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Friday Frenzy! $15/$30 LHE Live Blog

May 25, 2018

First off, congrats to Art D for shipping the new monthly Palace tournament last Saturday. This is definitely a case of the cream rising to the top. Art is certainly one of the better tournament regulars in the Puget Sound area right now and it’s no surprise to see him take that thing down.

Also, Joker took third but I doubt anyone cares about that.

Sunday was the Main Events of Global Poker’sRattlesnake Open series and… it was a total collapse.

Not on my part, but on the site’s software. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen any bad publicity about the end of the series because Global had three Main Events planned for last Sunday with huge guaranteed prize pools and then it ended up being a total shit show.

Sometime around noon (pacific time) just as the $22 Low Main Event was about to start, the tournament lobbies on Global stopped loading… I was registered for the Low and the $110 Medium already but I couldn’t register for the $218 High.

This was bad.

No one else could register either, so the Low was running far below the Guaranteed prize pool and no one else could join.

And then the Medium started waaaaaay below the Guarantee.

And then the Low went on break and never started again.

And then the High was completely cancelled and eventually the Medium stopped running and the site went offline altogether.

I eventually got a refund and a little profit for the tournaments that froze, but I have to say Global’s handling of this situation has been amazingly bad. I never got an email from the site explaining the refund or an explanation of what happened or an apology. If you didn’t play the events or read about the mess up on social media, you’d probably never know about it. Global has posted zero acknowledgment of the situation that I’ve seen.

I don’t really care that much about the incident. I was disappointed that I planned my whole day around these tournaments and didn’t get to play them, but as far as feeling ripped off or cheated, I’m not on board with that.

Obviously the site was experiencing technical difficulties at the most inopportune time. I don’t think they should be held accountable for the massive overlays. No one could register!

With that said, they could be more involved with the aftermath instead of pretending like nothing happened.

Oh well.

I lost half my stack in the Medium right before the disconnect… hence my comment in chat.

Almost forgot about the wedding we went to on Saturday. Let me preface by saying I’ve met these people once in my life before and if I were quizzed beforehand on what their names were I could maybe come up with one of them.

And then my phone went off when they were exchanging vows like a true asshole.

Fortunately I was sitting on a bale of hay and the whole thing was actually pretty informal and no one looked at me like I just assaulted the bride.

It was actually pretty cool and quite a bit different from any wedding I’ve ever been to. Certainly the first one with a rain delay.

And cows.

Monday I took the day off and Tuesday I popped into Palace to play their $5000 weekly freeroll for the first time.

It was a great performance. First I bluffed off 67% of my stack on T6342 by check-raising the turn against a weak bet and then making hefty bet on the river… and got called by a pair of 4s… with a 5 kicker. I got picked off by someone that didn’t even know they had a straight.

Then I opened to 50 at 10/20 blinds with T9 of clubs, got the QT9 flop, the small blind led 75, the big blind called, and I jammed my remaining 710 in the middle. The small blind snap-called with QJ and immediately spiked a straight on the turn and I hit the rail as one of the first players out.

I played 8/16 for a few hours but went home early a $300 winner.

I took Wednesday off and played 8+ hours last night and had my worst 8/16 session since August of last year – a solid -$814. I won two meaningful pots the whole day and never had any upward momentum that lasted longer than a single pot.

Here I am again at Palace and there is no 15/30 game at 6:30 PM on a Friday. These are depressing times. I have zero desire to play 8/16 regularly again and I also have little desire to drive to Fortune multiple times a week. I am ecstatic to be leaving the Puget Sound poker scene for the next six weeks.

Today started off just like yesterday. I open KQ and get the K77 flop against 77 on the very first hand dealt.

Then I get a free play from the Big with JT and bet all three streets on J423J and get called down by one player that has… AJ.


Already down a rack.

6:36 PM: Some good news though… I made these guys…

…look like this:

6:41 PM: Whoops. Thought I published this an hour ago.

7:00 PM: Another free play from the big blind with K8 and I get the KJ88J run out vs QJ.

I guess it’s just my time to get tortured for a while. Let’s get it out of the system before June!

7:14 PM: Some run good! Hit&Run opens, I 3-bet A9ss and the button cold calls.

Flop is K64 with two spades, I bet and the button raises. H&R folds and I call since jamming my draw here out of position makes zero sense against this player.

Turn is an ace, which is nice but isn’t a card I’m looking to check-raise as KQ, KJ, KT, etc. check back way too often. I bet and they call,

River is a spade and now it’s time for my opponent to execute the expert slow play by raising me with AK after I get there and I’m able to collect three big bets on the river.

8:05 PM: I’ve had some hands hold up and find myself with the tiniest bit of sugar as I switch tables. But one last hand before I go!

Limpers, I raise AA, all call. Flop is JT6 with two hearts. Checks to player on my direct right, he donks, I raise, and three players cold call.

Turn is jack of hearts, which seems like it should be the worst card in the deck for me. They check to me though and I can’t see how I can bet here.

River is an 8 and one of the flop cold callers bets, but he’s a crazy person and then the original flop bettor just calls. Well, I can’t fold in this spot and I actually think I might have the best hand.

I don’t. The crazy guy turns over T5 of clubs, which isn’t a pair or a draw, but the other player turns over Q9o. Yawn.

8:26 PM: 15/30 starting but first a leveling war with Flea.

I defend a small blind raise with T9 of clubs and flop goes off multiway. Small blind checks on 742 with two clubs and I go ahead and bet my flush draw. Flea raises and two players cold call so I three bet my draw with two overcards and everyone calls.

Turn pairs the 7 and I decide to check and so does everyone else. I should probably bet this card since I’m the only one that’s shown any real strength.

River pairs the 3 and now I do go ahead and bet. Flea raises me and he never has a hand here so when the other players fold, I go ahead and reraise, but unfortunately he goes into the tank as ultimately calls with ace high.

Finish 8/16 -$149.

15/30 starting lineup: Rocksteady, Flea, and some new recent regulars.

8:46 PM: Solid start to 15/30. Defend A3 from the big and run into small blind’s A9 on A93. Blah.

8:57 PM: Limper, a raise and a reraise in front of me and the player next to me calls three bets cold and then says “would you call?” after I fold and shows me JTo and I say, “yup.”

This guy is driving me nuts. He’s a bit drunk and being super friendly and talkative and of course I’m sitting right next to him, trying to mind my business, listening to the Mariners game and typing on my blog.

But then he starts saying how lucky we all are to be here and not in a jail cell, or at war, etc. and that he’s just super happy to be able to play in this game right now.

And goddammit.

He’s right.

And then I just ruined his day by raising him on the river with quads. Which apparently is a no no and something he’ll remember.

No friends at the poker table, PAL.

10:30 PM: This game is kind of juiced right now. Guy to my right has been drinking and is now opening J5 suited from hi jack when I’m in the cut off (not advisable).

Then I just saw Hit&Run raise under the gun and a player from middle position that has the disguise of a tight-solid player turned over Q4o at show down. What.

Weird spot with KK. Hit&Run opens under the gun, there’s like three cold callers, and I have KK in the big blind. We all see the flop for three bets.

It comes down 743, I lead, Hit raises, and the whole field cold calls. I decide to just call him and reevaluate all my options on the turn.

The turn pairs the 7 and I’m fine with that. Shouldn’t change much really. My current plan is to check-raise when Hit&Run leads but then an actual tight solid player raises and I reluctantly fold my hand. Hit calls and then donks when the river is a 6. He wins with 55 and the other player flashes 87 of clubs.

10:43 PM: I’d like to take a moment of silence to remember all our fallen 15/30 comrades, may you all Rest In Peace: Humpty Dumpty, Curious George, Game Genie, Tick, Taz, Dansby Swanson, Radio Mike, Mister Magoo, Elmer, Action Bronson, and probably a number of others I might be forgetting… because you all stopped playing!

I thought you were all nickname worthy and then you disappeared from my life with no warning.

And a special RIP to The Human Torch. You started this whole thing, man, and we miss you terribly.

๐Ÿคโ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ปโšฐ๏ธ๐Ÿค

11:03 PM: The Flea is wearing sunglasses.

That is all.

11:29 PM: Drunk player limps, I limp 44, another limp, a raise, and six of us see the flop for two bets. It comes down 874 rainbow and the drunk on my right leads out, so I raise, Flea and Rocksteady cold call, the drunk torches a 3-bet, I cap, they all call.

Turn is a 2 of hearts and how lucky can one man be? The drunk kid leads right into me and I get to raise the other guys out or make them pay $60. Flea folds but Rocksteady calls. Strange. I guess I’m trying to fade T9 or backdoor hearts?

I’m watching Rocksteady as the river falls and I’m pretty unhappy to see him reach for chips and bet. It’s the 9 of hearts. Drunk calls and I overcall. He shows K5 of hearts and the drunk guy turns over the J7o. Lol. How does he not help me win this pot?

12:30 AM: I somehow just got $75 in on the A65 two clubs flop with AK vs QQ heads up and couldn’t win the hand.

Even worse, I actually check-call the queen river because the club draw (and AJ and AQ) got there and this clown is putting three Overs bets in on the flop without the queen of clubs in his hand.

Also worth noting, he just called preflop. With QQ. Waited for the ace to flop and then went crazy.

These are the people I’m losing to tonight.

Everyone is playing exceptionally bad and I am not benefiting. I’m close to being stuck despite hitting two High Hands today. I could be up $1500 real easy right now.

12:53 AM: Just lost with KJcc on AK5ssd flop to J6dd.

Pretty cool stuff happening.

12:59 AM: A few notes before we get into this hand; a) this player has been running exceptional against me since he started playing here a few weeks ago and b) I’ve been running miserably the last few hours.

One limp, I raise KK, both blinds defend. Flop is 432 with two clubs, drunk guy donks, I raise, and the small blind calls it cold. Sigh. Turn pairs the 3 and I’m not even remotely surprised when this guy that has been walking on water vs me check-raises. I call down, wearing my emotions on my sleeve like an idiot and this guy shows A9 of spades for the super punt (no spades even on board).

This is a prime reason to contain your emotions when you’re playing poker because it’s never a good look when you act like a cry baby before winning the pot.

I’m ashamed.

2:15 PM: Called it a night.

Final Score: +$479

But it felt more like -$1500.


Final 2018 WSOP Schedule

May 21, 2018

Here’s a link to my final 2018 World Series of Poker schedule. I’ll be targeting non-NL events all around Vegas. Events highlighted in green are the ones I’m 100% to play unless a deep run in something else prevents me from doing so.

Vegas Tourney Schedule

I am not selling action for anything except possibly the Main Event. I will know in the next week or so if that’s something I’ll need to do or not.

I can’t wait!


Friday Frenzy! $15/$30 Live Blog

May 18, 2018

It’s a BLOG DAY.

4:04 PM: Happy to see 15/30 going bright and early today (well, at least since 3 PM)! Just missed the last open seat by seconds, but appears I might be getting in very shortly.

Current lineup: Chief Wiggum, Fleabag, Bill W, Part-Time… a new nickname Snack Pack… and an unknown.

Also, I’m pulling the trigger on this. The Gnat will be called TWO FACE from now on. It’s not a perfect fit but he qualifies in a lot of ways.

He’s probably been Bat enemy #1 for the last several weeks, so there’s that. However, unlikely attorney Harvey Dent, he’s never been a friend of Bruce Wayne. That ship had sailed long before he ever tried to say a nice word to me.

On the other hand, after playing the villain for the first several sessions with him, he did try to briefly extend an olive branch and while I was cordial, I was mostly standoffish because I already know – he’s not a nice dude; he’s a dick.

I’ve seen him berate dealers and cuss at players, but he’ll sing and whistle when he’s winning.

Congrats Gnat – you have been upgraded to a true Bat-villain. You are Big Bad Harv.

You are TWO FACE.

4:31 PM: So I sit down and post in cutoff, Flea opens, I 3-bet 66, the button calls and Bill W caps it from the small blind. Welp, I guess I’m gonna have to flop…


Checks to me, I bet (we are all in 25/50 Overs), button raises, Bill folds, Fleabag takes $50 to the dome, and I 3-bet. They both call. I lose Flea on the turn, but the other guy calls me down and I start my session off with not only a huge pot, but a $225 High Hand as well.

4:36 PM: Of course on the day I ordain Two Face a certified Bat-villain he’s slumming in 8/16 while we have an open 15/30 seat.

I guess his days of printing money at the Palace are in the rear view.

5:47 PM: I open under the gun with AA, Fleabag calls, Part-Time defends. Maybe one other player is in there. Flop is Q64 with two spades. Part-Time leads, I raise, Flea calls, PT 3-bets, and I cap.

Turn is ace of spades and PT still leads out. Hmmm. I don’t LOVE it, but I do think my hand is way too good to not raise here and if I wind up having to pay three big bets to see the river, it’s not the end of the world.

So I raise and Flea goes into the tank for… way too long. He finally calls, Part-Time 3-bets… sigh… I call, and Flea goes into the tank again. Are you kidding me? This dude is the biggest waste of everyone’s time I’ve ever seen in a limit game. Hilariously, he folds.

River is a blank and I pay off Part-Time’s Q3ss.

Naturally, Flea chimes in with “I knew you had it” and says something about me overplaying my hand. Oh my God. Please never change.

6:47 PM: Yaaaaaaaawn. There’s a call and raise in front of me, I 3-bet AK of clubs, Snack Pack caps it from the blinds. Everybody checks to me on K64 one club flop and two of them call. Turn is 9 of clubs and now Snack Pack check-raises me. So… I’m losing to like 99 only, yeah? Seems like a good time to take myself to value town, so I 3-bet and he goes ahead and caps it. I whiff river and pay off the 99.



So much for the nice head start. I am now stuck.

6:53 PM: My friend Kung Fu Panda is in the game, but he’s getting a name change now also. I heard Snowflake call him Fan Boy last week and I guess it’s because he used to wear one of those tiny fans around his neck when he played poker. I like that name. Not exactly because of the reference but because it’s funny…. and there’s something derogatory about calling someone a Fan Boy.

Sigh. I limp along with A7 on the button and get two bets in four ways on A97 and in my head I’m thinking JT is the number one hand I’m looking to fade and BANG! There’s the 8 on the turn and they all check to me. How can I take a free card here? I can’t. I just CAN’T. So I bet and get check-raised by Snack Pack and then the original flop bettor leads out when the river is a 6, Snack calls, and I can’t even show my hand down.

Flop bettor has T9 and Snack Pack has 65.

Running hot all the sudden.

7:07 PM: I just flopped the nut flush in a raised pot.

The big blind defended pre and check-folded the flop.


7:37 PM: Snack Pack is straight murdering me. I have 99 vs his K8 on T96Q7. That is two 4-outers (granted he turned an 8-outer in this latest one) and one 2-outer he’s hit against me in less than an hour now – and every time I’ve been at the top of my range.

It has been quite painful.

7:49 PM: I open KJ suited under the gun, Bill W calls, big defends.

Flop is J74 with two diamonds. I bet, Bill W raises, the big cold calls, I 3-bet and they both call.

Turn is… 6 of diamonds. Of course it is. I check-fold and Bill W shows down KTdd.

And now I’m taking a patented steam walk around the building because things are starting to get absolutely silly.

8:10 PM: Here’s a picture of Snack Pack’s stack:

He bought in for zero green chips.

Actually, only one person bought green chips.

Spoiler alert.

It was me.

8:49 PM: Massacred Hit&Run when he opened and I 3-bet AA. Flop is AQQ with two hearts and he checks to me. It may seem like I have the deck crippled here, but it’s always worth betting the flop just in case he has a queen, plus most players are going to peel at least once with their gut shots and small pocket pairs here and he’s never folding a heart draw. So I go ahead and c-bet the flop and he does call.

Turn is the 3 of hearts and I expect to get check-raised here a lot. It’s why I bet the flop. People just don’t expect you to fast play AA here and they may give you unwarranted action. Whereas checking back the flop and raising a turn lead looks super strong.

I do get check-raised and he pays me $200 on the turn and river.

And then 20 minutes I get another $225 for the High Hand. That’s two top High Hands today already and FIVE High Hands in the last two days in 13 hours of play.

Okay, maybe I’m running decent.

9:18 PM: This place is cracking now. Second game looks on the verge. Snowflake, Jesus, Sandman, and The Leak all on the list and it looks about 9 deep from where I’m sitting.

Lots of Washington state LEGENDS up in here right now.

10:22 PM: Well that was crazy.

First, the Mariners staged an epic comeback in a game that they looked like they had already lost in the first inning.

Second, the homie Trevor253 was making multiple deep runs in the Rattlesnake Open PLO Low and Medium and I was trying to rail him. He ended up taking 2nd in the Medium for what was definitely a career high Global Poker score. Congrats bud! The pain of finishing runner-up will fade out by tomorrow.

Lastly, fools were just brawling in Palace. First time I’ve ever seen multiple blows connect and bodies moving so aggressively at each other. Kinda scary in this day and age. You really never know what people are capable of but you see it all the time on the news. Really not trying to catch a stray bullet because somebody rivered a gut shot against a set of aces.

10:29 PM: In other news, I got all those green chips back from Snack Pack.

10:30 PM: Because I bought them back from him before he left.


11:07PM: Here’s how you trap yourself for the max in a straddle pot. Button straddles, I defend A4 of spades, there’s a call, a 3-bet, button 4-bets, I call, someone 5-bets and suddenly there are twenty bets in the middle.

Flop is T53 with two hearts and one spade. Not the kind of flop I’m ever folding on in a pot of this size… even with Overs in play. I call two bets cold. We are all still fighting for this monster.

Turn is the king of spades and now we have some serious life. Fortunately, I only have to call one bet here and it’s from a new player…

…so when the board pairs with the five of spades on the river, I estimate my winning chances at 100%. I go the check-raise route and we have another new bettor, on my immediate left. There’s a call, I raise, and the river bettor pays me off with trip 5s.

11:25 PM: Hi baby.

11:34 PM: Two Face is playing 4/8 now. There are still two 8/16 games going and he has all his chips from 8/16 in front of him. Like $1000 worth. I think this is better for his ego. Lording over white chip players. Because his ego is definitely getting bruised in this game.

Good for him.

12:08 AM: The whole table is ROASTING Fleabag right now. I’m not participating but I am definitely enjoying.

Pretty epic hand that I wasn’t involved in. Flop is T96 with two clubs and there is a flurry of action. Turn is a blank and Flea bets, button calls and the third player check-raises. Flea says “I’ll get him out for you” referring to the third player and makes it three bets. The button is not phased and calls it all off. It gets capped.

River is a CLUB. I’m watching the button as the turn capper still leads and then Flea RAISES. Like wtf do you think the button has, fellas?

OH MY GOD. The button just 3-bet the river. I did not see that coming. First guy folds and Flea turns over his 87 of clubs to try to save some face before calling and losing to AK of clubs.

Then Flea starts berating the first player for leading the river… like that player somehow forced him to raise his inferior flush into someone that was quite obviously on a big flush draw.

So of course the rest of the table jumps all over him for trying to blame someone else for his stupid river raise… and it was quite hilarious.

12:56 AM: Here’s an odd one. I open cut off with A9 and Flea calls small blind and big blind defend. Flea donks out on my dreamy 942 two spade flop and the big blind raises. Well, I like my hand on this board so I 3-bet and the big caps it. Turn card is a blank and they both check to me. A little concerned but definitely have to bet here. They both call. River is another blank and they both check again. I bet, Flea folds, big says “I promise you’re good” and I know that’s true because how could I not be? I flip my hand and then he flips QQ. Haha. What?

1:21 AM: Sandman, Jesus, FanBoy, and Snowflake all in my game now.

And Tormund Swordsbane and Joker making special non-poker playing cameos. Joker is here with his fiancรฉ… Harley Quinn. She’s a real person, folks. I’m guessing a lot of people lost money on the under on that one.

2:25 AM: A nice go home pot: Snowflake raises, Jesus and Flea cold call, I defend QTo. Flop is QT4 with two spades. Sno bets, Jesus calls, Flea raises, I check 3-bet and Jesus ends up back capping it.

No spade please.

Turn is a 3. I bet, Jesus is all in, Flea raises, I 3-bet, Flea calls.

River king of spades. Sigh. Just a nightmare card. I might even be losing to whatever Fleabag was overplaying now. I check-call him. He tables 43 of spades for the side and Jesus turns over A8 of spades for the main pot.

And it looks like I’ll be leaving stuck now.

3:07 PM: I ran JJ into Snowflake’s AA on a 8 high board on my last hand of the night.

Final Score: -$350


Friday Frenzy: 15/30 LHE & Rattlesnake Trophy Hunting! (LIVE BLOG)

May 11, 2018

Since I last posted on Tuesday, something big happened: I finally won an event in a Global Poker series. If you’ve been following along here, you probably know I’ve had two runner-up finishes in the Rattlesnake Open already and I also took second in an event during January’s Grizzly Games as well. Needless to say, even though the money is nice, finishing in second is super frustrating – especially when things like oversized trophies and Global swag is on the line!

My final opponent in this tournament is super accomplished (based on his Sharkscope stats) on Global, but it didn’t take me long to see that I had a massive advantage over him in heads up play. He was playing very straight forward and letting me get away with murder, like getting folds in spots where it’s blatantly obvious that my range is weak and he seemed to almost never bluff. It’s pretty hard to win heads up if you are relying on having the best hand every pot. With a decent chip lead, I thought I was going to have to get very unlucky to let this one slip away… and then I did. I think I had about a 2 to 1 chiplead when we got all the chips in preflop with my AT vs his A2 and he spiked a deuce that held up and suddenly I had a 2 to 1 disadvantage. My wife was already asleep and my brother-in-law that lives with us was also asleep and I have to admit I was struggling to contain my volume after losing that hand.

Still, I recognized that I was a favorite and I wasn’t too worried about things, but I also knew that another unlucky all in confrontation would result in yet another second place finish. I could really feel the pressure I was putting on myself. I have to admit that shipping one of these events was pretty damn important to me. I ended up regaining the chip lead through pure exploitative poker and eventually got him all in with another dominated ace and managed to hold on this time for the win! Much like when I lost the chip lead, I was struggling to contain my volume and excitement as I was quietly celebrating my win all by myself. I did it. Finally!

My first Global Poker trophy! I’ll post a pic when I get this thing.

Not only did I finally ship a trophy event, but I finally had success in one of their bigger buy ins and the actual win was almost triple my previous high on Global. This also put my online bankroll north of $6k and gets me out of the $3-$3.5k range I seem to get stuck in before falling back down. I didn’t set out to do a bankroll challenge or anything, but it’s worth noting that I have only deposited $300 on Global. I feel totally comfortable putting money on there now, but initially I was pretty skeptical about depositing any serious money online and now I’m hoping I’ll never have to.

This win also boosted me back into the Player of the Series race. After playing only one of the three events on Tuesday, I had dropped all the way down to 41st. Apparently you get 10 points for every tournament that you play, so the 11 events I’ve missed so far was having a dramatic affect on my place in the standings. Prior to Wednesday’s win, the 110 points I would have from playing those 11 tournaments was the difference between 41st place in the PotS race and being in the top 8. Pretty sick. After managing one measly min-cash on the day of the series I’ve been looking forward to the most (Limit Hold’em Day), I now sit in 10th place on the leaderboard. Now missing 11 tournaments is the difference between 10th and… 1st. Assuming I cashed zero times in the 11 additional tournaments (unlikely), I would currently have a 20 point lead over second place. Ugh. Who needs an extra $5000 I guess?

My wife still doesn’t seem to embracing the opportunity here. We are heading to her parents house for Mother’s Day tomorrow and then my parents house for Mother’s Day on Tuesday and then next Saturday we are apparently attending a wedding. As has been noted, missing tournaments has been detrimental and Saturdays and Sundays are especially important as there are six events each day. I basically have the green light to play tomorrow – either by visiting for an hour in between the day and night events or by playing on the iPad while I’m there – but I’m not sure how I’ll manage Tuesday and there’s no way I can play next Saturday unless she shows mercy on my soul and doesn’t make me go to a wedding for two people I don’t even know. I suppose if I fall out of contention by then it won’t matter, but if I’m in the thick of it, those last two days are going to be super critical. I can’t really blame her though, especially since I’m going to be gone for six weeks for the World Series of Poker, but I’m right there! I can ship this thing!

Something else interesting has happened because of my recent win. I’ve been contacted by both a Global Poker representative for inclusion in their upcoming press release and by PokerNews. I’m still waiting for questions from PokerNews, so not exactly sure what that will entail, but seems like I’m going to be getting some publicity in the near future. The PokerNews editor mentioned reading my blog, so hopefully they will include a link in their write up and if I happen to get any new readers please feel free to subscribe and follow along!

I am definitely NOT a fan of multi-tabling on my iPad while playing live poker, but I kind of have to do it. My live play volume has been waaaaay down this month – mostly because I’ve been staying home to play online. Even with the iPad multi-tabling, I’m still only on pace for just over 80 hours of live play for the month of May. That’s roughly half my normal volume. Kind of inexcusable. The $3500 cash was really nice and the chance at a $5k package is appealing, but the kind of money I can make in these online tournaments pales to what I make playing live poker.

So I will be heading to Palace shortly and hoping that the 15/30 game gets off the ground if it hasn’t already (I haven’t checked for a bit). Unfortunately tonight’s Rattlensnake events are all 4-max tournaments, so it is going to be really challenging to play live while playing 4-max on my iPad, but I did manage a 2nd place finish doing exactly that last week.

Expect this blog to be live for a little over an hour or so before I get involved in the tournaments, then I will probably go mostly quiet for a few hours, and then back to regular updates when I’m back to playing live only.

See you in an hour!

4:25 PM: Sitting down in 8/16 and should get an hour worth of updates in before online poker takes over.

I was hoping to play 15/30 all night but the game looks a ways off. There are 8 names on the list but one of them (the Gnat) is MIA and there are multiple potential flakers. Looks like I’ll be playing 8/16 for a while, which is probably for the best considering the distraction level I’m about to experience.

8/16 lineup: The Queen, FBI Guy, Grumpy (yay!) and some other random I’m not overly familiar with.

4:53 PM: Wonderful start. Admittedly playing a little sloppy so far and then I get to add this gem to torment: two limpers, I limp T8ss, someone raises, some blinds call, FBI Guy comes through with the limp-raise and six of us see the flop for three bets. It’s pretty nice! J93 with two spades and one heart. FBI Guy checks and I start the fireworks as the original PFR helps me get it capped with five of us still in. Turn is gin: 7 of hearts! We have the nuts. I go ahead and lead because the PFR screams of draws that check the turn and three players call me. River is a 2 of hearts and now the PFR raises me. Jx of hearts is my primary candidate to be losing to but instead this guy was capping the J9x two spade flop with four opponents holding the KThh. AS YOU SHOULD.

I have spotted them a rack of blue already.


5:10 PM: The Man is trying to start 15/30 super short-handed and as appealing as it is to play 3-handed with The Gnat, it’s going to be tough enough 3-tabling 4-max while playing in a full live game. That’s a pass from me for now.

5:15 PM: Here’s something that annoys me:

What the hell am I supposed to do with that chicken? Cut it up myself? Eat it like a Neanderthal? Seems like I shouldn’t have to ask the kitchen to cut my chicken in a way that makes sense for a salad.

5:25 PM: Sigh. They are starting 15/30 right as my tournaments are about to start and there are only four players that have bought chips so far. Spectacular.

This should be… interesting.

Finish 8/16 -$191.

5:29 PM: Part-Time, The Gnat and some random are in the game… and now The Man is sitting down to make it 5-handed while he’s working… because beating up on the floor man at 15/30 is what I want to do. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

5:57 PM: The Global tourneys all have two rebuys and one add on. I have been playing splashy in the Low, running my stack all the way down to 270 from 3k starting before building it back up 1800 and getting stacked when my AA ran into the mighty 74 blind defend.

On the bright side, I’m back up to 3k stack.

6:20 PM: On bullet #2 of the $22 Medium. I open 66 and guy with 30 bigs left jams on me. It’s a rebuy so I’m willing to gamble here. I somehow hold against his T2o.

He reloads and then stuffs 100 bigs on the button. I have 77 in the small blind and even though I’m flipping most of the time I can’t resist the gamble. It’s not a flop – I have his Q7 crushed. But he spikes a Queen on the turn and now I have 30 bigs.

A few hands later, he opens on button and I try to induce by making a small raise. He jams, I snap call, and his 44 holds to bust me.

And then they move that player that player the next hand… only to replace him two hands later!

No justice!

6:38 PM: Final bullet of Medium, as my 30 big blind reshove with AQ can’t shake AJdd and he makes a flush to bust me.

6:51 PM: And QQ < KT to bust the Medium. Sometimes you just run awesome.

I have about 30 bigs in the Low and same in the High.

7:03 PM: And out of the Low. 12 big button jam with A2ss loses to 55.

Then I get 16 bigs in pre with JTdd vs TT, flop a jack and lose to the one-outer on the river in the High.

Second bullet there.

And now my live game waits for me to bust two tournaments before going on pause. We are 5-handed… one player is felted… and two others are on break.


7:08 PM: Weird hand against The Gnat. Some limps in front of me, I raise KJo on the button, and then The Gnat check-raises and caps on J95. He checks to me on a blank turn and I’m wary, so I check back. River is another blank and he checks again so obviously I have to to bet now and he check-calls mewith… AJ!

Unknown opens, I 3-bet 66 on button and he caps out of position. I call down on Q7752 and he shows me 22.


7:35 PM: On break in the High and I added on 3000 chips for $50 to my 7000 stack. Meh. Not great value but whatever.

I just flopped sets in back-to-back huge pots in the live game. I’m crushing it but the game is on fumes.

7:51 PM: The Gnat just went runner-runner flush on me, so he’s obviously singing now.

Gosh dang, he’s so good!

7:57 PM: And I’m out of the High. Solid 0-3 showing tonight. 3-tabling 4-max NL while playing 5-max live poker is haaaard.

I basically never input my own bet. Just bet half pot, pot, or whatever preset sizings there are.

Plus I do cool things like this:

Yes, that’s me timed out and folded with the nuts.


My wife is here now and we are about to have dinner and then time to focus up on this live game.

8:38 PM: Well I was up $1500 in the 15/30 game but it’s come crumbling down quickly.

First I lost with AK on QTxK9. Then I folded JJ on A77xK. Then I had TT vs QcJc on T98cc and never improved. And just now I bet the K65 flop, Gnat raises all in to $20, big blind calls, and I call because that’s the only thing I can do. The 6 pairs on the turn and the big blind fires the first $60 Overs bet of the evening. I’m perplexed but call. River 9, same action, and he rolls K9.

Solid -$700 swing in one orbit.

10:13 PM: We have gone card dead, folks. I did pick up the QQ once and got out flopped by KT and then I missed the nut flush draw in a 3-bet pot, but those have been my only hands of note. After turning the faucet on for an orbit, my downswing has becomemore of a slow drip.

10:17 PM: And immediately after posting that last update, I 3-bet KK and it goes cap and cold call behind me. Four of us see the T33 two hearts flop and I get it capped with the preflop capper. One player calls two bets but winds up folding so we are in Overs for the turn action. I’m running kind of bad at the moment so leading out for $60 feels almost spewy but I’m only losing to TT and AA, so bombs away! I’m quite relieved to see him just call. The river is the queen of hearts and now we are only beating JJ. So I check and he checks behind with the one hand we still beat.

10:57 PM: The Tick, Gnat, and Flea are all in the building and I left my insect repellent at home.

11:14 PM: Kung Fu Panda in the game! Threatening to buy in for less than $400…


12:22 PM: Kung Fu Panda and Snowflake are sitting next to me totally distracting me. I am crushing though. These guys keep commenting on how I win every pot I play, I always have it, they give me too much action, etc.

One big connection I have KJdd in a 3-bet pot and then get the QT3dd flop with Overs in play. Bink the flush on the turn and get six bigbets from my opponent.

Here’s Kung Fu Panda’s stack:

So you can see why he’s jealous.

1:57 AM: Snowflake is now in the game and he’s possibly wasted and telling everyone he’s going to 3-bet me every hand. I have a feeling my variance is about to get tumultuous.

The Leak is also playing in this game for some reason.

The Gnat felted. The Flea is in.

2:06 PM: This just happened: Snowflake is being so annoying that The Flea just asked for a seat change to move away from him.

The fucking FLEA wants to move because someone is annoying HIM!

3:15 AM: Session is over. Sorry for the lack of content tonight. Snowflake was sitting behind me and Kung Fu Panda and talking to us for hours before he got in the game and writing about hands became very hard to do.

It was a good, smooth session though. Very minor hiccups for the last several hours as I cruised to a +$2209 finish.


A Surprise Live Blog! 5/8/18

May 8, 2018

I didn’t even know I was going to play live poker today but here I am, at Palace before 1 PM.

12:49 PM: Pretty rare I get to the casino this early these days and because of the early arrival I’m starting a pretty lame 8/16 game.

Starting lineup: The Leak, The Queen, a Palace dealer, an old Kitsap friend, a lawyer that saved me $10,000, and maybe two people I truly want to win money from.


I thought today was the first day of the weekly Palace freeroll but it’s actually next week and I wouldn’t have qualified anyway.

Why? Because I saw the homey Kendrick on Saturday and then Shohei Ohtani keep the Mariners at bay on Sunday.

And here are the famous (infamous?) Safeco Field grasshoppers:

We didn’t buy them ourselves but someone in our section did and was passing them around to the whole crowd. A nice way to try something wild without spending money on it and wasting them when we realized they are as unappetizing as they look.

1:14 PM: Pretty great start! One limper, I complete A2cc, and The Leak checks her big blind. Flop is 543 with two spades and a diamond. I bet and my wife flats. Turn is the jack of diamonds and now she jacks me up. I call because I sort of enjoy quasi-slowrolling my wife when I know I have her crushed. For instance, when she pops the turn with J8 of spades or something and I get out of my seat at showdown to take a close look at it before rolling over my wheel and looking at her like ๐Ÿ‘€.

Well, I call her turn raise and then check-call again on king of diamonds river and there is no slow roll opportunity here as she rolls over the A5 of diamonds for the nut flush. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

A few hands later, there’s some limpers, the Kitsap player raises cutoff, I 3-bet with KQ and four of us see the flop. It’s decent, not great: QTT two spades. Two players check-call flop. Turn is jack of hearts, also not the greatest but I continue betting and they both call again. River is the 3 of hearts, completing a backdoor flush draw and the second caller leads out for his final $5. Easy call, but he rolls over the 95hh – you know, the kind of hand you can limp with and then call three bets with pre before peeling the QTT flop.


Then I make a very loose play by cold-calling a raise and call with 54ss from the cutoff, then The Leak 3-bets from the button and we all call. Flop is KT2, all spades, and the first cold-caller leads out, I raise, and the other two fold. He calls. Turn 2: he check-calls. River King: he leads, I bang my head against a wall and then call. AK good.

Down less than $80 somehow though.

1:33 PM: Back to Kendrick. I saw him at the Tacoma Dome and the experience was underwhelming, so I decided to splurge this time and got some decent tickets. The experience was infinitely better. Not only were the performers about thirty feet away but the sound at the White River Ampitheater was a million times better than the Tacoma Dome – you could actually hear everything the artists were saying.

Anyways, while this was the TDE Championship Tour, artists like Ab Soul, Lance Skiiwalker, SiR, and Jay Rock had pretty short sets. This was definitely a ScHoolboy Q, SZA, and Kendrick show.

Probably the biggest takeaway from this show, for me, was finally appreciating how good SZA’s last album is. She basically has hits from start to finish.

Which is how every Kendrick album sounds, but you don’t need me tell you that.

My other takeaway is that I might not ever see another show at the Tacoma Dome. This experience was just so much better…

…until we had to leave. Holy shit. What a brutal experience. We got in our car around 11:15 PM and didn’t move more than five feet from our parking spot until 1:10 AM. Almost two hours of just sitting there wondering how it is possible that not one single car in sight is moving.

1:49 PM: And the other reason I haven’t been playing live as much this month? Because I’ve been trying to play as many Rattlesnake Open events as possible on Global Poker. I missed six events over the weekend and if it’s true that you get 10 points for every event you enter, then sitting those tournaments out are the difference between me being in 29th place (380 points) on the Player of the Series leaderboard and in a tie for 10th place (440 points). Plus, on average, I cash more than 1 in 6 times, so chances are I’d be squarely in the top ten if I didn’t miss any events.

Oh well. Guess I have to get there the hard way: by crushing. I’ve found it difficult to multitable on my iPad while playing live, but I somehow had my best Global cash ever while doing exactly that – in a 4-max format, no less!

Tonight’s events start at 5:30 and they are a turbo format with no rebuys, so they won’t distract me for too long, even if I go deep in some.

2:23 PM: Three limps and a small blind complete and I raise the big with QJdd. Flop is T82 with one diamond, I bet and three call. Turn is 3 of diamonds and while I don’t barrel all my draws, this is one that qualifies. My equity seems great: queens, jacks, nines, and diamonds all seem like winners. I’m also not worried about getting raised on this board texture very often and when it does happen, I don’t care too much. I bet, two call, and the small blind check-raises. Shrug. I call and one other player stays also. River is an offsuit 9 for the mega nuts. I raise and my straight beats the small blind’s set of deuces.

2:32 PM: The Queen and The Leak have moved to the main game and the Palace dealer has cashed out so this game is much more my speed now. Fleabag takes a seat. And I’m going to add two new nicknames: Crentist (because he’s a dentist – “The Office” reference) and the Kitsap player will be Wolverine because that’s what he’s always been.

2:38 PM: Strange hand where it’s obvious some people think I’m always leveling. Some limps, Wolverine raises, I 3-bet KK, and five of us see Q82 with two spades. I get check-called and multiple spots and the turn is as safe as it gets when it pairs the deuce. Wolverine decides this is a good time to check-raise me and I think for quite a bit about whether or not I want to raise. He could feasibly have AA or 2x but both are very unlikely and he’s really only repping QQ and 88. I have a pretty clear advantage against his range, so the real question is whether or not I want the other player in. I should probably jack it up but I just call and so does the third player. River is a red 7 and I call and Wolverine shows all the signs of being caught in a bluff so I table and he flashes me AK high before mucking.

3:36 PM: Or maybe this is why he thinks I’m always leveling. Wolverine opens button, I 3-bet small blind with K8ss and then c-bet A52 flop and he folds. I flash him my cards, not because I think I bluffed him but because I want him to know how light I know he is.

Global tourneys start in ~2 hours. Mariners start in 30 minutes. Red Sox-Yankees start in 30 minutes.


3:48 PM: Groan. I had The Flea on massive tilt, all prepped for epic hemorrhaging but then I raise under the gun with AA, he’s one of the cold callers, and he raises and caps Q73 two spade flop. I’m ready to lead out on blank turns but it’s the 4 of spades, so I check-call down, and he gets the pleasure of showing me the T2 of spades and instant tilt relief. Ugh.

Sometimes a feel good pot will calm people down but there’s a chance he will continue to unnecessarily get involved in pots I open. It’s the Flea way.

Wolverine out. Taz and Bingo Man in..

4:46 PM: Moment of realization at the table: dude I don’t know sitting next to me is rocking a Mariners jersey and then fires up the Red Sox-Yankees game on MLB At Bat right before I do and we kind of look at each other like ๐Ÿค”. I’ve been posting in 2+2 forums semi-regularly for years now and I immediately start thinking of some of the baseball lovers on that site and sure enough this dude is a regular in the MLB thread. Since he likes the name bighurt that will be his name here as well.

4:56 PM: Fleabag gets another ugly one from me. This time I open the KTdd and he flops two pair with 84 on 874dd. I get two bets in multiple ways on the flop and then bink the 7d on the turn and then let Flea show down his 8 when the river comes a third 7 to give him a full house.

The Gnat is in the game… sitting next to The Flea… so the douchebag levels are about to go through the roof.

I’m tempted to bring up the Muckleshoot tournament that Gnat said he final tabled (but maybe didn’t even play), but that might actually require me to interact with these jack offs.

5:02 PM: Gnat and Flea are talking about seeing The Gnat play poker on T.V. someday. I could make this shit up, but fortunately I don’t have to. The content writes itself.

Holy shit. The Flea just turned another flush against me and then when I check-call river he turns to The Gnat and says “good lay down,” while tipping the dealer before turning his hand over. Goodness, I hate him so much.

5:12 PM: Dang. The Gnat moved to the main game. He is replaced by Action Bronson though. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

5:19 PM: Action Bronson immediately makes me feel the pain of his presence. The button straddles are on and I find myself defending the 75o and then putting in four bets on the 543hh flop. Board runs out 8h and 9h and Action shows the T2hh (not from the blind or the straddle).

Losing to flushes every hand. Losing with my flushes. Pretty cool.

5:37 PM: Good start to the Global Low: I 3-bet AK during the first level and the opener jams for a full starting stack. I call and lose to his K8o in a 160 big blind pot.

I didn’t even know it was a rebuy so early second bullet for me.

Oh it’s not a rebuy. There is one rebuy and one add on, which totally explains why he was willing to get 80 bigs in pre with K8o.

5:54 PM: Getting throttled in the live game now too. Action Bronson has drastically increased the volatility and so far it’s been nothing but pain for me. River a straight in a huge pot when he turned a boat. Then flop top top in another monster pot and lose to a 2-outer on the turn.

Sigh. Then I 3-bet AA in the Global-Low and get 30 bigs each in against KQ and lose to two pair. Down to 1.5 bigs now. I have 398 chips and I’m not doing the add on.

And my wife clearly wants me to come home so that’s what I’m going to do


6:10 PM: Won a big pot right before I left and finished at -$110 and lost two bullets in the Low. I didn’t really want to play today anyways so I’m at peace with leaving early.


Friday Poker Action! Global Poker Deep Runs! Mutli-Table Madness! (Live Blog)

May 4, 2018

It’s currently 2:30 PM and my wife is no where near ready to leave the house, so I might have to head to the casino without her. There are three 8/16 games going at Palace with five on the list for 15/30.

This has been a week of other priorities. Live poker has not been my focus. On Monday I played another house game with a dealer’s choice structure and had a much better performance than my first time playing in that game, finishing with a +$309 result.

Tuesday I had my dog neutered and that meant I stayed home with him while he was in pain over the next few days. That didn’t stop me from participating in Global Poker’s Rattlesnake Open, however. I only played one event on Monday and busted pretty quickly and then I went 0-3 in the Tuesday events (and 0-5 overall). Not a great start. Wednesday I went 1 for 6, but the one I cashed was a pretty good one as I finished 2nd of 416 entrants in the $11 PLO-Medium for $596.96 and put myself in the top 25 of the Player of the Series leaderboard.

With a hefty cash under my belt already, I decided to bring my iPad with me to Palace and attempt to multitable the 4-max NL rebuy events last night while also playing live poker. Seems like a bad idea, right? Well, I realized I had my hands full playing two 4-max NL tourneys while also playing 8/16 LHE and I ended up skipping the 4-max NL-High. Playing on an iPad is difficult enough just playing one table. You either have to type in every bet you make or bet half pot, pot, or all in. It’s pretty annoying. Somehow I managed to make deep runs in both tournaments I was playing – without rebuying in either of them – while crushing the 8/16 game. I ended up busting the 4-max-Low event somewhat near the money, but the deep run was on in the Medium.

Meanwhile, the staff was trying to start a 15/30 game and I honestly didn’t really want to move up. My focus was completely sapped and I was crushing the 8/16 game on total cruise control. I made a bad, unselfish decision and started the 15/30 game – not because I actually wanted to play in it, but because I didn’t want to be the reason it didn’t start. That game is my game and I sort of feel I need to do whatever is necessary to make it go.

Bad call.

I finished 8/16 at +$769 and while I was going deep in the 4-max-Medium event it was hard to ignore the fact that I was getting absolutely throttled in the 15/30 game. I played for 3.5+ hours and I think I won one or two small pots and lost every single big pot I played. I remember losing with KK to A6 on the T6266 run out and then with KK again when the button decided to randomly cold-4 bet with T7hh and made a full house. It was all bad.

But I was playing some amazing poker on my iPad, navigating my way to the final two again. I had the chip lead in my heads up match on Wednesday and I once again had a pretty sizable chip lead over my lone remaining opponent. With two agonizing second place finishes in Global series events already, I really, really wanted to close this one out. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I got all in with 44 vs A9 for the match and he flopped top pair and I whiffed my club redraw. Then I had him all in again for the match with AJ vs his A9 and he flopped two pair. He had me all the way down to a 6:1 disadvantage and I evened the stacks again, but eventually I ran out of steam and finally he KO’d me when I snap-called my remaining ten bigs with KJ and his J9 flopped trip 9s.

Still, it was my best cash on Global to date: $1278.03. That puts my online bankroll at a new peak and also puts me in 9th place on the Player of the Series leaderboard. Needless to say, I will be bringing the iPad with me to the live game again tonight. I am going to the Kendrick Lamar concert in Auburn tomorrow and then the Mariners game on Sunday, so I’ll be missing the next twelve Rattlesnake Open events after tonight. That’s not going to help my POTS push, but I can’t stop living my life for this thing.

Also, this finally happened:

Yup. Only took me 239 tournaments to get a shark icon next to my name. About damn time! And I plan to keep it there.

As I mentioned, my 15/30 session was pure torture and threatened to undo all my good accomplishments for the day. The final damage: -$1492. Absolutely disgusting and, honestly, maybe I deserved it. With my focus completely on the online tournaments, I should have just stayed put in 8/16 and not moved up in limits over five hours into my session.

I’m heading to Palace shortly and I’m not exactly sure what kind of blog I will be doing today because I will be 3-tabling on my iPad while playing live poker starting at 5:30 PM, but I will try to post an update every hour or so. I don’t mind playing 15/30 if the game starts immediately, but if it struggles to get off the ground again and my focus is elsewhere, I’ll probably just play down tonight. I don’t mind splitting my attention, but what I do mind is getting destroyed in a short time period when I’m at the end of my day and feeling like I’m ready to leave a big loser when the game is primed for me to get my money back. The days of me chasing my losses into the wee morning hours are behind me. I typically like to be in bed before 3 AM, at the latest.

4:10 PM: Woof. Had to fight through some of the worst traffic I’ve faced in a while to get here. I’ve written about my issues with anxiety, traffic and being diabetic in the past – and I’d link it here if I could but I’m on my phone now and can’t. Search for it and check it out.

Link added: Anxiety: A New Mental Game Challenge

It’s still a thing. I can’t enter traffic without thinking about the possibilities of a panic attack. This has been going on for about 7 months now and I’ve been off and on medication to help me with this problem. Currently I am off it, hoping to fight my way through it with pure grit. I called my wife and she kept my mind occupied elsewhere for my drive and here I am.

The good news is I didn’t feel any real anxiety on my way here. There’s a difference between the threat of anxiety and actual anxiety and it’s pretty empowering when I can get through these situations without any real panic.

Anyways, starting 15/30 6-handed with Fleabag (Flea isn’t insulting enough), Chief Wiggum, Rocksteady, and a couple of non-regs.

I’m up a little bit after turning a flush on the first hand and then losing to a flush draw (that made two pair instead) on the third hand.

4:26 PM: Hopefully this game fills up. It would be really difficult to play 6-max poker while also trying to multitable on my iPad.

I’m already fed up with The Flea. I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing annoys me more than repeated tanking in limit hold’em. There are definitely some spots that require some real thought in LHE but they are few and far between. Taking 15 seconds every time it’s your turn to act just means you’re an asshole.

4:40 PM: On the bright side, the Snake Open events are all turbos tonight so shouldn’t take 5+ hours even if I make deep runs.

4:48 PM: Action Bronson makes us 7-handed and that’s good because it helps fill the game up and it’s bad because now I have to turn on my personality and I’m kind of in a mood to mind my own business today.

4:59 PM: So Palace got rid of one of their best promotions: Rakeback. Basically it amounted to $1.50/hour back to those so inclined to pick it up. Not much, but it’s MUCH better than not getting anything back, which is the new way of things. When you’re playing 160 hours a month, getting an extra $200+ back each month isn’t negligible. That’s our cell phone bill! Or with my wife’s hours it’s half our mortgage payment!

Instead of rakeback, Palace will be hosting a $5k freeroll every Tuesday at 7 PM. That’s my day off and my interest level in planning my night around it is 0% so… definitely not thrilled with the change.

I realize first place will probably be $2k or more and the field will be insanely soft, but I’m sure the structure will be garbage and I like having at least one day a week where I don’t feel compelled to play poker.

5:19PM: Everyone agrees to do a round of straddling at Action Bronson’s insistence… and then one player flakes on his turn. How stupid can you be? Dude’s name is ACTION for a reason and you don’t do things that upset people named ACTION. Put the fucking money out there.

Pro tip: if the whole the table is straddling and you don’t want to do it because you’re a nit or you think good players don’t do things like that, I have news for you: you are not a good player – you are a fish.

Sometimes you have to play loose once an orbit to keep everyone else playing loose every hand. The trade off is worth it.

$11 Rattlesnake Low starting in three minutes.

6:40 PM: Basically impossible to update right now. I’m out of the Low. Off to a bad start in the High. 20 bigs in the Medium.

7:01PM: Jammed like 12 bigs with 99 into 55 and QQ in the Low and the fives made quads.

Just jammed a little less than ten bigs in the High with 99 and got called by AK and AQ and they both flopped pairs and busted me.

I’m 29th of 70 left in the Medium, currently on break. I have 21.5k heading to 800/1600 and I thought we were ten spots off the money, but it’s actually 34 spots! Quite a ways to go.

I am honestly somewhat relieved to have less to focus on.

7:30 PM: Cashed the Medium. 12 of 32 left. Jammed my last 4.5 bigs with K8o and sucked out on 99 – and then got berated for my standard shove from the cutoff. I love how clueless some people are.

7:35 PM: Sigh. Crippled with AK vs A4 on K523 runout. Down to less than two bigs. Pretty annoying.

7:39 PM: Wow. All in in my big and double with Q7o. Then double again next hand with ATss. Back up to 8 bigs.

Down to 18 left.

7:49 PM: And I bust in 15th when I call off my last 4.5 bigs with AQ vs QJ and can’t fade another gutshot. That’s a cash of $117.85, which doesn’t even get me even for the three tournaments I played. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

That cash bumps me to 7th on the POTS leaderboard, but who knows where I’ll be when all these events wrap up.

7:57 PM: Took a walk around the building… now let’s see how autopilot did for me in the 15/30 game.

8:00 PM: Answer: Uhmmm… +$1434

I can beat these people in my sleep…

…when they aren’t crushing me.

This has been an auto-straddle game. Basically. I haven’t suffered much negative variance. I’ve lost some decent pots but most of my big hands are holding up and I’ve done exceptionally well on my straddles.

Oh oh. Action Bronson just busted and left. That could change the game dramatically.

And we chop the first hand after he leaves.


And the next one.๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด

9:33 PM: I’ve dwindled a bit as I’ve been mostly card dead since my tournaments ended. I did have one shitty connection where I got four bets in pre like 4-ways with AQ suited and the flop came down AK8 and everyone check-calls. The turn card pairs the 8 and I bet without thinking and as soon as I did I thought maybe checking was the better play. Notice I’m beating NO aces now. Rocksteady ends up check-raising the other guys out and I call down and lose to AK.

11:04PM: Straddle variance: button straddles, a blind calls, Rocksteady 3-bets, I 4-bet 99, button and blind call, and Rocksteady 5-bets. Flop is 864 two spades. Rocksteady leads, I raise and everyone calls. Nice development, although Rocksteady did check-raise me on the turn in a similar spot earlier. Turn pairs the 8 and everyone check-calls me again. River is a jack and I lean towards betting this but something about this situation seems more likely than others for naked overcards to call down, so I check, the button bets, the other guys fold and I wind up losing to J6. Yay!

11:19 PM: I open QTss and five players call. Flop is QJT all clubs and I end up bet-calling the flop. Not the kind of board I’m trying to jam on with two cards to go. I’m actually planning to lead out on the turn if it bricks so when I end up making a full house with the ten, I stick to that plan and get raised again. I 3-bet. He caps. River is the ace of clubs. I check. It’s a mistake. He checks back. I’m not worried about my hand being no good but I should be concerned about how weak his hand is. I could see him taking this line with hands as weak as straights on the turn… and now I can see him taking this line with AQ… because I have now seen him take this line with AQ.

No. They don’t torch their chips to me at all.

11:44 PM: Same player opens, there some calls, I defend with two spades, one with a border (a face card) and the other a three liner (an 8, 7, or 6) – yes, we are playing this hand sweat style. Flop is Q72 with one spade. The queen is the spade, so I don’t have top pair, but I could have a 7. It becomes moot when the flop checks around and the turn comes ten of spades and the small blind leads out. Now I take a look and I call with J6 of spades. The PFR now suddenly wakes up with a raise and the small blind folds. I’m getting 8 to 1 so nothing to think about here. I call. River 4 of spades. I donk and he shows AA as he’s calling.

Good flop check.

12:09 AM: After maybe a month of passing on 15/30, Taz makes a return to the red chip arena.

12:13 AM: God. Of all the people I lose a super cooler to… Fleabag? Fucking FLEABAG? Dude is having a dream session and opens from mid, a bad player calls and I call on the button with A7ss because I’m trying to play pots in position against these yahoos. Flop is K97 one spade. I overcall. Turn is gin: a 7! Flea and I go four bets. If I had any respect for his game at all, I would just call his 3-bet on the turn, but torchers torch and I feel my hand is too good to call with. But then the river comes an ace and he still leads. Okay. I go into the tank. The ace doesn’t really change anything unless he’s in there donking around with K7 or 97. I finally just slide the call in and lose to 99.

A few hands later I run QQ into 98 on JT7.

A nice late session slide.

12:52 AM: My wife asked me to take her home and I was fizzling out anyway so I called it a session. Final score: +$1340

Going to see Kendrick Lamar and the rest of TDE tomorrow and I will probably put in a small session at Fortune beforehand.


Muckleshoot $400 5th Sunday of the Month Tournament (Live Blog!)

April 29, 2018

I didn’t blog my session yesterday, but if you read my post on Friday, you know I didn’t get home until nearly 4 AM, so when I started getting texts around 10 AM that the 15/30 game was going short-handed, with players that had been playing all night, I wasn’t quite ready to make my return to the casino. Seriously, by noon, three different people had text me to tell me the 15/30 game was going short-handed. I have to say it’s pretty cool that people see something like that and feel the need to flash the Bat Signal in the sky.

I ended up taking my sweet time getting to the casino, running a lap around my block, updating my rosters on MLB The Show, playing a game, and drinking my coffee, but The Leak was REALLY taking her sweet time. I gave her a significant head start on getting ready and I still ended up sitting around twiddling my thumbs for nearly 45 minutes. It was one of her all-time greatest getting ready performances in our 6+ years of being together.

It was past 2 PM when we left the house and I knew the 15/30 game was currently three-handed and I knew that two of the players had been there since the night before and that one of them was The Gnat.

I made a bold prediction to my wife: I said that after playing for over half a day straight and all through the night, The Gnat would quit shortly after I sat down in the game. There are players that love the challenge of playing against me and there are players that really want no part of it (and, of course, the majority of the players don’t give any shits). I’m pretty good at sizing up which group people belong to and while almost everyone doesn’t mind playing with me in full games, it’s extremely common for people to abandon ship as the games get shorter. I could tell The Gnat was a ship-jumper. He puts on quite a bravado facade and when he’s sitting next to The Flea he has been extremely arrogant and condescending to a lot of players – especially me. But I know he doesn’t want any part of me. Not really.

He exceeded my expectations. After I bought in, he immediately took a break and never got dealt in another hand.

Then he surprised me. After walking around the casino and socializing for a half an hour, he came back to the table and racked up his chips and suddenly started talking to me like we are friends. He said he finally got even and had been playing all night long and straight up admitted to everyone at the table that he’s scared of me and said that I’m the best player he’s seen at Palace so far. Wow. It was quite the 180 from all the shit talking he had been doing previously. If you go back and read my blogs from the past couple weeks, while I didn’t give him the name of The Gnat yet, you can probably figure out when I’m talking about this player (usually sitting next to The Flea) and I had been getting nothing but condescending vibes and disrespect from him. Which was fine. I actually find joy in people giving me reasons not to like them because I mostly make my living winning money from genuinely nice people and that’s something I sometimes feel conflicted about. I would probably be happier playing at a table with eight pieces of shit.

Anyways, I’m still not a Gnat fan and I’m sure he was just feeling the high of being stuck on a bender and finally getting sugar. He’s the type of dude I expect to go right back to being a dick the next time I see him. Maybe I can finally give someone the Two Face nickname.

I ended up absolutely smashing those guys three-handed. Granted, the deck was slapping me in the face. I was dealt an insane amount of premium pocket pairs and my unpaired starting hands flopped top pair or better at a very favorable frequency. When you are playing short-handed against a good player that’s also running hot, you have zero chance. I ended up winning $1422 in less than 90 minutes before killing off one of the players. I then played 8/16 for two hours and realized the 15/30 game wasn’t going to restart at a decent hour and decided to go home and rest up for the tournament instead of grinding out at smaller stakes.

I’m about to hop in the shower and head to Muckleshoot to play this tournament with a ridiculous start time of 10 AM. There’s a scheduler that knows nothing about his player pool. Poker players don’t want to wake up at 8 or 9 AM to play tournaments on a Sunday. Generally, we’d rather start at noon and play til 2 AM if we have to.

One thing I’ll elaborate on before I head out: I mentioned that we might have a WSOP Main Event-sized last longer bet in this tournament and I guess I should elaborate on that. Originally, Palace was supposed to host a 10 player $1100 buy in one table satellite today and the winner of this table would use the money to travel to Las Vegas and buy in to the $10,000 WSOP Main Event. At the last minute, a decent amount of the players decided they wanted to play the Muckleshoot tournament today and the satellite was cancelled. It was proposed to me that we do an $1100 last longer bet in the tournament instead and the winner of the last longer could use the money for the same purpose. Since my backers are covering this 100% for me, I don’t care what we do, but this last longer sounds much more appealing than the one table satellite, so I’m in.

When the satellite idea was proposed to me, I balked. I would have to put up $1100 for a roughly 10% chance at having 73% of myself and have to piece out the remaining 27% nine different ways. This didn’t appeal much to me. I have had plenty of people offer to put me in the Main and my absolute worst case scenario plan is that I’m going to sell 80% of my action at 1.25 markup and play the Main Event at zero cost to myself. 20% of myself 100% of the time sounds better than 73% of myself 10% of the time. You can do the math there and see that it’s a pretty simple decision, especially when you consider one route costs $1100 and the other route costs $0. But then my backers said they would just buy me in and I couldn’t say no to that. I believe the same deal would apply to this last longer bet.

Getting in shower and leaving shortly.

10:32 AM: Well, I started this thing off in spectacular fashion. Before I can even digest the particulars I’m posting with the 53 of clubs and find myself in a 6-way limped pot.

The flop is 532, I bet 400 into 600 and three players call.

Turn is brutal, yet interesting: 4 of clubs. The 2 of clubs is on the flop. So I now have two pair and an open-ended straight flush draw and the current best hand 0% of the time. It checks to me, I check, the button bets 2k, the small blind calls, and the big blind makes it 5k. I have a pretty monstrous draw so I’m not interested in folding here, but I do have a bit of a dilemma because calling can create some problems. But let’s be real here – I’m not folding this hand during the rebuy period.

I call. And the bad things happen. The button jams for 18k, the small blind folds, and the big blind calls for 10.5k. I spent some time trying to do the math of the situation and determined that I needed to call 13k to win nearly 40k, so I’m getting 3 to 1 and need to win 25% of the time to break even. I have four full house outs and nine flush outs, so I’m going to win about 26% of the time, plus I’m guessing I have two straight outs. Calling here is correct. Plus I can still rebuy for another 90+ minutes. I stick it in and whiff against two 6x hands.

That cost me almost 80% of my stack on my first hand dealt in.

I guess this is a good time to mention that the last longer bet is NOT in play. If it was, I probably would have check-folded this hand on the turn because the button reraising is so likely.

I wasn’t planning on playing snug, survival poker with my remaining 6k and I dwindled down to 5k before squeeze-jamming over a 1200 open and call at 100/200 with ATdd. This is a total gamble since I really don’t expect a 6x open to fold to a jam of my stack size, but I’m not looking to sit on a 25 big blind stack this early in a re-entry tournament with deep stacks. Unfortunately the small blind reshoves with a huge stack, which is always Fuck City for me. The other two guys fold and I’m heads up against AA.

The board runs out QJxKx which looks good but the river is a fourth spade, giving him a flush and I head to the counter to buy my second bullet.

11:07 AM: I guess I can offer the particulars now. Starting stacks are 25k with blinds beginning at 100/100 and currently at 100/200 with an additional 200 ante from the big blind. Registration is open for another hour.

Big Daddy started his job as poker room manager at Muckleshoot yesterday so hopefully he makes an appearance at some point today.

11:34 AM: One of my buddies and fantasy baseball foes is currently sitting behind the Pacers bench at Game 7 of the Pacers-Cavs series and I’m trying to spot him on TV. You can too. He’s wearing a big blue clown wig so it should be hard. He says he directly under the State Farm sign to the right of the Pacers bench. So sick!

11:45 AM: Notables in the field: Solomon Grundy, John Kim (on his third bullet!), Bill W, and Chief Wiggum.

12:09 PM: Some gifts from Muckleshoot:

I actually like the jacket, but I’m not sure I can wear a jacket with my name on it in public and not feel like a tool.

12:11 PM: 21.7k @ first break. Blinds are 200/400 with 400 big blind ante. Registration is closed. 89 players entered and 73 remain.

12:39 PM: Obviously super card dead. I’ve won one pot when I opened with AJ and flopped an ace on a super dry board and got two streets of action. I’ve speculated with A3ss and 77 and whiffed in raised multiway pots. I opened AQ and whiffed and the man called a river bet when all the draws missed and the board paired, losing to J9o.

12:44 PM: Blinds just went up to 300/600 and I have 17.6K. The good news: even though I’ve had ZERO momentum, I still have 30 bigs nearly three hours into this tournament.

12:51 PM: Tourney life decision: folds to me in hijack, I make 1500 with AKhh, button 3-bets to 5100, and it folds back to me. One thing I know for sure is that I’m not folding. Standard 4-bet jam here. Calling would put almost a third of my stack in pre so that’s not an option and folding is just silly. The only play here is JAM. I stick it in and he winds up folding.

A short while later, I open KK to 1500 and the next player is my only caller. Flop is QQJ with two hearts and I decide to check-call 2k. Turn is a 9 and I take the same line and she checks back. River ace of hearts and I’m very happy to see her check behind because that means my hand is always good.

Not exactly a huge coup with the kings but it’s better than losing the pot on a very dangerous board.


How good is Mitch Haniger at baseball? Didi Gregorius is getting all sorts of attention for his ridiculous start – and deservedly so – but Haniger is basically right there with him and has received almost zero national attention. Maybe it starts today?

1:26 PM: Heads up with Solomon Grundy in the blinds, he limps, and I check back T3o. He reads my blog sometimes so it’ll be fun if he winds up reading this hand.

Flop 654, he bets 1k and I call.

Turn is a 3 and he check-calls 2k.

River is a 2, bringing a final board of 65432 and putting a straight on the board and he checks to me. It would be pretty sick if he was inducing me with a 7 here, but I don’t think he’d take this line, so I bomb it for 10k and he folds.

1:31 PM: Two hands later and we have lift off! I have AA on the button and there’s a 2k open and a call from Solomon Grundy in front of me. I check the stack sizes and eventually make it 7500 because I’ve come to learn that my 3-bet sizing has been too small. Only the opener calls.

Flop is 876 with two clubs and I’m 100% committed and now I have to figure out the best way to get my remaining 24kish in. How likely am I to get action if I jam 20k into a 15k pot? Not really sure. It seems like he has an overpair or… nothing. I decide to go the milk route and bet 10k and if he has a set here, bless his soul. He calls.

Turn pairs the 6 and now I have an easy jam and, after acting like I have a decision, I put it all in and he snap calls with… KK, for the ultimate cooler. I dodge a king on the river and get a full double up.


2:14 PM: 64k coming back to 600/1200.

Here’s my buddy at the Pacers game with the blue wig and the shellshocked face in the background:

2:45 PM: Middle position opens to 3200 and I flat on button with AA. Sometimes you have to take some risks to accumulate chips and I think he’s more likely to put more chips in the pot with a c-bet than calling my 3-bet. Plus other good things can happen. The small blind jams go over 30k, the big blind and opener fold, and I snap call and roll and hold vs AQ.

106k at 600/1200.

2:52 PM: Just called a 20k jam with JJ and held vs KTcc to bust a player. We are surging!

3:08 PM: Here’s Bill W’s bust out hand. 100k pot, all in on the flop. Doesn’t get any sicker than this (might have to zoom in):

3:23 PM: Currently at about 150k with blinds at 800/1600. 29 players remain and ten of us will cash. First place is $10.2k.

3:41 PM: Here I am trying not to be embarrassed as Aquaman stops by to blatantly take a picture of me:

And here’s what my wife is doing:

Eating bugs.

And spiders.


4:11 PM: Here’s an aspect of no limit that drives me nuts: players that hold their cards in a way that blocks their chip stack so that you can’t see how much they have. It’s pretty damn relevant and it’s kind of awkward to ask the same person every time how much they have. Ugh.

Of course I could memorize the stack sizes but that seems to be a skill set I don’t have.

4:30 PM: Dinner break. 140k coming back to 1500/3000. I think there are 25 players left. Cards back in the air at 5 PM.

5:24 PM: One limper, cutoff makes it 15k at 1500/3000 and I call with 88 on the button. We are heads up to 752 flop and he leads 25k. He has about 55k behind and I have an overpair to the board. Not really sure what else I can do but put him all in here and hope my hand is good, so that’s what I do and he starts tanking and I’m ecstatic that I have the best hand.

He does wind up making the call though and I have to dodge… wait, what the hell? He has TT? Jesus. You can never be too careful, I guess, but he thought long enough that I was positive I had the best hand. Kind of a brutal unintentional slow roll. The turn is a 9, giving me straight outs, but I brick the river and I’m down to 52k just like that.

I know I had 52k because he opened the next hand and I jammed on him with AQ suites and he folded.

I’ve lost some more pots since then and I find myself in that special comfort zone of about 14 big blinds.

Not sure if that 88 hand qualifies as a blowup but it sure feels gross. I had 140k 36 minutes ago. ๐Ÿคฎ

5:38 PM: Jammed AT right after posting that last update and busted a 32k stack when I outflopped his 88. Back up to 88k and we are down to 19.

5:55 PM: Open to 10k with KJdd and a loose player jams 27k. I snap and hold vs QTo.

Back to 111k. 16 left. Chief Wiggum and Solomon Grundy still in also.

6:06 PM: 14 players left and all seven at my table have 20+ bigs. Not sure what’s going on at the other table, but could be a bit of a bubble.

6:20 PM: Currently telling stories about getting arrested while I was playing poker at All Star Lanes and how I’ve been kicked out of every poker room in Kitsap County and Shoreline. Most people have a hard time seeing that but that’s because I’ve been sober eight years and basically no one on this side of the Narrows Bridge has ever seen that side of me.

6:31 PM: 13 players left. Blinds are up to 3000/6000 now and I have a little over 90k, which is the smallest stack at my table.

6:37 PM: 12 left.

6:49 PM: Dwindled all the way to 38.5k. Button opens 20k, I jam with A7dd and he calls, obviously, with… AJ.

Flop… all diamonds! And we are back to 90k.

6:55 PM: Cutoff opens 20k, folds to me in the big and I look down at JJ and all my chips go into the pot and he snaps so fast and excitedly I know I’m not going to see AK. Up against AA and there’s no miracle this time.

Bust in 12th for maximum time wasted and pain felt.

Ohhhhh it hurts.

No more poker today. Just gonna head home and lick my wounds.

Solomon Grundy still in with a short stack and Chief Wiggum has a very serious 300k+ stack, primed to make a run at first place.

There is a mixed house game tomorrow that I will most likely be attending and Global’s Rattlesnake Open events officially kick off at 5:30. I believe I will be multitasking but I haven’t talked to my wife about either, so who knows.


I went home and fell asleep before 9 PM which is absolutely absurd and woke up to messages from The Joker trolling me because The Gnat outlasted me in the tournament today.

That’s funny. The Gnat wasn’t there. But that’s not stopping him from telling everyone at the Palace that he made the final table and finished in 9th (a weird lie – why not say you took 1st or 2nd or 3rd?).

I’m sending Joker questions to ask The Gnat about his deep run and so far he has whiffed on everything: first place prize, tournament start time, did anyone from Palace go deep, etc. I thought there was some highly improbable chance that I overlooked this guy that is totally on my radar now, even though I walked through the whole room sizing every table up and seeing who I knew that was playing.

He is also claiming that he won this same tournament the last time it was played. Curious, I typed his first name on Hendon Mob and only four entries showed up and I quickly determined which one is his. He has three recorded cashes, all in the 2016 Muckleshoot Spring Classic:

13th in the $250 Shootout for $700
24th in the $300 NL for $500
9th in the $500 NL for $3070

That’s it. For his CAREER.

What a fucking clown. I’m half tempted to drive to Palace just to make him look stupid, but I need to be up around 8:30 AM for yoga and gym time.