Inverse – Future Stars

February 3, 2009

You’re going to be hearing a lot about the hip-hop group Inverse on this blog because they are my boys. I met Tunji and Toby on SoundCircuit.com roughly ten years ago and over the past decade we have become pretty close friends and have hung out a handful of times in real life.

I truly believe that these guys are well on their way to being a very respected and successful hip-hop group and that Tunji has superstar potential. Better to jump on the bandwagon now then in a couple of years when everybody is talking about them.

They have released two discs of music over the past music and I will provide download links to them below. The first one is “So Far,” a collection of unreleased Inverse music and the second is an EP entitled “So True.” Both albums are a precursor to their long awaited official debut album “Long Days Journey” hopefully due out sometime before the end of 2009, though I’m sure the first half of 2010 is probably more likely.

I will be making frequent updates regarding these guys and will repost links to their albums when my site is getting more traffic… but for those of you already on board, check out their music by clicking the links below:

Inverse – So True EP

Inverse – So Far

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