What up ya’ll.  This is a page for me to talk about the things that are either important or fascinating to me.  I’ve been itching for a venue to express myself outside of message boards, where my thoughts can’t really be organized, and I’m not sure why it took me so long to start a blog of my own.

For those that don’t know me already, I’m a 26 year old male from Bremerton, Washington.  I attended the University of Washington from 2003-2005 and I’m currently 10 credits shy of getting a degree in Creative Writing, which I plan to complete in the latter part of 2009.  I failed to graduate on time due to a loss of control over my life, mostly because I was deep into a battle with extreme alcoholism that I wasn’t quite ready to admit.  I have since realized and faced my demon and I am currenly 400+ days sober and didn’t drink at all in 2008, a trend I plan to continue indefinitely.

Writing has always been a passion of mine; I’ve ventured into many different venues of writing: as a child, I was fond of drawing my own video game levels and writing short stories; in junior high school, I had a brief tenure writing rock and alternative songs; in high school, I started writing hip-hop songs, a hobby I still dabble in to this day and believe that I’m extremely talented at; after graduating high school, I started a website that mostly featured film and hip-hop album reviews; my website eventually led to a brief gig writing for an online newspaper, which ultimately led to a monthly column in The Kitsap Sun writing hip-hop reviews and pieces; at UW, my education mostly focused on reading works from respected writers of various genres and learning from and analyzing their craft.  Since dropping out of college, I have mostly been in hibernation as far as writing goes, but I believe it is what I was born to do and I’m hoping this blog can be a gateway into discovering what I truly want to do.

I plan to cover a variety of topics on this blog and touch on the things that interest me the most.  You can expect to see brief reviews of hip-hop music and films… both areas in which I believe I have an educated knowledge of.  While I don’t plan on giving in depth reviews like I did on my own site, I believe I’ll still be able to direct people in a helpful direction when it comes to making recommendations in these departments.  I am also very involved with baseball, fantasy sports, college basketball, and poker–areas you can expect me to talk about frequently.  Finally, aside from the random blog ideas I come up with, I eventually plan on showcasing my own music, stories, and etc.

I’m new to the blogging arena, so I’m looking at my site wondering how the hell to do anything, so bare with me as I learn how to organize everything properly and make regular updates.  Should anyone have any personal questions or topics you wish me to talk about, you can e-mail me at maccent17@gmail.com.

Enjoy this shit and check back frequently!


  1. You are amazing! It’s been a long journey, I know, but you are an inspiration. Your blog is awesome and I’m so proud to see you create an outlet for yourself and your wonderful writings. I will be a regular reader! I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I’m so proud of you!

  3. Hi Mike,

    Okay, this “arena” is way out of my “desire to participate in” activity. I was invited to Heather’s blog and politely declined, but I know she will write to me anyway. You on the otherhand, I suspect that I will need to stay intuned to your site to know what is going on in your life! I care, so I will visit:) Must say I am really proud of the progress you are making in getting yourself squared away (as your grandpa Rolly would say). I have no doubt that you will follow through on your desire to finish your degree studies. Always love and big hugs, but now also respect for your new direction whereever positive that it takes you. Love Aunt JoDee

  4. I have no words for how I feel.

  5. I love your site. Keep it up !

  6. Hi,

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  7. What happened to you? Would love to read more of your blog and poker in particular. Give me a shout if you get back to writing.

  8. You haven’t said anything about finishing your education and graduating from the University of Washington!!!!! I’m so proud of you and I would think you definitely would have put that on your blog.

  9. So just found this blog. Great writing (though I’d update that “About” page…a tad old). There’s a book or two in you (novel) – use your down time to map one out.

    • Lol just read my ‘About’ page for the first time in probably a decade. Noted!

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