The Conjuring 2 (2016)

June 29, 2016

Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson
Director: James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring)

Bottom Line: Director James Wan’s The Conjuring was so good and scary that I forced my wife – who hates scary movies – to watch it. She just had to; it was an absolute must see. Unfortunately, The Conjuring 2 loses quite a bit of luster. The story isn’t as interesting and the scares aren’t as original or nearly as startling. It’s like most sequels: a subpar rehash of something that worked really well the first time around. There are some cool sequences that involve the painting seen in the poster above, but most of what happens in the actual haunted house is substantially more boring and redundant.

The Conjuring 2 is an okay horror movie, but far from the must see that the original was. Nothing you need to see in theaters and it can really probably just be skipped. Fans of the original are probably more likely to be disappointed than not.

Replay Value: Probably won’t ever see it again.
Sequel Potential: James Wan movies usually becoming unkillable franchises.
Oscar Potential: None.

Grade: 4.5/10 (Watchable/Forgettable)

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