so I headed to Fortune to kill a few hours playing $8/$16 and planned to head back to Muck when they reached the final table and make sure I wasn’t the victim of any shenanigans. I was messaging Flexx via Facebook and he was keeping me in the loop of what was going on. While I was playing, The Leak messaged me and basically summoned me home, saying she hadn’t seen me all week and she wasn’t wrong, so I decided to go home instead of playing a cash game I wasn’t really interested in and sweating a final table I wasn’t playing at.

So I headed home and Flexx kept me in the loop of what was going on in the Main Event. One of the guys that could catch me busted out in 17th. The other guy that could catch me ended up final tabling and passing me in points, but as I mentioned in a previous blog, you had to enter four tournaments in order to qualify for Player of the Series (more on that later) and he didn’t do that and couldn’t qualify. Ouch for him.

Of course, this was information I was getting from Flexx, not from anyone actually running the series, so while it seemed somewhat reliable I wasn’t exactly banking on it just yet. I would need official word before I got truly excited about it, but my understanding was that the only way I could fall behind on the series leaderboard was if someone that had played in at least four events ended up finishing in at least second place. I suppose if there was an even chop there was some way I could be passed, but it seemed unlikely.

A little before midnight on Monday I got a phone call from Flexx saying they were doing a 4-way chop and that he didn’t want to collude with the points to take first place in the Player of the Series race. I am very non-confrontational, especially when taken by surprise, so I didn’t really know what to say to him. He was acting like he was doing me a favor by not cheating and taking enough points to pass me and even asked me to give him $500 for doing me this huge solid. I was admittedly bewildered and didn’t really know what to make of it. Since when does someone ever intentionally cost themselves thousands of dollars so that someone else can have it? I was taken aback, not able to fully absorb what was happening in the moment and told him I would consider it.

It didn’t take me long to realize it didn’t make any sense and that I should definitely NOT be giving him any of my money. He had mentioned something about he could play it out and maybe win it and pass me legitimately and it occurred to me that that is exactly what he would do if he had any real chance in this tournament still. There’s no way he’d be chopping if his chances of finishing first were greater than his chances of finishing fourth (more on that later).

Anyways, I went to bed thinking that I had won Player of the Series and that I would be not giving Flexx $500. Still, I wouldn’t really believe it until someone from Muckleshoot told me it was true.

Tuesday I went to see Red Sparrow with a friend and before I left my house, I had tagged a Muckleshoot employee in a Facebook poker group and asked him to post the final standings. Someone made a disturbing comment, they said: “[Flexx] won POS … I believe..?” This was on my mind as I was watching the movie and I was having a really hard time paying attention. When my Dexcom warned me of low blood sugar, I used it as an excuse to step outside, get some popcorn, and check to see if the standings were posted yet. That’s when I saw it:

1. K.Seachao 152 points
2. M.Coombs 150 points


I was boiling mad. It shouldn’t have been possible. And it was exactly what Flexx had called me the night before to insure me would NOT happen. And yet there it was. He was first and I was second.

When I walked back in the theater, I was pretty relieved to hear my friend say, “it’s still as bad as it was before” and I said “let’s go then.” I could barely concentrate on the movie before but now I was fuming. There was no way I was going to finish watching it.

Time to put The Dark Knight’s detective skills to work.

Adding up the remaining points available for the final four players and dividing by four, I discovered that it was possible that Flexx could pass me. He could get 127 points for the chop plus 25 points for participation. That did equal 152. But the only way this should be allowed to happen was if the prize pool was also divided up evenly. If someone got more money than anyone else, then they were indisputably the winner of the tournament and should receive first place points. Or, at worst, the remaining points should be divvied up by the same percentages that the prize pool was. If this sounds like too much work for the staff, well, boo fucking hoo. There are thousands of dollars on the line and staff laziness shouldn’t be a factor in who wins Player of the Series.

So I asked them to post the payouts and saw that someone got $35k, two players got $30k, and Flexx got $25k. There is no way he should have or could have passed me in points.

I called to protest. I was told that’s how they always divide up the points and I immediately called bullshit. Literally four days earlier when I won the Friday night tournament, I got twice as much money as the other players so I got first place points and they divided the rest of the points up evenly. That makes a lot of sense. I was the clear winner of the tournament so I got first place points. They all got the same amount of money so they all got the same amount of points. Good job, Muckleshoot staff! Now what’s this crap you’re telling me about how this is how you “always do it?” The tournament director was silent for a bit and then said he would get back to me.

I’m happy to report they called me back rather quickly and said that I won Player of the Series. I wish I could applaud them for fixing it in a rather timely fashion, but it’s hard to commend them for not allowing me to be screwed out of $2000. If I didn’t question the final standings, I would have lost $2000. If I accepted the TD’s attempt to dismiss me by saying “that’s how we always do it” then I would have lost $2000.

So no, I’m not exactly grateful about it because I’m not sure that it was an honest mistake. They were either standing by while I was getting screwed over or they need to be more in tune to what’s actually happening. I shouldn’t have to overcome laziness or turning a blind eye in order to win Player of the Series – and no one else should ever have to worry about it either.

After I walked out of the movie, I went to Palace to try and handle this situation and ran into John Kim (more on him later), the guy that ended up taking the lion’s share ($35k) of the 4-way Main Event chop, and he told me a much different story than the one Flexx was trying to sell me. He said that Flexx was doing everything he possibly could to make sure he won Player of the Series. Unfortunately, this sounds more like the Flexx I know than the one that was telling me “I don’t care about Player of the Series” and “I hope you win it.” It makes me think that his phone call to me was an attempt to net an extra $500 in case he didn’t win PotS (note: even after talking to Flexx after posting this, I still don’t get why he thought I should give him $500). John also told me he shouldn’t have made the deal because he had over 3 million in chips, the other two had around 2 million, and Flexx only had about 500k (like I said, Flexx wouldn’t be chopping if he wasn’t on the ropes).

(Note: Flexx says these chip counts are wrong. Maybe they are. I was told what they were and kind of estimated but the impression was John K had lots of chips and Flexx was the short stack by a decent margin so the point remains – no one was doing me any favor).

So am I happy that I won Player of the Series? Of course! It’s an extra $6000! But it does feel a bit tainted since I had to call a referee timeout and get a reversal from New York in order to win it.

Do I think I deserve Player of the Series? Honestly? Not really. The requirement that you have to play at least four events to qualify is absolutely silly. The Wednesday, Thursday and Friday tournaments start at noon. How many people with day jobs can realistically make the four tournament requirement without requesting time off from work? Someone could work those three days, win the $500 and Main Event back-to-back and not be eligible for Player of the Series.
That is simply garbage. Perhaps a better requirement is that you have to cash at least two events? It makes sense that in order to be Player of the Series, cashing in multiple events should be more important than playing a certain amount of events. If this was the case, then Flexx wouldn’t have even been in contention to swoop in for a possible win and I wouldn’t have even won it.

John Kim played a better series than I did. He not only won the Main Event, but he also final tabled the $300 event that I won. And the guy played his ass off. He made some mistakes at the $300 final table, but I have no doubt that he played better than I did to get there. He’s an accumulator and I’m a survivor and if I had to pick what style I admire more, I definitely think the accumulators are playing better poker. Plus, after telling me that he regretted his play at our final table, he went out and shipped the Main Event instead. Congrats dude! He also passed me in points and would have won Player of the Series if he had played in at least four events. Not my fault, but it does seem pretty shitty.

Tommy Kivela also passed me in points. He had a sick week. We both final tabled the Little Creek Main Event on Sunday, we both final tabled the Limit Omaha 8 or Better tournament at Muckleshoot, then he was part of another final table chop and capped off his ridiculous week by finishing 7th in the Muckleshoot Main Event. I would have been okay losing Player of the Series to Tommy because he had an amazing week, but he didn’t play in four events either. I noticed that I didn’t get participation points for the Omaha event, so if Tommy missed out on winning Player of the Series because the Omaha didn’t count as an entry, well, then that’s just total crap.

Josh Sepulveda also had a huge showing at this series. I’d never heard of or seen this kid before but I was incredibly impressed with his play. He looked pretty young, probably in his early or mid twenties and if this series was any indication, he has a bright future ahead of him – at least in no limit hold’em tournaments. He played the hyperLAG style to perfection and almost always had a mountain of chips in front of him and any time I saw him lose a big pot, he was right back in the thick of it, winning those chips back almost immediately. Because of his super loose and aggressive style, I was forced to play extremely snug or get into high variance leveling wars with him, and I chose to take the former route and I have to say, at times, it was rather humiliating. Josh ended up chopping with the other three players in the $300 event that I won and he made a deep run in the Main Event, busting in 17th I believe. Josh didn’t pass me in points, but he sure impressed the hell out of me and if I had to say which one of us played better, I’d say he did. I have a feeling he will be doing big things in the near future.

I definitely think the Player of the Series race needs to be tweaked and more closely moderated. The four event qualification should be replaced by a minimum of two cashes and, for goodness sake, if you’re going to have an Omaha event, it should count as an entry and be eligible for points. It shouldn’t be advertised as part of the series if it’s not actually part of the series. Finally, the points should be awarded carefully and consistently. There are thousands of dollars on the line in this race and being wishy washy and hands off about how they are distributed is a good way for something like this to happen. Maybe someone important from Muckleshoot will read this and make the necessary changes or maybe they won’t. If they do, I’ll go ahead and add that they absolutely need to have a pot limit omaha event. It’s 2018 for crying out loud. We are still playing five no limit hold’em events?? Really?

I’m not mad at Flexx for being Flexx. It’s hard to be mad when I have an extra $6000 in my pocket now! I half expect him to read this and think he’s still drawing live at that $500 he asked me for.

Lastly, what a monkey off my back. I can finally stop marking the Muckleshoot Classic on my calendar as my semi-annual donation to the local player pool. The Muck went from being my all-time worst location to… somewhere in my top 5. I have to say I enjoy my tendency of taking my worst locations and turning them around with massive statements. I hope it’s something I can continue to do in the future. Next up: Commerce!


Muckleshoot Spring Classic $750 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (Updates)

March 18, 2018

12:20 PM: About to sit down midway through level 1. I think stacks start at 20k with 45 minute levels and 25/50 blinds today. Super deep structure. Best tournament in Washington state.

I showed up 2+ hours late to the $500 yesterday but still sat down with 70 bigs. Ended fizzling out pretty quickly after a few hours when I lost to a 10bb jam with 77 vs QQ and then busted when I jammed 17 bigs with 88 and lost to AQ. All my flip-winning powers were all used up from the day before.

I started yesterday with the point lead for Player of the Series, which I believe is worth an extra $6000, but if they played down to a winner last night (and didn’t chop points) then someone passed me. Also, a repeat final tablist could feasibly pass me. I will know here shortly.

12:44 PM: Someone did get first place points yesterday so they did take a slight lead in the PotS race. I’m still in second but I probably need to at least cash this event to maintain that spot and I think they only pay two people.

My starting lineup looks pretty decent. I have a Palace semi-reg that final tabled the $300 with me (and played really well, but is beating himself up over some of his FT decisions) and someone else that went deep in the $300 that I recognize. The rest of the table looks kind of soft, but we’ll see.

1:41: Flopped a set of 3s, bluff-raised someone on T63hhdTd with 74dd… nothing too exciting so far.

A player I wrangled into coming out today just busted in a 350bb pot where she has TT on 4457 and all the chips are in vs AK and her opponent rivers an ace. Not sure if they had a flush draw or not, but it hardly matters. I saw her leaving the room and messaged her, “I hope that’s just a bathroom break,” and she responded with a “fuck off” and “I want to murder everyone.” 😮😂

I appreciate the sentiment and the honesty of her emotions. That’s how I blog!

I’m sure there are plenty of notables and friends (and foes) in the field but so far I’ve seen Flexx, Bill W, Solomon Grundy, The Joker, Curious George, and Slimer. Plus a Kitsap County player making a surprise appearance.

Joker was standing in the middle of the room, looking around, and finally spotted me and then gave his best ever Joker cackle. Wish I had video of it. It was a perfect supervillain performance.

2:21 PM: 21k first break

3:35 PM: Just bluffed off 4k trying to get someone to fold what I thought was on a ten on a J52T7 board after he check-called me on flop and donked turn and bet small on river, but he basically snap-called me with AT so… really looking to making any sort of real value hand against him.

Down to 19.7k.

3:58 PM: Called 1100 from SB with T9hh after a limp and a raise. Four of us see J85ddh flop. I check-call 2500, so does big blind, limper jams for ~9k, PFR jams for 16k. I have an easy (but painful) fold and big blind folds also. KJdd vs PFR’s AA and the aces dodge all the redraws. I would have rivered the nuts, but obviously can’t call off 90% of my stack here.

On the bright side, the two players I think were the strongest and most dangerous at my table have busted already.

4:43 PM: No ability to accumulate chips today. Missed a draw in a raised pot and down to 6k, which is about 15 bigs. Almost at my comfort zone!

4:48 PM: Open QJdd (taking a different strategy than my 17bb punt yesterday) and I get called in four spots. 🤦🏻‍♂️. I’m committing on any piece and I get a very favorable Q84 rainbow (one diamond) flop and stick my remaining 5k in. Q9 calls and I double.

15.4k on dinner break

5:35 PM: Cards about to be back in the air.

5:43 PM: Call EP open to 1500 with AJdd and jam over a 2500 flop bet on 732dd and get the fold. Back to around peak chip stack.

5:51 PM: Playing at the same table as the legendary Lee Markholt for the first time ever.

6:30 PM: Flat 2200 with KQss in position. Lee along for the ride from the big. Flop QJTccs. We all check. Turn Q. PFR bets 6k. I am actually not sure that I have the best hand here. However, there aren’t really bad rivers for me, so I call and plan to re-evaluate on river, although it would be really tough to get away from. Lee folds. River Q. I am sure I have the best hand now. He checks, I jam for about 2/3 pot and he thinks for a bit and folds TT face up! Lee says to him, “I think he had a queen; he looked really calm.”

Yeah, okay. Get me the hell off this table.

Sick runout though and I like my line, even though getting it in bad would have been a double up.

Peaking at 27k.

Next table to break. 👍🏻

7:01 PM: Sick, sick spot. I open 2100 TT at 400/800 with about 30k, button calls, big blind makes it 6700. Kind of tough spot. I have almost 40 bigs and I don’t want to put them all in yet. I flat, planning to either set mine or get it in on favorable flops. Button ships it, having us both covered. Big blind tanks for a while and mucks. I do some more tanking and decide I’d rather fold and play a 30bb stack a new table than flip (hopefully) in a 90bb pot. If my table wasn’t breaking I would flip here, but the thought of saving 30bb to play with at a possibly much softer table was too attractive. I muck and he shows AK.

My table broke a couple hands later and now I am sitting on The Joker’s immediate right. Of course I am.

7:23 PM: Open AA utg, two calls, c-bet flop and check-jam turn and double vs AQ.


First time I open button on Joker’s small blind, he stuffs it on me because, what else would he do? Fold?!

8:00 PM: 59k coming back to 600/1200. About 100 players left and 36ish get paid.

8:05 PM: Player of the Series actually pays four spots so I’m drawing really live at a piece of that.

9:15 PM: Chipped down a bit possibly getting involved in a bit of a leveling war (that may have only involved one person) with a friend and blog reader. Ultimately decided to fold a pair against continued aggression. That guy has 3-bet me twice and Joker has jammed on me twice, so with that much recent history, and both of them in the blinds, I was pretty stoked to wake up with AA on the button folded to me. I made a standard raise and they both folded! What timing.Won a pretty decent pot defending Q9hh and check-calling twice on 972cchKh and getting a free showdown vs 66.Close to peak statusat 55k.

9:34 PM: 65 players left. 34 cash. I have around 25 bigs and and a below average stack. Time to activate some run good!

9:39 PM: Sick hand at my table just now. Joker jams under the gun with 10ish bigs, the guy that’s been 3-betting me jams 40k, and the small blind calls it off. Joker has QQ and he’s up against AKo and AKhh. Door card ace of clubs. Ouch. Followed by two hearts. Double ouch. Joker can’t catch the Qh and AKhh is basically freerolling for it all. No waiting. Flush on turn and he busts both of them.

9:50 PM: Lee Markholt, Flexx, Curious George, The Invisible Man (!), two of the guys that final tabled with me, and someone in the top 10 on the points board are all still in making deep runs.

9:55 PM: Dang, as I was typing that Curious George busted. Good run, man!

10:14 PM: Just defended T9dd and lost a smallish, but significant (for me) pot on QQTxx vs AT.

Down to 14 bigs now. Comfort zone! We are jamming, folks!

10:19 PM: Blinds up and going through me after the break. 11.5 bigs that will be 9 bigs if I forfeit bothblinds.

10:33 PM: Player of the Series payouts and points for today:

So I’m tied for 2nd with 140 points and the leader has 145 (but busted). If I don’t cash, whoever wins this automatically passes me. Three other players in the top 12 or so are still in the Main, all with a decent chance to pass me. The bottom guys would need 8th or better, but the guy in 4th is drawing super live.

There is one caveat that could help me, even if I don’t cash this. The qualification that you need to play at least 4 events. I was just told that the current point leader doesn’t qualify but that is not confirmed.

Pretty decent shot!

Meanwhile, I jammed 12ish bigs with AT and outflopped QQ for a double up.

Peaking over 68k 20 spots off the money.

11:06 PM: Doubled again. Raise AK and get check-raised on A92 rainbow. I jam and hold vs AQ.

125k. Above average with less than 54 players left.

11:55 PM: I made a play so devastatingly bad I don’t even want to share it now. I’ll talk about it later when it might not tilt my face off. 8 spots off money.

4th place in points is busted, so that puts me in great position to finish in 1st or 2nd.

12:13 AM: Missed the nut flush draw vs top pair. I have 12 bigs. 6 off the money.

12:42 AM: Cashed it. Puts me 1st in the points race, but a couple guys still in drawing live to pass me. I’ll be coming back to 37k with blinds at 3k/6k tomorrow and I will be all in the first orbit. 😂😬


Cards in the air in three minutes and there’s some good news: there are 9 minutes left in the 2k/4k level so I’m not in as desperate shape as I thought.

9bb UTG+1


5:04 PM: Unreal. Jammed A9cc first hand and get called in three spots. Flop Q42cc. Heads up on the side, two of us all in. One guy bets and other player folds. I’m up against QJ and JJ. Ace on the turn!

More than quadrupled first hand!!!

And suddenly we have 30+ bigs.


5:26 PM: Ugh. Bad, loose player opens 20k. I jam 130k or so with AK, he basically snaps with 44 and wins the race.

Out in 28th for $1300.

Well, that was about the last thing I expected to happen after that sick quadruple up.


Muckleshoot Spring Classic $300 No Limit Hold’em (Updates)

March 16, 2018

As expected, I didn’t get to sleep until super late Wednesday and then, on top of that, I woke up multiple times throughout the night, so I made the prudent decision of skipping the $200 no limit hold’em tournament yesterday and basically took the day off instead, writing my MLB win totals post and watching March Madness games.

I actually did wind up playing a decent slate of online tournaments on Global Poker:

  • $5.50 $5K GTD NLHE Rebuy
  • $33 $8K GTD NLHE 2R/1A
  • $5.50 $750 GTD PLO Rebuy
  • $55 NLHE (deep)
  • $11 $250 GTD Limit Hold’em
  • $22 NLHE 2R/1A
  • $11 $500 GTD PLO 2R/1A

*note: 2R/1A means two rebuys and one add on.

I ended cashing in 3 of my 7 events, final tabling both PLOs, finishing in 5th and 3rd. I also took 11th in the $8K GTD. I was making a decent run in the $5K rebuy but ran KK into AA for 30 bigs each.

All in all, a small little profit for the day while I was relaxing at home watching basketball.

I honestly kind of hate the Muckleshoot Classic series. It is unbelievable that in the 6+ years I’ve been playing in it they have basically made no adjustments. It is still a five day series that has five no limit hold’em events. Ugh. A little variety couldn’t possibly hurt. It’s probably asking too much to expect them to do an 8-Game tournament or a H.O.R.S.E., but not having a PLO event on the schedule in 2018 blows my mind. You’re telling me a $200 PLO with re-entries event wouldn’t be wildly popular?

Of the five events, I think the $750 Main is the only must play and the only one I actually look forward to. I basically never play the whole series and almost always skip the $500 tournament.

There is the $200 limit Omaha 8 or Better tournament, but they treat it like a bad step child they hope no one notices. It doesn’t get its own day of the series. Instead, it’s buried at 7 PM on the first night and they think it’s so prestigious it doesn’t even qualify for points in the Player of the Series competition. In other words, it’s not really part of the series.

Eh. I don’t expect them to make changes at this point. I asked for a PLO tournament a year or two ago and made a good argument but nothing changed and maybe it never will. I’m sure the no limit hold’em specialists love this series, but I’m close to the point where I may start coming out for the Main Event only.

The Leak accompanied me to the Muck today and this will probably be one of maybe three tournaments she’ll play all year. I asked my CPA if we could write her tournament buy ins off as a charitable donation earlier this week and was informed that we cannot.

Cards will be in the air in about 15 minutes. I will be posting stack updates and some hands here and there.

12:06 PM: We appear to have started with 12k in chips, but I’m not entirely sure because I have 10.5k after triple barreling TT28T with J9 and getting picked off by AQ.

12:18 PM: Woah. The Leak just messaged me saying she doubled up already. Crazy! Details to come.

Puget Sound legends Rep Porter and Lee Markholt making appearances. When I call people legends I’m usually joking but these guys are legit superstars. Rep has three WSOP bracelets, Lee has a WPT title, and both of these monsters are in the top 5 of the Washington state all-time money list.

One seat at my table remains open and I recognize two of my eight current opponents. One is a Muck regular that ranks near me on the Washington state money list and the other is someone that plays at Palace that recently hit a massive Royal Flush jackpot and is someone I want at my table in limit hold’em.

12:33 PM: The Leak tells me she had AA and let her opponent bluff of his stack. No info on board texture or his hand though.

12:40 PM: Everyone asks me why I don’t play more no limit hold’em. It’s because I hate it. The pace of the game… all the posturing… Jesus, can we just get on with it? I know there are some spots that require some real thought, but the guys that take 20+ seconds every time they have anything but a standard fold spot are just terrible humans.

1:01 PM: Forgot to mention this but I ended yesterday’s March Madness action in 31st place of 31 entries in the bracket pool I’m in. I don’t know about you but I find that level of sucking quite impressive.

1:30 PM: 9150 on first break coming back to 100/200. The Leak has a ridiculous 36k stack.

Some other notables in the field: The Riddler, Bill W, Flexx, Slimer, Sandman, Solomon Grundy, decent amount of Palace regulars.

2:10 PM: Sick hand at my table not involving me: JJ vs 22 on J6225. 😮

Probably worth mentioning this now. We spent the first 20 minutes of this level talking about Global Poker and one of my tablemates was trying to sell his conspiracy theory that Global’s software “isn’t rigged,” but that “it’s not random,” and “more bad beats happen there than anywhere else” he’s ever played.

Then this JJ vs 22 hand happened and I said, “yup, that sort of thing never happens in real life.”

2:48 PM: Super card dead for first three hours so this was a nice reprieve: I open 500 with AA and button calls. Flop T98 with three diamonds, giving me the nut flush draw with my overpair. I started the hand with about 9k and there’s basically no scenario where I’m ever getting away from it. I bet 1000 and he calls. Turn pairs the 9, I bet 2500 and he calls. Ace on river relieves any concerns of being beat (not that I thought I was) and I stuff it for 5k. He doesn’t think too long before calling with AT and giving me a full double to 18.5k. Peaking!

3:27 PM: I have about 19k and The Leak has 39k on second break and coming back to 300/600 with big blind anteing an additional 600 each hand.

3:55 PM: One limper, SB completes, and I make it 2200 with QQ and the limper calls. Flop is K82 and I let him bluff off 7k with AJ by check-calling all three streets. He didn’t think about his decisions at all and kept the bets small (2k, 2k, 3k) so it was a pretty easy call down.

4:24 PM: Ouch. My table broke and my new table probably has 5-6 guys that are better than anyone else at my last table. Bad beat.

4:46 PM: When the small blind calls and you look down at QJ suited and think, “well, I can’t not raise this” and then they jam and you’re both 25+ bigs deep. 🤢🤢🤢

5:06 PM: The Leak and I are both in the 26k-28k range heading to dinner break. Blinds will be 600/1200 when we resume in 40 minutes.

6:55 PM: Didn’t play a hand forever and then a flurry of action.

I defend Q8ss, flop top pair on a super wet boar, but only get one street of action.

I open AQ and get jammed on by a short stack with KT and bust him.

Super active and hyperLAG opens to 4500, I flat with ATdd. I would have 3-bet jammed this on him a while ago, but I had chips all the sudden and wanted to take a flop with him. I call 7k on T52hhd and then bet 12k when the 2 pairs and gives me the nut flush draw, prepared to call a jam, but he folds.

7:26 PM: Open 4500 with AK and button calls. I c-bet T82 flop for 5k and he calls. Turn is an ace and I check-call 9k. River queen and I check-call 14k and he shows 33.

Peaking at 98k, coming back to 1200/2400. The Leak has 46k. There are seven tables left and less than 63 players. Can’t see how many cash or how many started.

7:52 PM: The Leak has busted. We are down to six tables and apparently 41 players cash. The money bubble is approaching.

Meanwhile… Virginia is in serious jeopardy of becoming the first #1 seed to lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Obviously, they are my champions.

8:24 PM: Down to 5 tables… four spots off the money.

It took 8.5 hours but someone is finally lighting me up for wearing a Blair Walsh jersey in a Seattle casino.

8:49 PM: Hand-for-hand, I’ll have 12 bigs after posting big blind and ante this next hand.

9:03 PM: Cashed it and then snap-doubled with 55 vs AK. Peaking at 105k.

9:20 PM: Freeroll is on. Under the gun opens and I jam 15 bigs on button when AQ and spike a queen vs AK for the full double.

197k now! 😮😮😮

9:36 PM: Four tables left.

9:48 PM: Open 21k @ 4k/8k and 8k ante with AA and someone flats in position. Flop 754 two hearts, I lead 30k (never folding), he jams, and I dodge his flush draw with AThh.


9:55 PM: Call a 5 BB jam from the big with Qc8. He shows A6ss and turns aces up but I river a four card flush with my Qc to bust him.

389k with 25 left. Average stack is 160k.

10:33 PM: Open 26k with A6cc from cutoff with big blind having 95k behind at 5k/10k. I would actually hate it if the big jams on me because he’s been playing kind of snug, so when that does happen I’m ever-so-slightly unprepared but after doing some shoddy math, I decide I have to go with it. He tables KQo and has a gut shot, flush draw, and two overs on the turn and bricks it all.

519k with 18 left.

The homie Christian is dealing and asked for a shout out and I kind of have to honor that request since he delivered that AQ > AK suck out to set this rush into motion.

A Kitsap County area player (and former softball teammate of mine) is at my table now making a deep run, something he’s done consistently over the past three Classic series. Kudos to him!

11:16 PM: Reshoved over a 10bb jam with AQ and the short stack has KK and doubles through me.

261k. Puts me close to average now with 16 left.

11:25 PM: Defend < 3bb open with A5dd and it checks around on A86hhh flop. I check-call 2.5bb on jack turn and inexplicably get a free showdown on jack river vs… AcKh!

Lost the pot but minimal damage vs his holding.

Down to 180k though.

Players busting all over the place. I think we are down to ten now, on the final table bubble.

Scratch that. 11 left.

11:52 PM: Chipped down in a blind vs blind situation but just made final table with a paltry 116k.


Second final table of the series and third one in the last week? Seems decent for someone that doesn’t really play tournaments. And thank goodness the limit O8 tourney doesn’t count otherwise I’d be in the running for the $6k top prize for Player of the Series. 🤦🏻‍♂️😡

12:01 AM: I’m starting FT with the shortest stack and 2.5 bigs about to go through me. Will definitely be looking to get it in this next orbit.

12:08 AM: Ouch. Blinds went through me and then went up.

But… as I was typing that, I stacked off with ~3.75 bigs with A6cc and doubled through… AT! Christian is my magic dealer! Back up to 200k(10 bigs).

12:39 AM: Sick double with QQ vs AK all in pre with a K66 flop. Queen on turn! Let’s. Go. Back up to around 500k coming back to 15k/30k.

12:55 AM: MP opens to 60k, I flat AJo and we both check on KQ2 all club flop (no club in my hand). Turn is Td and he bets 85k. If he flopped a flush, god bless him but I’m not going to mess around on this board texture. I jam, he snaps. Uh oh. He rolls KJ with Jc and bricks out.

We are chip leading over a milly. Still nine players left.

My opponent mutters something about how trapped I was and I’m thinking “yeah, nice check, buddy.

1:10 AM: One player busts and then I open A9ss and a < 10bb stack jams on me and I double him up when his AQ holds.


1:10 AM: Huge double. Flat AJcc and get it in on J54hh vs 98hh and hold in 1 million pot.

1.7 million

6 left.

1:39 AM: Winner. $20k

2:15 AM: Ended up getting $20k with 5 players left. 1st was $24k so it was an easy deal for me to make. One double up for any of them would have drastically leveled the playing field so very happy to lock up the $20k.

Registered for tomorrow and planning to show up in level 3 or 4.