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AP Top 25 College Basketball Preseason Poll

October 29, 2009

1. Kansas (55)
2. Michigan St. (5)
3. Texas (1)
4. Kentucky (3)
5. Villanova
6. North Carolina (1)
7. Purdue
8. West Virginia
9. Duke
10. Tennessee
11. Butler
12. Connecticut
13. California
14. Washington
15. Michigan
16. Ohio State
17. Oklahoma
18. Mississippi State
19. Louisville
20. Georgetown
21. Dayton
22. Georgia Tech
23. Illinois
24. Clemson
25. Minnesota

Analysis: Kansas is clearly the overwhelming preseason favorite. I’m yet to see a list of rankings that doesn’t list them #1 and for good reason. This is the lowest I’ve seen North Carolina ranked, but I also think it’s the most accurate. Nothing could convince me that UNC is better than Kentucky or Villanova heading into the season and I think I’d argue in favor of Purdue also. The Tarheels have talent, but they are an unproven bunch at this point. Duke is consistently getting ranked in the top 10, but I’m just not convinced they are that good. I like Washington’s ranking here, but I think they are being underrated heading into the season. I’m picking them to win the Pac-10 and I’m yet to see anyone rank them ahead of California. Oklahoma at 17 seems low… they lost the best player in the nation, but Willie Warren is going to elevate to superstar status this season and they have a pretty good freshmen class. I wonder how long it’s been since UCLA didn’t crack a preseason top 25 list? Out of the teams that didn’t make the cut, I think Maryland and Vanderbilt could be teams to look out for. The Terrapins are good enough to finish 3rd in the ACC, so seeing Georgia Tech and Clemson ranked above them seems kind of iffy to me.