$20/$40 DISASTER (live blog)

December 1, 2017

Last time I posted about playing in the $20/$40 game at Fortune I mentioned how good I’ve been running and how I’m due for a bad run.

Well, today might be that day. I wasn’t going to blog this session, but now I think I should.

I got off to a good start playing in a short third game that just started, but things quickly took a turn for the worse.

This can sum up how things were going: they are hitting all their draws and I am missing all mine.

And then this happened:

I three bet JJ against two loose players and it gets capped pre.

Flop is J66. The capper bets and I just call hoping the other player will just put his last two small bets in, but he just calls.

Turn is a Q and it gets capped – with the third player all in for half a big bet.

River is a blank and my opponent leads out. Maybe it’s a little steam, maybe it’s a lack of respect for the player, but I punt one more big bet and get raised again before accepting the fact that this guy really does have QQ.

He does have QQ. And the other player shows KQ. Because the two outer was not brutal enough.

And then this happened:

I open AJcc from middle position. The big blind three bets me and I cap it because I’ve had about enough.

We are heads up to the KQT flop and we don’t stop raising each other until the T pairs on the river.

Yes. Cap pre. Cap flop. Cap turn. I call one bet on the river.

He has KK.

That hand sent me out the door for the second time in less than half an hour to collect myself.

And then I came back inside and reloaded $1500.I am now in $3500 and I am down $1500. That might not sound that bad but I’ve been playing only three hours and I was up $500 at one point.

And that’s where we’re at now. I want to blog the good, the bad, and the ugly, so maybe we’re getting a dose of the latter two today.

I’ll be going live from this point!

8:36 PM: Sgt. Rock is officially the first person I’ve ever seen use a computer mouse on a poker table while actually playing in a live game.

8:50 PM: I won four pots in a row that I contested and was making a little bit of a comeback. But I’m back to being super cold. Down $1600 at the moment and losing to the same two players every time I play a pot against them.

Im sitting at a table where two people are always MIA. That’s good because I prefer 7-handed over 9-handed, but it’s bad because I can’t take a break myself! (Due to the third man walking rule).

And on that note, I just rivered a flush after defending the 82cc in a 4-way pot. Things are looking up!

9:03 PM: We are 8-handed! What’s more important? Taking a way overdue break or playing out the orbit I just paid $30 for?

9:19 PM: Player that is beating me in every hand we play (like just now: he opens cutoff; I defend 75hh and check-raise the K53 rainbow flop and lose to Q9) just switched tables and I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about it.

So AirPods are pretty cool. My wife and I are sitting at separate tables but she asked me for one of my ear phones and, surprisingly, it is working for both of us.

And now we are both listening to Taylor Swift‘s new album. Lol.

9:51 PM: Enough of that. Listening to Kendrick Lamar‘s DAMN. now. These people are in trouble.

9:58PM: King Kendrick just motivated me to pull the trigger on a big bluff.

Early position player that’s been opening A LOT of pots opens and I 3-bet AJo from middle position. A player that is playing NO hands takes three bets cold to the dome. Oh oh. EP calls.

Flop is T53 with two clubs and EP leads, which is weird. I call to see what the nit does and he folds. Okay, I like the way this is developing.

Turn is a King and EP bets. I decide this is a good spot to raise because I have more Kings in my range and him leading here makes even less sense than betting the flop. He calls.

I will check back a club but bluff all other rivers or value bet straights, Aces, and maaaaaybe a Jack.

River is a blank and he check-folds. Boom!

11:03 PM: Running good.

First: KK vs AA.

Then: two big blinds this hand. The second big tries to fold and then realizes she’s the blind. Folds to the cutoff, he raises, I 3-bet A6, he calls.

We are heads up to AJ6. He check-raises me. I raise the turn. He 3-bets. Shows me AJ. Sigh.

11:07 PM: Player in seat one is complaining about how bad he’s running. “It’s been like that all night.” He’s been here an hour. I’m like BRAH.

I’ve bought $1500 in watermelon $25 chips. I like to have them on the table because it makes raising the turn really easy. Grab four chips and toss them out there.

When I use the $25s it’s usually a good thing because it means I have a hand that can raise the turn.

I have $825 now. And the only reason I have that many is because some people sell them back to me after they beat me in the pot. And that’s honestly tilting enough that I’m reconsidering the whole concept.

11:41 PM: Something good happened: I opened 77 from MP, next player 3-bet, and the small blind capped it – with one red chip behind.

Flop is AJ7 with two hearts. She puts her last chip in, i complete the bet and the other player raises. I flat and check-raise the turn. He calls and calls again on river and I win a big pot! -$1100 now.

12:26 AM: Nice back-to-back hands against the same player.

I open button with AQ. Both blinds defend.

AJ9 flop and the big blind, a fun player, check-raises. I flat and we are heads up.

Turn 7, he bets, I raise, he calls.

River blank. Bet, call. I’m good.

Next hand open A9o cutoff, he three bets small blind. I call.

Flop is K99. He leads and I raise. Call.

Turn T. He check-calls.

River A. He check-raises me. Against solid player I would have to give serious consideration to just calling here, but against this guy, I three bet and I’m good.

1:32 AM: Leaving Fortune. Lost about $1300 total.

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