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Muck Fall Classic – $750 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (Stack Updates Only)

September 29, 2018

Vitals: 20k starting stacks, blinds at 25/50, and levels are 45 minutes today. We are fast approaching 200 entrants and registration is open for another 4.5 hours!

My starting table currently has seven seated players and two dead stacks. I’ve seen all these guys around but I only know one of them, a nitty, predictable guy from Kitsap County.

Yesterday, I talked a lot with Adam Coats (a non-blog reader) and he was telling me about this 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge he did and how liberating it was and I was like, “stop judging me, Adam! I’ll start it up again tomorrow.”

So today was Cold Shower Challenge Day 1.


For the third time.

I’m seeing it through this time, dammit.

Speaking of Adam, I prefer to refer to people anonymously via nicknames on the blog, but since he’s been in the public eye at the World Series of Poker every time I’ve talked about him, I haven’t really felt it was necessary. However, after having the name ChowMein suggested to me and discovering that it was an old online screen name of Adam’s, I asked for his blessing to call him that and got the okay.

Welcome to the club, buddy!

Alright, time to focus up. I’ll post updates on breaks and maybe if a really big pot happens.


Notables I’ve Seen: ChowMein, Solomon Grundy, Flipper, Green River Gary (no explanation needed), and Billy Dubs (my new twist on Bill W)

Punt Attempt: Under the gun opens to 600 at 75/150 and it folds to me on button with AQ. I just call and so does the big blind.

Flop is AQT with two diamonds (I have none) and the big blind leads out for 1200 and the PFR calls. The big has a little over 15k total and the PFR has about 7k. The board is pretty wet so I make a sizable raise to 5k and I’m not folding to a jam. Big blind tanks for quite some time and eventually stuffs it. PFR folds and I kind of hate it because when we get in 100+ bigs each on the flop I really shouldn’t be good here, but I call and…

He has AJo with a diamond.

Turn 8d

River 4d

So much pain.

I’m down to 9k now and I’m pretty damn sad about it because I was dominating this table and I should have over 45k now.

Sick. Sick sick sick SICK.

Re-entry is open for another 3 hours, but I also still have 60 bigs.

First Break: 8.7k

More Notables: Slimer, Sandman, Joker, Minh Cash

Second Break: 18.1k

I am playing above the rim right now and have been running pretty brutal. Basically all my chips have been accumulated through well-timed bluffs. I feel like I’m seeing situations really well and I’m executing on how I think I can exploit what’s going on.

Registration is closed after this break. I’m pretty happy to get back near starting stack without having to re-enter.

Update: 55.4k

I’m putting on a clinic. Meanwhile the guy that devastated me earlier… is out. He shoved his last 11 bigs over a 3.5x open from another small stack with… 65ss. What in the world?

Prize pool is posted. There were 341 total entrants. 174 remain. Total prize pool is $237,175, which means $25,575 was raked, or 10%. Not bad. 51 spots get paid, with a minimum payout of $1200. First place is $49,000.

Let’s get it.

Dinner Break: 47k

Play resumes in 70 minutes.

I watched Joker get it all in on the last hand before break with AA against JTss on 952ss but the 8 of spades on the river busted him.

143 players left. Average stack is 47.6k so I’m right there. Blinds will be 600/1200 when we come back so I have 39 bigs when we restart.

My goodness, I’ve already used the bathroom and had a full meal and sat bullshitting for 10 minutes and we still have 40 minutes of break left.

7:41 PM: I am absurdly card dead. I called a raise with JThh and someone jammed (so I folded). That is the extent of my involvement since dinner ended. Pretty silly.

Down to 36.6k.

7:52 PM: 88 < AK all in pre for ~12 bigs.

Down to 18.1k – jam or fold territory.

8:28 PM: Doubled A9 > 88. Back to 11bb.

Fourth Break: 33.3k

I think I was peaking around 55k before I opened to 2.5bb on button with A8dd and big blind defended. We both checked Q98 flop. I called 5bb on 3 turn and then we both checked 5 river. He had 94o.

Because you just have to defend with that one.

Coming back to 1200/2400 blinds.

72 players are left and 51 of us will cash. Average stack is 94k so I’m an underdog but so what.

Let’s go.

Update: Busted in 70th AT < AJ. I will not be playing the Shootout tomorrow as it looks like I’d have to win it outright to get in the Player of the Series spots.


Muck Fall Classic – $400 No Limit Hold’em (Stack Updates Only)

September 28, 2018

Vitals: 15k starting stack, sitting down at start of L2 with blinds at 50/100, and 186 players registered so far.

I recognize a couple players at my table from local cash games.

I’m playing in the banquet area for the first time. No shuffle machines but it’s pretty nice in here.

First Break: 16.9k

I’m happy about that considering I bluffed off a third of my stack and got called down by Q4dd on 6648T. I’m praying to make anything against that player.

12:53 PM: Doubled with AK vs Jc9c on QcJT-8c-J.

33.9k at 150/300 blinds.

Second Break: 34.7k

Registration is closing after this break.

Update: 300 entrants. $102k in the prize pool. $18k taken out for rake, or 15%. $20.4k up top for 1st. 45 spots pay. ~205 left.

I have 42.6k at 300/600 with 600 big blind ante. Average stack is ~22k.

Third Break: 42k

Weird last hand before the break. Player I think is competent makes it 1700 with blinds at 300/600 after an under the gun limper. That’s not strange but what is strange is that the raiser started the hand with less than 4000, so he’s making a small raise after a limper when he’s starting the hand with less than six big blinds.

I don’t get it. Even if I had a hand as strong as AA, I would expect the limper to call a lot.

Anyways, it folds to me and I look down at AJo. I wouldn’t even think about calling a 6bb jam with AJ and the under the gun player has shown some loose-passive tendencies so I’m not too worried about him having a big hand. So I go ahead and make it 4000 to put the raiser all in.

The limper folds and he calls it off with A9o.

I really don’t get it. The call here is fine but the initial raise is mind-boggling.

Fortunately for him the board runs out K88-K-9 and he got lucky on me twice in rapid succession and doubles up.

So… I have 42k now instead of 51k.

Coming back to blinds of 400/800 with 800 big blind ante.

Dinner Break: 88.4k

My bad. We’ve been on break for 40 minutes already. I just forgot to post something.

Cards back in the air in 35 minutes.

More Info: 79 left. Average stack is 57k. 45 spots get paid.

7:21 PM: Flopped top two with KQ in a raised multiway pot and then busted someone with JJ > 99.


58 left.

Fourth Break: 145k coming back to 2500/5000 with a 5000 big blind ante.

We are in the money. 45 are left and everyone is guaranteed at least $630.

Average stack is 100k.

Adam Coats and Chief Wiggum both still in also.

Update: We have three hours of play in between breaks this time for some reason, so I should probably mention that things have been going really poorly. I am down to about 80k with blinds now at 3k/6k.

There are 36 players left now.

9:14 PM: Doubled with 66 > AK.


Fifth Break: Peaking at 220k coming back to blinds of 6k/12k.

20 players remain.

Update: It’s been rough. I have 165k and we are combining to a 10-handed final table.

I appear to have the shortest stack. $2500 locked up.

Chief Wiggum here with me. He has about 280k.

9 left.

Update: Early position makes it 42k at 8k/16k and it folds to me in the big. I jam for 149k with AQ and… he starts tanking? Wtf. Didn’t expect that. He thinks for about two minutes and now I’m thinking I want a call, realizing I’m probably doubling up over 70% of the time. He eventually does call… with AJ.

Flop: JJ4

Turn: 4


9th for $3000.


Main Event tomorrow.


Muck Fall Classic – $200 Omaha 8/Better (Live Blog)

September 27, 2018

Cards in the air. Updates here.

Vitals: 10k starting stacks, blinds currently at 75/150 in L3, levels are 30 minutes.

  • I recognize all but one player at my table. Two of them are nitty Palace O8 regs, one is a Palace floor, and the rest I’ve just seen around. I would probably rate my starting table as below average. I would prefer to play the early levels against a bunch of loose players.
  • I’m not really planning to post every little hand I play, but I will definitely at least post stack updates on the breaks.
  • Notables: Flipper, Blackjack, Muck dealer 😀, KIRBY PUCKETT (!), local legend Adam Coates, and three Palace employees
  • No Flexxx, no Bill W, no Tormund, no Joker.
  • Wtf?
  • No Sandman? No Fanboy?
  • 11:49 AM: Fun chop spot. I raise limpers with AA63 double suited and have to chop with a middle position limp of K992ddd after a flop of T52 with two clubs. CLUBS. I mean, not that it matters, but what in the actual fuck?
  • 11:56 AM: Player on my right just got his hand killed because he was on his phone and told me afterwards that it’s because he was reading my blog. That is the ultimate.
  • 12:00 PM: Riddler in the field now. I have 12k on first break. I’ve been by far the most active and aggressive player at my table so far and my stack has fluctuated quite a lot. I’ve increased it by 20% but I feel like I have run below average over the first four levels. The AA63 vs K992 on T52 is a good example of a spot I should always be scooping and instead I’m bet-calling the turn and needing to escape for half.
  • Absurd.
  • In other news, I forgot to mention last night but The Man has decided to spread the PLO game at Palace on Thursdays at 6 PM as well. My goodness I hope that becomes a thing. Playing in that game two days a week would be HUGE. My results in that game in the 1.5 years it has been spread are so good they can’t possibly be real and yet… here we are.
  • 12:25 PM: Blinds are now 200/400 and it feels like a good level to start exploiting my table’s overall nittiness by ramping up the aggression.
  • 1:22 PM: 18.3k on second break. Some good things definitely happened those last two levels.
  • Registration is now closed so I’ll post prize pool and entrant numbers when they are available.
  • 2:09 PM: Table change. Somehow I know zero players at my new table by name and I only recognize one of them. My last table was pretty tight and lame, so this should be better by default.
  • 2 of 3 Palace dealers BUSTED
  • Blackjack BUSTED
  • Flipper All In
  • Remaining Palace Dealer 6k
  • Riddler All In
  • Kirby Puckett 8k
  • 😀 8k
  • Sandman in the field
  • 2:21 PM:
  • Adam Coats 20k
  • Riddler 3400
  • Flipper BUSTED
  • Sandman BUSTED
  • Dark Knight 21.6k
  • Peaking after opening button with AAsKs5s and getting called down by small blind on QsTs24J.
  • 2:39 PM: 18.1k on third break coming back to what I imagine will be 600/1200 blinds.
  • 3:01 PM:
  • Riddler BUSTED
  • 140 entrants. ~61 left. Average stack is 23k.
  • 1st is $4700.
  • Total prize pool is $22.4k. Total rake is $5600, or 20%.
  • 3:06 PM: I just had a little rush of good hands where I opened four times in a row and got to showdown every time… for a net profit of exactly 0 chips.
  • 👍🏻
  • 3:12 PM: Just heard a story about a player checking back river with A234 on 24954 and then saying after the hand that he didn’t want to bust his opponent.
  • No worries.
  • But touching your phone while the dealer is pitching cards? PENALTY!
  • 3:22 PM: Yay. The slow dwindle… down to 12.4k starting 800/1600 blinds.
  • 3:29 PM: Gift shop is open.
  • Two limpers. I raise AA54 with clubs on button and 5 of us see K64cc flop. I get one check-caller and he puts me all in (for ~2.5 big bets) on the 8c turn with… KQc2c2.
  • KQ22.
  • Wow.
  • Very next hand, I open the cutoff with A986 double suited and the big blind calls flop and river (after turn checks through) on a board of AK338 with QJJ2.
  • QJJ2.
  • Amazing.
  • Just won another pot with AAQ2 double suited. Heater is on.
  • 49.6k
  • 3:41 PM: More heat. I have Ad73d2 on a final board of AT6dKd7d against another 32 (that leads river!) and QJ. So bets go in on every street and everyone puts two big bets in on the river and I get 3/4 of it all.
  • Palace Dealer 23k
  • Kirby Puckett 12k
  • Adam Coats 25k
  • Dark Knight 56.8k
  • 47 left.
  • 3:59 PM: Table change. Down to 45 players. 21 spots pay. Three players from original table are at this one. 👎🏻
  • 4:17 PM: 🔥🔥🔥
  • 84.3k
  • 4:20 PM:
  • Kirby Puckett BUSTED
  • 😀 BUSTED
  • 4:31 PM: Open cut with A4cc76hh and get scooped by small blind on T85cc2T runout with bets going in on every street. He fires turn and river wirh AK32. So sick.
  • 63.5k
  • 5:00 PM: I got scooped in a large blind vs blind pot where I have AK64 vs KJJ2 on J85K8 and then I won a 3-bet pot with a c-bet and after all that smoke I head to dinner break with… 63.5k. Same as my last update.
  • 33 left. Average stack is 42.4k.
  • Cards back in the air in 66 minutes!
  • 5:34 PM: Ugh. I don’t expect most readers to understand coding, but for some reason my blog is formatting every time I press return to create a space as a new bullet point in a list. I noticed this when I checked the blog in my browser. It’s pretty tilting for me. So tilting, I logged on to the WordPress site via my browser and manually deleted every single list code. There were LOTS of them. And then I updated and they were gone.
  • And now they are back.
  • So… I guess this is just how it’s going to be today.
  • 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • 5:48 PM: Interesting note about the prize pool: once we are in the money every single place has a money bump.
  • They are only $25 and $50 bumps until 8 left, but still… pretty interesting.
  • 6:07 PM: Back in business. 28 players left, officially.
  • 6:14 PM: Brutal, brutal hand. I might have to blog it later, but I have 30k now.
  • Ugh. Here it is. I defend SB open in Big with KJ75 and call a bet on JT4.
  • Turn is a 5 and he checks to me… and raises. Huh? That’s super weird, but I call.
  • River is a 2. So the lows all got there and so did backdoor spades. He bets and I go into a long tank and eventually decide I can’t possibly be good for any of it here. I fold.
  • He shows AA63 (no spades).
  • Then I lost another blind vs blind spot on the next hand.
  • Then I opened JJ54 on button and gave up after the flop and checked down on AT53T vs an Ax hand.
  • Can I not have a total collapse on the bubble, please?
  • Is that too much to ask?
  • 6:47 PM: So. Much. Pain.
  • Defend Ac3cTh6h and get a flop of Q64cc.
  • I get scooped.
  • Down to 16.5k at 2000/4000 and 24 left.
  • Aiming for max pain here.
  • 6:55 PM: All in with A743 double suited on Q73ss against KTs5s2. He check-raises the third player out and gives me a huge chance to double. Unfortunately the river is the 8 of spades and I have to split with this hand for some reason.
  • 7:08 PM: Chipped up a tiny bit and then doubled!
  • 53k
  • A little below average with 23 left.
  • 7:19 PM: I am not going to lose money in this poker tournament today. I have snuck my way into the money. 21 left now. I am a bit below average still. Locked up $350 so far!
  • Time to spin it up!
  • Adam Coats and one of the Palace dealers also in the money. The Palace dealer plays in the PLO game at Palace sometimes so maybe I should give him a name but I haven’t had a stroke of genius yet.
  • 7:34 PM: There are a couple limps and I call SB with AJT9 badugi and the big checks.
  • Flop is KQ6 with two spades. I have a wrap and the ace of spades in my hand so I lead and only the big calls.
  • Turn is a 3 and he calls again.
  • River pairs the 6 and I fire 10k, leaving myself with 3k behind…
  • and…
  • ….he folds!
  • So close to punting my way out of here.
  • 17 left.
  • 8:17 PM: No love. Let the blinds go through me a few times before finally finding a hand I can open: AKK4 with a nut suit. I get three callers and wind up check-folding the A97 flop.
  • On another break. I’m down to 24k, blinds are going up to 4k/8k, and there are 13 left.
  • Danger! Need some run good. Soon.
  • 8:32 PM: Busted in 13th for $650. Blind vs blind. My AJT4 one nut suit gets scooped by 9554.
  • Riiiiigght.
  • Palace dealer has 130k or so with 11 left. Adam Coats with like 150k.
  • Not gonna stick around. I’m in contact with the dealer from Palace so maybe he’ll keep me updated.
  • Oh well. Player of the Series points! $10k up top for that now.
  • Update: Adam Coats chops it heads up I hear. Palace dealer finishes in 9th.
  • I am planning to do zero blogging tomorrow and any blogging I will do during the Main is going to be stack updates on breaks only.
  • Focus.
  • h1

    Nickname Fest: PLO @ Palace (LIVE BLOG)

    September 26, 2018

    I really didn’t plan to blog tonight. It’s going to be a time-restricted session and I will probably be blogging all weekend but…

    I’m not sure I’ve ever played in a lineup where every single player had a nickname.

    Tonight’s PLO lineup: Animal, John Stockton, The Man, Mr. Baseball, The Riddler, Part-Time, Santa Claus, and The Crypt Keeper.

    My oh my… as Dave Niehaus used to say.


    7:00 PM: Well I didn’t make this post to not write any hands but the first hour has been a whole lot of whiffing for me. However, I am working on a trip report for the rest of our trip that I will copy and paste here shortly for everyone to read.

    7:09 PM: So much for that. Just got in an awkward spot where Animal leads turn and everyone else’s ranges are capped after the flop checks through in a raised pot and I isolate him with a weak aces up hand figuring it will clear the field. He’s kind of short so my raise to $260 is more of a $180 call against someone that is super duper wide and reckless. Unfortunately he has the same hand, but with the nut flush draw and we only run it once and he binks the flush.

    Very next hand I defend a UTG raise from John Stockton in a multiway pot with KQ32 double suited.

    The flop is KK6 with two spades and he leads $40 and the field folds. I’m happy to get it in against him and after I check-raise him he 3-bets and I jam for a minimal amount and he says, “I don’t know if I even want to call now,” so for the briefest of moments I think I have him crushed. But then he does call and shows the AK94. I started the hand with $285ish, so we weren’t particularly deep. We run it twice and he wins both of them.


    -$600! Solid start.

    Santa Claus has been replaced by John Stockton’s buddy that has never played in this game before, as far as I know.

    Trip Update

    In my last blog post I posted updates of our trip through our stay in Houston.


    We left Houston early on Thursday afternoon and started our drive towards Dallas.

    Well, sort of. We were stopping off in Waco, Texas first to see the Magnolia Stores by Joanna and Chip Gaines. I don’t know anything about them other than that they are notable television personalities. But Magnolia was definitely high on my wife’s list of things she wanted to see.

    The store had some cool things in it, but that didn’t interest me too much. The area around the store was really nice. Beautiful. They have done a nice job of making the store a destination stop, complete with iconic silos, great scenery and a play area and food trucks out back that create an almost fair-like vibe.

    Here are some pics:

    Also in the Waco area is the campus of Baylor University. Very, very nice. We drove through it three times and the pictures I took really don’t do it justice.

    From Waco, we were on our way to Dallas to stay two nights and watch a Mariners vs Rangers MLB game in Arlington.

    All in all, it was about five hours of driving on Thursday and we were pretty wiped when we got to our hotel.

    Our first night in Dallas I believe we got some authentic Texas BBQ and it was amazing, but it is also the only time we didn’t take food pics our whole trip.

    Even though I was exhausted I couldn’t resist the drive to Oklahoma to play some poker and I already blogged that session.


    On Friday we made an effort to try some Tex-Mex cuisine for the first time and went to a place called Mia’s where they had mandatory valet parking.

    As I noted in my blog post at Winstar the locals were saying the Rangers game was “100%” to be postponed. That means it is always getting cancelled and there is no room for error.

    Fortunately they were wrong. Sort of. It was raining pretty hard when we got to the stadium area. Hard enough that I was pretty sure we were going to miss this game. But it stopped pouring as I was walking around the Globe Life Park area checking out the Dallas Cowboys stadium, an interesting place called Texas Live! and the site of the new stadium they are building for the Rangers, set to open in time for the 2020 season.

    New stadium site

    Cowboys Stadium

    Texas Live!

    I guess missing letters is a thing?

    I made my way into the stadium and did a loop while The Leak was hanging out in the car still.

    Here’s what the park looked like when I walked in:

    Nolan Ryan:

    Insane food:

    With insane prices:

    The Mariners showed me zero love before the game this time… because no one was on the field until ten minutes before game time.

    Game on!

    Rocksteady and his buddy actually joined us for this game. He is in the process of relocating to the Dallas area, permanently. R.I.P. to another blog regular. On the bright side, he can still play poker in Oklahoma and that is a short 75 minute drive away.

    We saw another stinker. Mariners got crushed and it was never close. The coolest things we got to see were Adrian Beltre hit a 3-run bomb and Joey Gallo literally blast one into orbit.

    And then the rain started. And it got heavy. Fast. I knew it was a wrap. The outfield had a lake in it with minutes.

    We hung around for a short time, mostly just staring in awe and not wanting to drive in that mess.

    Then I braved the drive home and drove 35 mph on the 70 mph interstate freeway like the locals.

    The game still wasn’t called over an hour later when we got home, but they did eventually call it a wrap in the top of the 7th, making it plenty official.

    I learned a fact that blew my mind: it was the first MLB game in Globe Life Park history to ever start, but stop short because of weather. 23 years… with sudden downpours like this possible… and… never?

    Unreal. I got to witness baseball history.



    This was leaving day and we were pretty stoked about it. But we had a lot of time to kill after checking out of our hotel and we met up with Rocksteady again to do an Escape Room together.

    It was Escape The Room in Dallas and we did The Apartment… with a group of six strangers. That was kind of lame and the first ten minutes or so were pretty chaotic as everyone went off in different directions and figuring things out in a very unorganized manner.

    It mellowed our though and, with way too much help from the host, I participated in a successful escape for the first time ever, bringing my career total to 1 of 3! But it really feels more like 0 for 3. Not gonna lie.

    Mark that up as another escape room I give a thumbs up to though.

    After that we had a couple more hours to kill and decided to watch a movie in an abandoned mall and since the times for most of the movies I hadn’t seen didn’t work out, I watched Searching for the second time because I thought my wife would really enjoy it.

    8:22 PM: Running brutal with top set here. I lost with it three times in a row before finally picking one up with a c-bet in a raised pot.

    I was on a pretty short stack and feeling pretty punty when I called with the 6542 one suit on the button against a Crypt Keeper raise and multiple limpers.

    Flop was 432 rainbow and everyone checked to me. I bet the pot which was $120 and almost my entire stack and figured it’s always folding around, but John Stockton gave me a play and a we got it in on the turn. I had turned a flush draw but so did he and I needed to dodge a diamond on the turn against his KT53 and I managed to do so and double up.

    8:47 PM: I limp along in the cut with AKT3 no good suits and John Stockton raises on the button.

    A few of us see the flop but Part-Time is the only caller of $40 on AT8 with two clubs and its back to me. I feel like I have the best hand, but I’m quite vulnerable and my opponent is wildly unpredictable. I decide to call.

    Gin: an ace. We have the nuts. I would lead against a lot of players here, but not JS. I think he’s going to bet a lot of the time and he doesn’t disappoint by betting the pot: $170. Part-Time folds and I jam for $355 or so. He tanks and calls it off with QJJ9. He has the Q9 of clubs which gives him one straight flush out. We run it once, he misses, and I double up again.

    9:01 PM: I open AA99 one suit under the gun to $15, there’s a call, Riddler makes it $65, The Man calls and it is back to me. Riddler and I have decent stacks and The Man is super deep. It’s a snap-4-bet spot but I am also aware of how loose The Man is in spots like this. I haven’t seen him fold much. Sure enough, Stockton and Riddler fold when I pot to $275 and The Man knows he should to, wants to even, but just can’t do it. He calls the $275.

    Sheesh. I really might need to change his name to High Variance. Somehow, in our entire history of playing together, I have managed to avoid getting screwed in this spot. I think we have gotten heaps in preflop when I have AAxx and he has folded to my flop bet every time. This has happened at least three times now.

    Flop is QT3 with two spades (I have none) and I bet $300 and he mercifully folds again.

    9:34 PM: It’s been a while since this hand happened so I forget the preflop details but I must be in a blind because I’m out of position with AT87 double suited on a flop of J96 rainbow and it checks to Part-Time and he bets $25 and The Man calls. I don’t sense strength and I feel like I can barrel a lot of turns so I make it $125 and they both call rather quickly. Alright.

    Turn is an ace. I am quite happy to bet this card. I still have all my drawing equity and I could easily have the best hand now too. I bet $300, Part-Time folds immediately, but The Man thinks for quite a long time before making it $600. Ouch.

    Now it’s my turn to think. I’m not folding. But I have $800+ behind and I’m wondering if I should stick it all in here to get max value if I get there. I eventually conclude I will fold the river if I miss and save the $500+ I have back. I call.

    And obviously I get there with a ten. And obviously he folds when I fire $300. I think my line is fine, maybe good even, but it’s just amusing that I would have maximized by taking the other route.

    10:44 PM: This game has dried up drastically. We are down to 6-handed play: me, The Man, Crypt Keeper, Mr. Baseball, random and a tight player. Not great. Chops are happening. I was planning to leave at midnight or so, but 10:45 is starting to look like a reasonable option.

    11:08 PM: Yep. That was a wrap. I decided that I didn’t want to grind out an hour or two longer in a 5 out of 10 game when it used to be a 10 out of 10 when I can go home early, play some PS4, and still get a good night sleep before tomorrow’s 10 AM start for the $200 Omaha 8 tourney in the Muck Series.

    See you then.

    Final Score: +$1115

    Not bad for starting out -$1k.


    Muck Fall Classic is Here! $200 LIMIT Hold’em (Live Updates)

    September 23, 2018

    Already messing up. Even though my phone calendar and my online poker schedule both listed this tournament as starting at 10 AM, I somehow got it in my head that it started at 11 AM… so here I am showing up exactly on time… an hour late!

    Starting stacks are 12k and blinds are now 75/150 as I sit down at the beginning of level 3.

    I hear the defending PLAYER OF THE SERIES is in the building now. Oh wait, that’s me! I already spotted the whole field a two event head start, so it’s probably going to take an extraordinary run to get into contention this time.

    Cards in the air! Let’s go.

    11:17 AM: Notables in the field: Radio Mike and Joker at the same table, Chief Wiggum, some other regulars… but honestly, not a lot of recognizable faces.

    And on that note, Sandman hits the registration desk.

    11:27 AM: First pot I play at my table is a doozy. Five players limp and I jack it up with the KQhh from the big. Gambol!

    Flop is K52 with two spades and one heart. I lead, there are two calls and two folds, and a lady on the button raises it. This was not the kind of flop I was expecting to get much action on so I’m kind of bewildered, but I prefer to play heads up here so I raise it back and the first caller caps it! The other guy calls and so does the button. Not really sure how I can ever have the best hand here, but I’m going to hang on.

    Turn is the jack of diamonds and I’m happy to see it check to the button and she bets. When the flop capper checks here, he’s basically always on a draw and the other player’s range is capped and weak. So I’m dodging spades and hoping I can beat the button now. We all call.

    River is the 8 of clubs and everyone checks. Button looks like she wants to table out of turn (or maybe it is in turn here) so I let her show a K3o before I table the winning hand and collect the pot.

    11:44 AM: Wow, my table is clueless. I limp early with the A6ss and UTG+1 raises, bad and loose player 3-bets button, lady from before calls small blind and I call also. It’s a bit loose from up front but I want to play pots against this field while the blinds are small.

    Flop is 775 with two spades and the small blind leads right out, I call, UTG+1 calls, button raises, small blind 3-bets, I call, other guy folds and button calls.

    Turn is the 8 of clubs. SB bets and we both call.

    River is 9 of spades. Flush got there and so did a one card straight (and I have both draws) and the small blind still bets. I already have zero respect for either player in this hand and I fully expect my hand to be good most of the time but it seems like a clear spot to go for the overcall from the likely overpair on the button rather than raise and possibly face a 3-bet when I’m beat. I call and so does button. Lady turns over JJ. Button snap-rolls KK before I can table my hand.

    Very next hand, I defend an UTG raise in a 6-way pot with 84 of hearts.

    Flop is 652 with two hearts. We has MONSTER. I check-raise the field, they all just call, and five of us see the turn.

    It’s an ugly, ugly brick: the ace of clubs. I would bet a lot of turns but this is not one of them. I am keeping a check-raise in my back pocket depending on how the turn plays out. If UTG bets and everyone calls, I have about a 30% chance of improving and my fair share of pot equity is 20% and I make money by raising, even if only three players call. A clear value raise in a cash game, but maybe not great in a tournament where pushing every edge isn’t as important as maintaining a chip stack. As it turns out, UTG bets and only the loose player in the cutoff calls, so I just call also.

    River is the 2 of clubs. Boo. UTG bets and wins with AKo vs A7o. Sheesh.

    That’s 61% assuming I never get either of them to fold better and actually, from what I’ve seen, they are probably not folding on bricky run outs, especially the dude with A7.

    ~17k on first break.

    12:19 PM: Pretty sure this is a career first for me: antes in a limit event (Stud variants excluded). Interesting. I think I like it. I’m curious to see if anyone adjusts their stealing and defending strategies, especially as the blinds get large.

    Stack updates at first break:

    Chief Wiggum 19k

    Joker 17k

    Radio Mike 13k

    Sandman 11k

    12:27 PM: Woah. Daniel O, no limit hold’em specialist, making an appearance in the limit hold’em event! And he sits at my table!

    “I’m just warning you,” he immediately cautions, “I don’t care at all.”

    Punting words if I’ve ever heard them.

    12:50 PM: UTG opens, I 3-bet AKo next and cutoff calls.

    Three of us to the KJ7 flop and they both call my bet.

    Turn is a ten and I go into check-call mode because I think my hand is doing not great against the cutoff’s cold-calling and continuing range. Other guy also calls down and the cutoff shows AQ.

    1:09 PM: Forgot to congratulate Joker on his 9th place finish in yesterday’s no limit Hold’em event. He picked up $2800 and got himself on the Player of the Series leaderboard.

    1:12 PM: Sandman is hitting the registration desk for a re-entry.

    Some non-poker run bad that has happened to me lately:

    •on what I believe was our last hiking trip before this vacation to the southeast, I went to use the restroom in an outhouse and ever-so-slightly tilted my head downwards and watched in horror as my $250 sunglasses slid off my hat, right down the toilet and disappeared into, well, somewhere quite disgusting. The hole was so deep they were completely unrecoverable and I’m not sure I wanted them back anyway.

    •at the Mariners-Rangers game on Friday night I was once again using the restroom and my AirPods fell out of my jacket into the stall next to mine. I thought I heard the sound of multiple things hitting the ground and that is a thought that haunts me now. But at the time, my charging case landed closed and I didn’t bother to look inside it. I didn’t use them again until we boarded our plane late last night and realized that that other sound was one of my ear buds falling out and disappearing forever. So now I have AirPods with a single ear bud.

    •and then I left my current favorite Mariners hat on the plane last night.

    •PLUS I lost my driver’s license before we left for our trip, a fact that Joker just reminded me of as I was standing here typing this on break. Speaking of losing my driver’s license, that got me a full – and I mean FULL – body pat down at the airport last night when I tried to sneak by security with an expired ID.

    Stack updates on second break:

    Dark Knight 16.1k

    Daniel O 14.5k

    Chief Wiggum 17k

    Joker 22k

    Radio Mike 14k

    Sandman 12k

    1:34 PM: First hand back I open KK UTG and get two callers.

    Jack high, uncoordinated flop and I bet and get one call.

    Queen on turn and I check-raise and get called on blank river for a nice pot to start level 7.

    That puts me over 20k.

    2:19 PM: Widening my opening range as the blinds increase and my table doesn’t seem to be adjusting too much. I opened 95dd and c-bet total air and got a fold. Then I opened T9o from the lojack and got a big blind defend and the 876 flop. Not bad. He called flop and turn before folding river.

    Finally, under the gun limps, I raise AA, and two players call.

    Flop is AT3 with two clubs and only UTG check-calls.

    Turn is the 3 of clubs, so the flush gets there and I fill up. Dreams! He leads out and I get two big bets on the turn.

    Then I get unlucky…

    …by making quads!

    Because now he loses to any random Ax hand and finds a check-fold as he shakes his head with whatever he bet-called the turn with.

    Peaking at 26.1k.

    Not sure if player count is accurate, but it says 129 entered and there are now 84 left.

    That makes an average 18.4k.

    Updated counts on break:

    Radio Mike 15.3k

    Daniel O 14.6k

    Joker 6.8k

    Chief Wiggum 22k

    2:53 PM: Folds to me in small blind and I raise KTo and the big defends.

    Flop is K95 with two spades and we go four bets and I’m not happy about it. First flop raise doesn’t mean much, but when he caps it, I’m in trouble.

    I check-call a bet on a blank turn and we both check the 4 of spades river and I get a ridiculous free show down vs 95hh.

    Down to 18k though.

    Sigh. What a set up.

    Also, I should point out that Radio Mike is largely responsible for Joker’s diminished chip stack.

    3:12 PM:

    Joker BUSTED

    3:34 PM: Sheesh. Lose one pot and all my momentum is gone. Blinds have gone through me a couple times and I’m down to 13k.

    Meanwhile, Daniel O calls a raise on the button in a multiway pot with 33 and gets the 322 flop against an overpair and somehow gets four bets on the flop and still gets bet into on the turn.

    That hand puts Daniel around 38k.


    3:40 PM: Just got moved. I recognize no one at this table and I have the shortest stack. I opened ATo and whiffed and defended KTss and whiffed.

    I am on fumes. Just like that.

    3:50 PM: Raise one limper in button with 77 and 4.8 bigs. We are looking to get all the chippies in, but a blind and the limper call and then both check-fold on J76. What a waste!

    Very next hand, early open and I 3-bet KK from the cut. Early player calls and then checks dark so I bet dark.

    He calls on QQ5 rainbow and checks to me again on a blank turn. I have less than three big bets left, so my decision on the turn is essentially for my tournament life. If I bet and am not winning, I am out, so I check back since I’m either way ahead or way behind and betting could eliminate me.

    River is a blank and I pick off a bluff and am back up to 19.8k after having less than 5k a few hands ago.

    4:01 PM: Unreal. Table breaks after hand I pay my big blind and I get moved to a new table where I have to post the big blind again. Yes. Back-to-Back. In a structure where the big blind antes for everyone.


    I didn’t win either of those pots so there goes four critical blinds.

    Radio Mike and Sandman at my new table. This is easily my worst table draw of the day.

    4:36 PM: And I have dwindled down to one big blind about to have the button after playing zero notable pots in 3+ orbits.

    4:42 PM: This is gross. Nothing but rags. Someone enters the pot before me every hand. It is going to be really, REALLY sick if I have to take a 75-minute dinner break with less than one big blind.

    2 minutes, 45 seconds…

    4:49 PM: I went all in on the last hand before dinner and did not win.

    Dark Knight BUSTED

    Radio Mike has a small stack and Sandman, Chief Wiggum, and Daniel O are all still in.

    I’m not sticking around but I’ll post some updates if someone sends them to me.



    Live Blog From Oklahoma: $1/$3 No Limit @ Winstar!

    September 20, 2018

    Even though I’m pretty tired after driving a solid 5 hours or so from Houston to Waco to Dallas, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to a) drive one more hour and cross another new state off my “places I’ve been to” list and b) play some more poker!

    I got immediate seating in a 1/3 no limit game and since it has a $300 maximum buy in, I sat with $300 on the table and an extra $500 in my pocket. I’m on the list for a 1/2/5 PLO mix (high/hi-lo split) game but there are ten names (three as call ins) and it hasn’t started yet, so…

    Pretty cool start!

    I raise one limper to $12 with AJ and the big blind and limper call.

    Flop is T93 with two diamonds and I check behind.

    Turn is the jack of diamonds and the big leads for $22. I call.

    River is another diamond. It’s probably worth pointing out that I do not have a diamond. So when he checks to me, I’m firing this $50 bullet as a pure bluff. I put up with the tank stare down for about a minute before going to my phone to type and as soon as I do that, he folds. Interesting.

    Next notable pot: someone opens to $15, very green (“what do I need to put in?”) dude calls, and I make it $61 from the small blind with AKo. The opener folds but the noob is trying to figure out what he needs to do to call and eventually just gives up and says, “let’s just put it all in there.” The dealer objects, a player starts talking and I say, “let’s do it.”

    Unfortunately, the dealer allows us to do this and my AK loses to his TT and I owe this man $207.

    10:02 PM: There’s a limper or two, I make it $15 with QQ just after I’ve been called for the PLO game, one player calls in position, and the noob from the previous hand reraises me to $30 from a blind and a limper calls. I make it $115 of a stack of $373 and only the noob calls.

    The flop is 752 with two spades and he immediately leads out for $40. I don’t waste much time before jamming the rest of my $258. He starts tanking and eventually says, “you have no idea, man” and I respond, “you’re right, I have no clue.”

    He eventually decides to call it off and tables the 43hh and the 6 on the turn leaves me drawing dead.

    Solid -$475 in minutes! All to the same guy… how could I leave that game?

    Then I walk over to the PLO table and there are two people sitting there with chips in front of them.

    I bit the bullet and sat down. I bought another $700 in chips and put $500 on the table (max) and $525 in my pocket.

    Monday: We said goodbye to New Orleans and the Mississippi River and made the 5+ hour trek to Houston.

    And arrived at the tiny house we booked for our Houston stay:

    I thought it was a novel idea and that it might be fun to try out, but yeah, I’ll never be doing that again. I like my space. How many times did I hit my head on the ceiling? Too many.

    Tuesday: We started off our day by having our best meal of the trip at LA Crawfish. The Leak had some very good crawfish and I had some excellent chicken pho.

    And then we headed downtown to get our first glimpse of Minute Maid Park, home of the World Champion Houston Astros.

    My first glimpse:

    Craig Biggio statue throwing to Jeff Bagwell statue:

    This is what banners look like:

    Home plate entrance:

    The Leak sizing up with Carlos Correa:

    First glimpse of the field:

    And one of our coolest moments as Seattle fans – getting the autograph of a Mariners legend and future Hall of Famer:

    And this is what a World Series ring looks like:

    This dude was giving a girl in Mariners gear hell as they were airing it on the Jumbotron. I was like two spots down in all M’s gear and did not think I would escape unscathed, but he showed me mercy:

    Fresh after getting Dee Gordon’s autograph:

    Our actual seats:

    A video my mom shot of Root Sports in Seattle airing some loyal Mariner fans in Houston:

    Unfortunate timing to be looking at my phone the whole time, but it was between innings!

    Sick poster:

    Future MVP:

    Some cool street art inside the stadium:

    And my last looks at a very cool ballpark!

    10:49 PM: Well, I’d much rather play PLO mix than no limit, but… the action is forcing me back. This game is kind of lame and, uh, that last table was amazing.

    10:58 PM: Back in 1/3 but not the table I’m aiming for. I’m keeping a hawk eye on that table to make sure they don’t give the next open seat to anyone but me.

    I lost $131 in my brief time in the PLO game. I made it $20 with JT98 and c-bet $35 on KJ7 and another $65 when the king paired on the turn. After he called that bet, I was done with it unimproved and I let him show down a naked AA hand. Uh, okay.

    11:41 PM: Finally! A hand I can talk about.

    Middle position opens to $15, button calls, I call QJhh from the small, and the big also calls.

    Flop is Q63 with two hearts. I has monster. I’m looking to check-raise here a lot, but the PFR checks along. Fortunately, the button bets $30. He’s been pretty aggro so this bet doesn’t surprise me at all and I certainly don’t give him credit for much. I’m torn between calling and raising here so I actually go for a limit hold’em almost min-raise to $70. That will likely get me heads up and keep a LAG’s range wide.

    Bingo. They fold and he calls.

    Turn brings my flush in and I bet $100 with another $164 behind. Seems okay. He tanks forever and finally jams for like $160ish total. I call and my flush ends up being good.

    Someone makes it $6 and there’s a call. I make it $25, button calls, and an older white lady in her 60s or early 70s repops me to $95 and she only has like $100 behind that. Folds back to me. I’m annoyed that this is happening because I really like my hand, but I’m looking at her and her stack size and my hand just shrivels up. She has me crushed. She just has to. I fold.

    Surprisingly, the button calls. That’s surprising because the button has like $75 behind.

    They see a flop of 532, all clubs. Sigh. And then they get it in.

    Her AA holds up.

    Another $6 raise and a call and I make it $25 again with TT. Only the original raiser calls.

    Flop is 975 with two clubs and he check-calls $35.

    Turn is an ace and we both check.

    River is a 6 and he takes forever to figure out what size to bet and settles on $50. Now it’s my turn to tank. I’m not great at ranging hands, so as I’m sitting there thinking about how likely it is that he has an 8, I’m also taking note of his body language and dude is just staring daggers at me. I stop thinking about it and put the call out.

    He taps the table and I win the pot.

    12:17 AM: Back at my original NL table and I’m limping along on the button with the T9o and the big blind makes it $25 to go. Only the psycho from the earlier hands calls and I look at the big blind and say, “nope” and put $25 out there.

    Flop is 872 with two spades and he leads out for $55. He only has like $200 total and I think he’s capable of trying to steal in this spot preflop – even though it’s a terrible spot because the psycho has position and he’s always calling – so I put him all in. He eventually calls.

    Turn is ace of spades and river is jack of clubs so it seems pretty good until he turns over the 53 of spades.

    12:27 AM: Flop a set. Lose to a flush. Almost felted again.

    Raise button with KJ. Check back flop. Turn top pair against two pair and almost felt again.

    This is BRUTAL.

    12:28 AM: And now I’m sitting here with $35 and I’m all in with JJ preflop like an idiot. Psycho and dude that had the flush against my set both call…

    K43 with two diamonds… I have Jd… psycho leads $71… other dude calls… this is probably not good.

    9 of clubs… psycho $30… call again…

    10 of spades… $40 and a call… and….





    12:39 AM: Topped off to $300 again. I bought $1500 in chips tonight. I have less than $600 left.

    12:45 AM: I have trips. Someone makes a flush. There goes another $150.

    How is this real? Every hand they get there?

    12:48 AM: Psycho opens $25, there’s a caller and I’m all in for $140 with KT of spades. He’s already called with A8 of hearts and turned his hand face up. Other dude is in the tank. And calls. Sigh.

    He shows JJ. Super tank. Against psycho loose cannon and dude that has felted four times in the last half hour.

    Woah. Flopped a king for the triple!

    Punt fail. I was just trying to flip with the idiot but that was the nut result.

    I want to update my Wednesday and Thursday activities but the hands have been fast and furious.

    My boy is about to felt though. He had like $1500 at one point. Hopefully he has some deep pockets, otherwise my interest level is going to decrease dramatically.

    He doubles with Q5!

    1:07 AM: With blinds of 1/3, I open to $25 with AKo because I think it is probably advisable with this goof at the table. Let’s try to get as much money in pre as possible.

    They all fold.

    Wednesday: Still in Houston, we start off with breakfast at a place called The Breakfast Klub, the highest rated breakfast place in Houston according to TripAdvisor. It was great! The Leak got catfish and grits and I had a Belgium Waffle.

    After breakfast, we headed to Nassau Bay to check out the Houston Space Center and the Johnson Space Center at NASA.

    We got there about 2:30 and trams stop running at 3 so that was our top priority.

    Here’s Historic Mission Control, the actual room where they monitored most (maybe the said all) of the Apollo missions:

    They are remodeling it and sending the consoles out to be worked on so they start functioning again and NASA can include an operational version in their future tours:

    The VIP viewing room:

    Astronaut training center:

    Rover they plan to use on Mars:

    Pictures can’t do this rocket justice:

    Dried ready-to-eat… ice cream sandwich? Wait, how did I not buy one of these?

    This is a space toilet:

    After NASA, we headed to Kemah Boardwalk and it was a bit disappointing. It felt more like an abandoned amusement park than lively social spot. They couldn’t even justify paying an employee to man every ride and basically all the snack stands were shut down.

    But we did ride the Boardwalk Bullet, a wooden rollercoaster:

    The Leak’s review: “that was the worst rollercoaster I’ve ever ridden.”

    That was the only ride we did, but we did search for a good seafood place and GPS basically told us to walk two feet because we were sitting right in front of the restaurant we decided on without realizing how close we were.

    Dinner at Landry’s:

    This next picture is notable because…

    …as we were eating, a dude and his lady were standing here and dude had a drone that he started flying and it hit the rail…

    …and just fell right into the water.

    The Leak audibly gasped when she saw it happen. I couldn’t stop laughing. What a bad beat.

    The guy was on his phone while we ate and I wondered what his game plan was. Is he contacting the Coast Guard? Trying to get a warranty replacement?

    The current was not soft so I’m guessing they never saw that thing again. I resisted the urge to conduct an interview after dinner.

    1:39 AM: Open to $20 under the gun with TT and get two calls.

    Flop is T64 rainbow. I bet $15 and a self-proclaimed nit (same guy that deep tank-called with JJ) makes it $55. Other dude folds. I’m going over all the possibilities in my head. I think it’s pretty standard to call here, but if he’s not real strong, how often does he check behind on the turn? Like with his Tx hands or JJ even? Not sure. It seems like he should be weighted to strong hands so I end up making it $125 and… he folds. Sigh.

    I suck. Just like the Seahawks.

    1:43 PM: Oh my. Psycho felted and just pulled out a huge wad of $100 bills and reloads another $300.

    Uhm, go get a coffee, honey.

    2:04 AM: Sigh. This night has been more vulgar than a viewing of Pulp Fiction with no consequences for anyone, but my dude just called the waitress that cut him off a “B-word” and now he is getting kicked out.

    That probably spells the end of my night here.

    2:37 AM: Cashing out now but I’ll report on one more hand:

    Button open-limps, I make it $15 with KQo and he calls.

    Flop is QQ5 rainbow. I lead $10 and he grabs a handful of chips and puts them in the pot. It ends up being $85 total. This is a bit different than the set of tens spot because this guy has way more garbage in his range and this board is absurdly dry. Calling is the only option.

    Unfortunately he checks back the turn.

    I try to induce on the river by sizing super small at $30 and he does not oblige.

    Final Score: -$617 all sessions

    I just asked a guy in all Texas Rangers gear how likely the game is to be rained out tomorrow and he said “100 percent.”

    Ugh. Mariners vs Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington tomorrow is the only reason we are in Dallas right now.

    I’ve never had tickets to a baseball game that got rained out. No clue how that works. I suppose if tomorrow got rained out they could schedule a doubleheader for Saturday and we could go watch the first game, or at least part of it, before flying back to Seattle later that night.


    Live Poker Blog in Biloxi, Mississippi

    September 16, 2018

    Welcome to Mississippi, Dark Knight.

    I sit down and someone has straddled to $6 and there are multiple callers. We are playing 1/3 no limit hold’em. I make it $25 with the QTo from the cutoff, the button calls and so does one of the limpers, the most serious looking guy at the table… with $110 in front of him.

    Flop is Q54 with two hearts and I bet $50 when it’s my action. Button folds but the other guy jams his remaining $88. I snap call and the board runs out Q5437 and I lose to his 65o.

    MISSISSIPPI! It’s like I never left Lakewood.

    7:34 PM: Folds to me and I make it $10 on the button with 99 and the small blind makes it $21. I’m looking at a black woman in her late 30s or early 40s here. I don’t think she’s making a play on me… like 3-betting light because I opened on the button… so while the button open/small blind 3-bet dynamic makes my 99 look like a monster, we have $300 behind and if she 5-bets me I really start to hate my hand. So I call and take a flop in position.

    The 865 flop is pretty damn favorable. She leads out for $40 and, again, I consider the merits of raising but it seems silly. I could easily see a random 1/3 player punting in the rest of their stack here with an overpair and that would be pretty horrendous for me. I call.

    Turn is a 9. She makes a motion like she’s checking but the dealer doesn’t see it and it doesn’t look like I saw it and suddenly she starts reaching for chips to bet and I’m okay with that so I let her fire another $50. I am roughly 0% concerned about a straight here. My biggest concern is that a 7 will come on the river and make us chop. I min-raise to $100 and she calls.

    River is a ten. Doesn’t change much except that I lose to TT now. She checks and I put her all in for her remaining $150-$160 and she doesn’t think very long before calling it off and showing me the JJ.

    That reminds me. The goob on my right that beat me on the first hand just had JJ and made a comment about how tough they are to play because an overcard flops 50% of the time. Yep. Mr. Serious Math Guy. Can you tell us the EV of putting 25% of your stack in preflop with 65o, please?

    After I stacked that lady, my table disintegrated and I am now in a new game with zero players from my previous table. That’s a shame cause after my boy doubled up I added on an extra $300 (no cap here) to cover him.

    This 1/3 game is not my long term plan. I am second up for 5/5 PLO. That game should play bigger than the one at Palace back home and I have less than three hours of live PLO cash game experience outside of Lakewood.

    BUT. I’m gonna sit down and see what happens.

    Updates since Friday night:

    Yesterday we spent the day walking and shuttling around New Orleans.

    For lunch, we ate at Cajun Seafood.

    We got broiled shrimp and crawfish. It was another disappointment. Somehow crawfish we ate in New Orleans is the worst we’ve ever had. The shrimp and sides were good though, but we gifted over a pound of crawfish to the table next to us.

    On a full stomach, we Ubered to the Museum of Death and I forced my wife to walk through it with me.

    They had displays for serial killers, terrorist attacks, crime scene photos (the ones of Sharon Tate and Nicole Simpson were straight up brutal), car accidents, assassinations, embalming tables, body parts in small jars, skeletons of various animals, and the like.

    Honestly, it was a bit much. I couldn’t even look at the car accident photos and I’m feeling queasy just thinking about it right now.

    After that we had more beignets. And you can’t go wrong with beignets. They have been good every time we’ve had them.

    Then we walked around the French Quarter and down Bourbon Street. I’m sorry. Bourbon Street is nasty. The climate already has us sweating like crazy, but then you add in huge crowds and horrible odors (sewage, feces, etc.) and it was almost unbearable.

    I tried to force it, but after seeing a bunch of dudes crowd around their friend and take videos of him making out with an elderly street performer in pasties, we were done.

    The French Quarter definitely has some great architecture, but Bourbon Street was not for us.

    Also, the ferry ride over from Algiers Point was pretty cool.

    Today our goals were to take the bridge across Lake Pontchartrain, take our swamp tour, and cross over into Mississippi to play poker in Biloxi.

    Some pics:

    Lake Pontchartrain

    Swamp Tour

    Biloxi, Mississippi

    8:46 PM: Back to the pokers. This table change has been unkind to me. I have won a single pot when I 3-bet a $15 open to $40 with QQ on the button and he folded.

    My latest notable pot I opened with KQo and got multiple callers.

    On the QT4 rainbow flop I led for $25 and two of the players called me, both in position.

    The turn bricked out but did bring a second diamond. I felt like I should still be ahead here most of the time and bet $65 and they both called again. Even though I’m happy I haven’t been raised, I don’t think I’m going to be betting the river after getting called twice on the turn.

    The river is a nightmare card: ace of diamonds. The only overcard, the best straight draw, and the backdoor flush all got there. I’m basically just check-quitting here, so I’m happy to see it check around but the second player tables QT, which is an absurd line for her hand. Check river? Yeah sure. Call flop and call turn? Oh my.

    Earlier she check-raised me when she flopped a flush (and I had one card nut flush draw) and she checked turn and river when the board bricked out… so I guess this is just her MO.

    9:00 PM: Another disaster hand: I flat a $13 raise in position with JT suited and see a Q95 with two diamonds flop heads up.

    My opponent leads for $20. I decide to call.

    Turn is a 7 and he bets $50 now. That’s a large enough increase that I decide raising doesn’t seem like a great play. I call again.

    River is an ace and he checks to me. It’s strange. I was expecting him to check here and I was planning to fire when he did so. But then I start thinking about what hands I’m trying to bluff him off and how much I would have to bet? I suppose he would play KK like this. KQ. Maybe some QJs and QTs. I might be able to get him off those hands with a bet of around $100+, but then I start thinking he would check some Ax hands and wimp out with a check back.

    He tables 66.

    Good God, I suck at no limit hold’em.

    Seriously. Hands like that are exactly why I always choose to play anything but no limit hold’em. I’m just not very good.

    9:29 PM: Uhm. Just got in the PLO game. I’m out of my depth. Everyone has straddled for $10 on the button so far. There is no max bet. I sat down with like $500. The next smallest stack at the table is over $1k. There are multiple players with over $10k. Lol. Uhm. I don’t think I will be here long.

    Update: This is the biggest game I’ve ever played in. I just paid time after winning the first hand I was dealt in (small pot) so I’m going to take my half hour shot and get the hell out of here.

    9:39 PM: Back to NL for a second. Girl that was next to me is telling someone that she travels around playing poker with her boyfriend. That’s not particularly interesting but then the dude that had the 65o earlier comes over and starts talking to her. Of course it’s that guy. He’s a serious player!

    Guy at my table was being super active and raises a limper to $15 and I raise him to $40 on the button again, this time with AJ of clubs. I’m sure he’s aware of his image and this is the second straight time I’ve made it $40 when he raised on my button so when he 4-bets me to $125, I size up his remaining stack and see that he has a little over $200 left and stuff it on him. I just expect him to be full of it quite often here so we are just going to run a board out if he actually has something. He tanks for a while but eventually folds.

    10:01 PM: The hit and run is on. I call $10 with KQJ7 double suited. Someone makes it $60 and two others call before it’s back to me, so I’m in there also.

    Flop comes AT4 rainbow with one of each of my suits and the PFR makes it $150 and both players call in front of me. I call?

    “You’re supposed to shove,” says the action player on my right… and he’s probably right. What am I gonna do? Fold on blank turns?

    Turn is a king but also a second club, the one suit I didn’t have on the flop. Action dude leads out pot which is like $860, I’m obviously all in (for $320 of it), the PFR is all in (for like $500+) and the fourth player calls the $860!

    I don’t have very high hopes about this. I need to dodge board pairs and clubs, plus I’m probably not the only one with QJ.

    2 of hearts. Yes. Only one other player has QJ but splitting this pot is still enough to double me up.

    Of course the dealers switched right after this hand, so I paid for another half hour.

    One of these guys seems like good action but everyone else seems competent – tough even – so I’m jetting on the next dealer switch.

    Edit: One other hand I’m adding: someone straddles for $10 to post when I’m on the button so I don’t have to straddle. I call with AQJ5 and a suited ace.

    It goes 6-ways to AQ2 rainbow and everyone checks to me. I bet $50 and only the biggest action at the table calls. I already know. He’s going to put pressure on me if the nuts changes. I think whether he has it or not.

    Turn is an 8 that adds a club draw. He check-calls $150.

    River is a red 7 and when he checks to me, I decide to check back because while I’m almost certain I have the best hand it is unlikely that he can call a bet. He says I’m good and I table my hand and win the pot. He says he might have put me to the test if I bet the river and it made me wonder: if I was bankrolled for this game and had more experience would I be able to see the profit potential in betting here? Like… by betting, I’m not trying to get value, I’m trying to induce bluff raises and I’m always picking them off. Maybe this river check costs me $500+?

    10:37 PM: Boom. Got ’em for +$771 and I’m out! I’m gonna check in with The Leak and see how she’s doing. New Orleans is a 90 minute drive and we have a six hour drive to Houston tomorrow so this could be it for tonight.

    11:12 PM: Confirming blog is done for the night. I was more interested in stepping foot in Mississippi and checking out Biloxi than playing a marathon session so this ended up being more trip report than poker blog.

    Anyways, it was the best day of our trip yet and I made some money.

    We are headed to Houston, Texas tomorrow and then Astros-Mariners game on Tuesday and another full day there on Wednesday.

    Thursday will are headed to Dallas and might cross into Oklahoma to check out the Winstar Casino and that would probably be my next blog post if that happens.

    See you then!