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Silver City NCAA Pool Standings

March 20, 2011

Standings through first three rounds:

1. Jason L – 64
2. Jeff Thompson – 62
3. Brett – 60
4. Carly – 58
5. Shaye – 57
6. Stan – 55
6. Snack Pack – 55
6. Tony Apilado – 55
9. Domenick – 54
10. Jim Wainwright – 53
10. John Tolletson – 53
10. Dave – 53
13. Celeste – 52
13. Heather – 52
15. Jenna – 51
15. Mo – 51
17. Stevie D. – 50
17. Jim D. – 50
19. Les Marts – 49
20. Mac – 48
20. Steve W. – 48
22. Brad Jarvis – 47
23. Orseth – 46
24. Don Courset – 45

Kudos to:

-Shaye, for taking Richmond to the Sweet 16…
-Jenna, for being the only person to call the Morehead State upset…
-Jason L and Snack Pack, for taking Florida State to the Sweet 16…
-No one, for having the balls to take Butler, Marquette, or VCU to the Sweet 16.


March Madness: Day 1 & 2

March 20, 2009

Ah yes, folks, it’s my favorite time of the year: the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship, a.k.a. March Madness. With 75% of the first round complete, my bracket still looks in good shape. I’ve missed a total of 5 games, which probably has me around the national average, but I still have all my Sweet 16 teams alive.

My misses so far:

West Virginia vs Dayton: I penciled in Dayton in my first draft and thought they were certainly capable of the upset. However, at the end of the day I had to admit that West Virginia is the better and more seasoned team and I went with them. I can’t say I’m shocked by this upset at all though.

BYU vs Texas A&M: This was a pretty even match. I went with BYU because Lee Cummard is a beast and they seemed like the stronger team. Missing an 8 seed vs. 9 seed game is a pretty minor mistake anyways.

Tennessee vs Oklahoma St.: Another really even 8 vs 9 match. Oklahoma St. has decent depth and a star in James Anderson, but Tennessee is certainly the more touted team. This was the last game I filled out in the first round, so I could’ve gone either way on it.

VCU vs UCLA: Every analyst in the nation was predicting this upset and I think for good reason. I wasn’t jumping on any bandwagons making this pick because there are solid reasons for taking VCU in this game. First off, Eric Maynor is a beast… better than anyone on UCLA, Darren Collison included. Secondly, VCU won a tournament game just a few years ago. Thirdly, UCLA is just not that good this year. They have a decent squad, yes, but I’ll be surprised if they don’t lose by 10+ to Villanova tomorrow.

Clemson vs Michigan: I’m not sure why I went Clemson on this one. I made a list of my favorite out-of-state teams for the 2008-2009 college basketball season and Michigan was on that list simply because I think very highly of Manny Harris. I prefer Michigan over Clemson and since neither team is all that dominating, I’m surprised I didn’t go w/ the team I like more. I guess I figured Trevor Booker’s presence in the middle would be the difference in this game. I guessed wrong.

It sucks being at work while all these games are on, but I did get to see Washington vs Mississippi State and Gonzaga vs Akron yesterday. Thankfully, today is the only day I’m missing the action because I took tomorrow off and I always have Sundays off. I’ll be in Seattle rooting for the Huskies.

I should have another update tonight after the rest of today’s games.