Funny Lyric

July 2, 2009

So my roommate is a rapper also and we get into a freestyle session every once in a while and dude just hit me with one of the hardest/funniest bars I’ve heard off the dome. I have to share some background in order to do the line justice. I got dude a job at Silver City and he’s been training with me this past week. It’s kind of funny cause he’s a pretty cocky guy, but has no restaurant experience and it has been amusing watching him fumble around looking bewildered. He’s picking up on it pretty quick, but I can’t help but make fun of him a little bit. Anyways, after I rapped and made reference to my genitals and commented on him looking confused at work, he hit me with:

Look dog, I already told you about your little needle dick/
say I suck at my job, well that’s because i reflect leadership.


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