Slumdog Millionaire Review

February 2, 2009

This movie is definitely worth of all the hype you’ve been hearing about it. I first got wind of Slumdog Millionaire via some random website’s list of the 25 best films of 2008. I was shocked to see it ranked #2, especially since, at the time, I had yet to hear of the film. The premise sounded promising enough: a young man goes on the Indian version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and makes it to the final question only to find himself arrested for cheating and having to explain himself through flashbacks on how he happened to know the precise answers.

The high ranking on that list and the story had me interested enough to propel it to the top of my must see list. I entered the theater with a mixture of excitement and apprehension (how seriously can I take a website that lists Iron Man as the absolute best film of 2008?). I left the theater thinking that it was a good film, but feeling slightly disappointed that I wasn’t blown away. However, over the past month, the more I’ve thought about the film, the more I’ve realized how great everything about it was. In all honesty, I thought the story had the potential to be really hokey, but it didn’t come across very corny at all; some moments are downright chilling. The cinematography is astounding and Danny Boyle is a near lock to win the Best Director Oscar later this month. Also, anyone that fails to mention the effort that was put into the sound and music of this picture is making a mistake. I’m sure once you’ve seen this film a couple of times, you’ll be singing “Jai Ho” unintentionally over the days that follow. Finally, the cast of unknowns did a remarkable acting job and it looks like Dev Patel might be on his way to stardom, as his casting in M. Night Shamylan’s The Last Airbender, due out in 2010, might indicate.

I think when all is said and done, Slumdog Millionaire is taking down the Best Picture Oscar and will be remembered as the best film that came out in 2008.

Score: 8.5 out of 10 (Must Own/Potentially Classic)


  1. I am surprised to see hoardings in Mumbai and debate on television channel to attack Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire for peddling Indian poverty to west.

    These great movies actually send out a strong message to the world that “India is all set to become Superpower”.
    “Slumdog Millionare” confirms growth story of Incredible India!!

    read http://www.vikaspanditrao.blogspot.com for details

  2. Honestly, this movie could be the most over hyped film EVER!

    The words FAR FETCHED come to mind over and over as you painfully sit through this movie. Is there a life experience this guy hasn’t gone through? I swear at one point I dubbed this dork the Indian Forrest Gump. For this kid to know all of the answers to a game show because he had an unique experience, in all of his 18 years, he went through is way beyond impossible, its plain sickening.

    In the beginning it was interesting at best. The further it progressed, the more I started to believe I was in the wrong theatre. The reviews I heard were: Best movie ever, Top Five all time, Eye opening, amazing, best of 08.
    The first person to tell me of this movie was a real snub. “The pain, the passion, the love…” blah blah blah, SHUT UP BITCH!! They went on and on as if it was them in the movie. HONESTLY! The snobs who enjoyed this movie are simple minded fools. Feeling sorry for a character in a movie while wearing a leather coat that the same kid portrayed made for nickels is a bit hypocritical.

    Funny how this movie all of a sudden gains fame. As consumers we want to naturally be with the “in crowd” and liking this movie allows you to do so.
    I stand on the outside and say 2 out of 5 stars is all this movie deserves. I would say one, but the leading lady is a fox and the part where the kid drops into the shit was worth an extra star. I would rather spend two hours at the dentist than sit through this cult film.

    For this movie to win multiple awards just shows you how stupid Hollywood truly is. Gran Torino was a far superior film in every aspect.

    Mark my words, the actors in this film are one, maybe two hit wonders at BEST.

    Latika, Latika, Latika.

    Was there a drug or Kool Aid I was suppose to drink before I saw this movie???

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