Selling Pieces For May Poker Tournaments

May 9, 2012

I’m looking to sell pieces of my action for some of the bigger buy-in upcoming tournaments. This is the schedule of events I’m looking to play. I’m willing to sell up to 50% of my action in these events:

5/12, Saturday: $110 No Limit Hold Em @ Freddie’s Club Of Fife
5/13, Sunday: $215 No Limit Hold Em @ Muckleshoot
5/17-5/20: $250 No Limit Hold Em Main Event @ Tulalip
5/20, Sunday: $250 No Limit Hold Em @ All-Star Lanes
5/21, Monday: $200 H.O.R.S.E. @ Tulalip

That’s a total buy-in amount of $1025 and I’m going to be charging a mark-up of 25% to cover expenses such as food, gas, and time invested.

For example: since 10% of $1025 is $102.50, with a mark-up of 25% that 10% would actually go for $128.

So these will be my selling rates for these 5 tournaments in May:

1% = $13
5% = $65
10% = $128
15% = $192
20% = $256

Since I’m not 100% positive I’ll be playing in all these events, I would refund the investment for any tournament I don’t actually play in. Particularly, if I make it to Day 2 of the Tulalip Main Event, I would not be able to play the All-Star Lanes event as they would be on the same day.

Most of you know what I’m capable of accomplishing, but just in case anyone needs more convincing, this is my resume over the past couple years:

In 2011, I cashed in 40 of 123 live tournaments for an in the money rate of 32.5% and a total profit of $1998.75. Not bad considering my average buy-in size was roughly $25. More importantly, I finished in the top 3 in 18.7% of all tournaments and chopped first or won it outright a whopping 12.5% of the time. That’s crushing the game.

In 2011, I played in 387 online tournaments and cashed in 65 of them for an in the money rate of 16.3% and a total profit of $1321.27. Those numbers are with an average buy-in of $6.89 and an average field size of 967 players! I final tabled those massive fields 6% of the time and took 1st outright in 2% of all tournaments.

So far, in 2012, I’ve played in 128 live tournaments and cashed in 29 of them for an in the money rate of 22% and a total profit of $1651.


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