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At the moment, this page is mostly for my own reference. I’m not going to announce that it even exists yet. However, if you happen to find your way here, I do plan to flesh out all these names. Why I named these players, where I see them, and why I used the nickname. Stay tuned.


Classification: Maniac
Locations: Palace semi-regular, Caesars Palace tournament crusher
Games: PLO, 8/16 and 15/30 LHE
Nickname Origin: It’s just such an obvious name for a maniac. He plays like a total animal. There isn’t much rhyme or reason to it. He plays almost every hand and raises most of them. His postflop game is a bit more subdued, but he doesn’t come to the casino to fold. Drinking is usually a big part of his table persona.
Status: Active


Classification: Long-time friend, tight-aggressive (TAG)
Locations: All Star Lanes regular, Palace blue mooner
Games: 4/8 LHE
Nickname Origin: Aquaman spends more time on the water fishing, crabbing, and shrimping than anyone I know. He plays a decent amount of poker during the fall and winter, but during spring and summer, he’s basically MIA because he’s out on his boat somewhere. The character of Aquaman is actually very friendly to sea creatures, so my buddy is more of an evil version of Aquaman, all about capturing sea life for profit and personal consumption. I’ve been calling him Aquaman since before I started handing out nicknames regulary. He is a true original. I basically never see him in a poker room anymore, but every once in a while he’ll venture into Palace. We used to play together multiple times a week, but nowadays it might not happen multiple times a year.
Status: Somewhat active


Classification: adept loose-aggressive (LAG)
Locations: Muckleshoot regular, tournament regular
Games: 3/5 NL, 5/10 NL, 20/40 O8, all tournaments
Nickname Origin: Billy Dubz is well known for his work in the area helping addicts in recovery. He owns a treatment center and multiple sober living homes. It’s actually really awesome what he does for the Seattle community. You can check out Battlefield Addiction and read all about his work. I truly admire him. As a recovering alcoholic myself, we usually find something to talk about at the tables. Bill W. was one of the founding fathers of Alcoholics Anonymous and this nickname evolved from Bill W. to a more fluid and hip Billy Dubz.
Status: Active


Classification: mostly loose-passive, somewhat unpredictable and spazzy
Locations: Palace regular
Games: 8/16 LHE
Nickname Origin: Other Palace regs actually started calling this player Bingo Man before I started blogging regularly. I actually think this might be a Santa Claus original. But hey, if the shoe fits… I’m pretty sure this name comes from Bingo Man’s Bingo-like playing style of clicking buttons and hoping to get lucky rather than trying to employ any sort of optimal strategy. Call and pray.
Status: Very active


Classification: very LAG
Locations: Palace dealer, Palace regular
Games: 4/8 LHE, occasional plays the biggest games in the room, like 15/30 or PLO
Nickname Origin: Honestly, this isn’t one of my favorite names. It’s a very simple play on the player’s real name and it’s not all that creative and doesn’t have anything to do with his characteristics or playing style. The player is a blog-reader though and he seems pretty happy with it, so I guess it lives on for now.
Status: Active


Classification: hyper-LAG, borderline maniac
Locations: Fortune, Palace sometimes, house games
Games: 20/40 LHE, 15/30 LHE, PLO, mixed games
Nickname Origin: We coined this one in a house game when I was jokingly running my donkey tracker app while displaying my phone screen on the TV in the room. This player was running at an absurd VPIP and PFR, far more active than anyone else in the room. There were multiple jokes at the expense of his looseness, which brought up the term “tapping the glass,” a reference to tapping the glass of a fish bowl, or in other words: letting a bad player know they are playing bad and possibly educating them. In this case, it was determined that this player’s “glass” was impenetrable… or bulletproof. And thus a great nickname was born.
Status: Active


Chief Wiggum



The Crypt Keeper

Curious George

Dansby Swanson


The Dark Knight








Game Genie

The Godfather


Green River Gary


His Royal Airness


The Human Torch

Humpty Dumpty

The Invisible Man

Iron Man


John Stockton


The King of Pop


The Leak

The Legend

The Man


Mighty Mouse

Minh Cash

Mister Magoo

Mr. Plow



The Queen

Radio Mike

Rain Man

The Riddler




Santa Claus

Scrappy Doo

Sgt. Rock



Solomon Grundy

Super Dave


The Tick



Two Face

Uncle Leroy



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