Spectre (2015)

August 17, 2016

Starring: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux
Director: Sam Mendes (Skyfall, Road To Perdition, American Beauty)

Bottom Line: You’d think a James Bond movie starring Christoph Waltz – one of my favorite actors of late – as famed Bond villain Ernst Blofeld would be a stroke of genius, but somehow director Sam Mendes and crew made Spectre one of the most boring films in the franchise’s history. For starters, if you were excited about Waltz as Blofeld, you’ll be pretty disappointed when you have to wait nearly an hour and 45 minutes before you see his face and hear him speak more than a few lines. While this anonymity follows tradition with the character, it’s also a waste of a pretty great actor. There’s a twist in this movie that makes the Austin Powers movie Goldmember seem foreshadowing and really makes you wonder where the Bond writers are drawing their inspiration from.

While I didn’t hate Spectre, I did find it incredibly dull. It’s almost 2.5 hours long and it feels like very little happens. I really like Craig as Bond, but once again, the James Bond series is in need of a shake up.

Replay Value: I would never watch this again unless it was part of a dedicated marathon. I own every Bond movie, but this one will not be joining my collection unless someone buys it for me.
Sequel Potential: I’ll die before this franchise does. I believe Daniel Craig is under contract for one more Bond movie.
Oscar Potential: Won Oscar for Best Original Song.

Grade: 3.5/10 (Just Skip It/Forgettable)

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