Friday Frenzy: $15/$30 @ Palace 3/23/18 (LIVE BLOG)

March 23, 2018

3:00 PM: I played over 8 hours of $8/$16 yesterday and broke exactly even – an incredibly rare occurrence. The $15/$30 game didn’t start until I was over seven hours into my session already, so I passed on it and ended up calling it a rather early night.

Just got to Palace a few minutes ago and immediately got a seat in a 7-handed $15/$30 game. There seem to be a ridiculous amount of chips on the table, which makes me wonder what happened before I got here. I think I may have missed out on something special.

First hand I post in the big blind and defend Q7o and flop trip 7s to start my day off with a solid win.

Current lineup consists of two $15/$30 regs without nicknames, Part-Time, two guys I’ve never seen play $15/$30, and a couple other non-regs. There are three players with really short stacks (and one is all in as I type this), so this game needs some serious backup or players willing to play short-handed.

3:18 PM: Fell down to six players for a minute but Curious George is here to save the day!

Strange hand: guy opens, I 3-bet QJhh, he calls. Heads up to KT6 one heart and two spades and he check-raises me. I 3-bet and he folds. Did not expect that.

3:57 PM: Full game now.

Couple of odd hands against the same player. Guy has been coming around for PLO and seems to be a reg now. He plays super loose and makes some interesting plays.

First hand I open TT and get way too many callers. Flop is 532 and I get called in four spots. He raises me on 9 turn and everyone else folds. River is ace and we both check and my hand is good.

Then I 3-bet JJ and he caps from the small blind and check-calls Q98hhd flop. He check-calls 7d on the turn and the other player folds. River is 2d and he suddenly donks out. I call, expecting to lose to AKdd or AJdd but he shows me 43dd instead.


4:33 PM: 4 of 8 players with $30/$60 Overs now.

4:58 PM: Man that guy owns me. I open QQ, he’s my only caller, so we are playing $30/$60, and I get the KQ6 flop and can’t beat his J9.

5:52 PM: Nothing exciting to report. My big hands are losing to draws pretty consistently. QQ loses to a river king that flopped a flush draw with K3ss. Defend 75 and lose to 65dd on 977dd. Down about $500.

7:05 PM: This has been a boring session. They let me win with KK in a capped pot.

Just had AhQx in 3-bet multiway pot and got the QT3hhh flop and none of the pot. Cap flop. Two bets turn. Brick. I don’t even call cause it’s so obvious. Blah.

8-handed now. Curious George left. Part-Time came back. Not a great game at the moment.

7:22 PM: Hit&Run just sat down and The Joker just walked in and is first up and, by God, this game needs him in here putting people on tilt.

8:58 PM: Still playing.. but done blogging for the day. Obviously haven’t really been into it. Sorry!

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