Marathon Monday: 12/4/2017 (LIVE BLOG)

December 4, 2017

7:15 AM: Alarm goes off.

7:45 AM: Added a new element to my pregame routine: meditation. This weekend I got a meditation bench and a zabuton and this morning I did my first session. I have to admit… my preparation was poor. I basically skimmed through Tommy Angelo‘s Painless Poker and tried to find where he was talking about his routine and tried to hastily apply it. Eventually I want to have it dialed in so well that it becomes habit, but even if I’m not really ready, I figure something is better than nothing.

So far, I feel the same as I did yesterday.

On the other hand, I got a better night’s sleep than usual and I’m hoping I can parlay that rest into my first good $15/$30 session because right now it looks like this:

11/20/2017: +$25 in 16.25 hours
11/27/2017: -$695 in 13 hours

It’s stupid to set financial goals, but I’m going to make one anyway: +$2000.

Let’s get to it.

10:18 AM: Waiting at Starbucks for some coffee.

I did yoga for an hour this morning and can it be possible that I’m actually getting weaker? We did some stuff with legs and my body was like “NO.”

I do enjoy yoga though. I’ve gone to nine consecutive classes without missing one – consistency I’m surprised by.

What I need to do is work in some strength training. Mondays and Wednesdays are yoga days but I don’t have time after class to workout because those are the only two days I participate in a poker game with a scheduled start time.

11:02 AM: 17 names on the list today. They haven’t even tried to start the game yet. It actually looks like it might start full today though.

A player that berated me last week is on the list. I really hope he plays.

Here’s the hand:

Four players limp, he raises from SB, I defend A2o.

Flop is A high, disconnected but with three clubs. SB checks, I check, EP bets, SB calls, I call. I have 2 of clubs. It’s all very marginal.

Turn is T of clubs and it checks around.

River is a blank. We both check and EP bets. SB calls. I don’t love it, but I overcall.

EP has AJ no club, SB has AT no club. I win.

Dude in small blind is like “how can you call that? Did you see my hand? You think I have nothing?”

Let’s review. He raises from the small blind in a multiway pot and then checks three times when the board runs out four clubs. Yeah, really marking you for a flush, bud.

Then he starts berating the other player in the hand for how he’s holding his cards, saying I can see them. I mean… maybe I could? If I was looking. But I’m not. And I never do.

The other player checked the turn when the four card flush got there. He probably doesn’t have a good flush and if he has a weak one betting the river doesn’t make much sense.

So my call is super easy.

A few hands go by and the guy from the small blind picks up his chips but stops by me, leans over, and says “what did you have again? A2 offsuit? And I raised? You’re no different than me.”

I never said I was! My only interaction with this guy that day was:

“Did you use to work here?”


So I don’t know where all this anger and craziness came from… but…

He just sat down in $15/$30 and I’ll be looking forward to giving him more hands to cry about today.

11:16 AM: Cards still not in the air. Looks like we are starting 8-handed.

I was hoping to start $25/$50 Overs today but only one other player bought in more than $600.

12:24 PM: I refuse to get off to a good start in this game. I’ve been battling a mega-maniac – trying to isolate him (unsuccessfully) and missing flops with ace highs and calling him down – and when I did make top pair he had two pair.

Plus this stupid hand: one limper, maniac raises HJ, I 3-bet A5o and the SB cold caps it. Limper doesn’t fold and four of us go to the flop. Sigh.

Flop is 743 with two clubs, giving me a double gutter and a backdoor flush draw – a pretty great flop for me in this situation. They all check to me. SB seems to be on a good ace high. I bet, they all call.

Turn pairs the 7 and they all check again and since I can still have all the good hands in my range, I bet again. SB and maniac call.

River is a Q and they both check. My hand is never good here, so I don’t have showdown value. I also feel like the small blind is rarely folding, but I can’t check. I’m getting 14-1 on a bluff so if he folds as little as 7% of the time betting is profitable, even though it feels like I’m lighting $30 on fire most of the time. Another thing working for me here is he has a maniac to act behind him that is folding no pair and capable of bluff-raising the river.

The small blind does call though and he wins with AK high and I’m already down $600.

12:48 PM: An old school All Star Lanes regular, that I’ve never seen at the Palace or in a game bigger than $4/$8, just sat down in $15/$30.

1:05 PM: False alarm! Just had my first real heater in this game, thanks to AA holding w/out a showdown, and these two hands:

I have 3-bet the maniac three of the last four hands, this time with T8dd and the player in the small blind comments: “don’t let him push you around, Mike.”

I get two cold callers and then the small blind caps it. We are five ways to the Q96, one diamond flop. The SB and maniac make sure the flop gets capped and four of us go to the turn.

A beauty! 7 of diamonds. SB leads, maniac raises all in, I 3-bet and the other two call.

K on river and no one has JT and I win a monster.

Then I flop a set of 7s in a multiway pot with multiple bets going in four ways on flop and a raise on the river when I fill up.

Currently up $800, which is the most I’ve been up in this game so far.

1:14 PM: We have seat open and no list. Oh oh. Should be fine, but we have some potential part-timers and at least one person that doesn’t like playing “short.”

1:24: Staff is unprepared for this game today, I guess. They were seating players with green ($25) chips which is whatever, but now people are sitting down with black ($100) chips. No way is that optimal. And it’s not even 1:30 yet.

2:21 PM: We are now 7-handed. Reinforcements please!

I prefer playing short-handed but most people don’t and this game breaking early would be a personal nightmare.

2:29 PM: Pretty uneventful 90 minutes, except these two hands:

Two limpers, I complete Q8o, BB checks.

Flop is Q44, two hearts. I check, BB bets, limpers fold, I raise, he calls.

Turn is a blank. I bet, he calls.

River is an Ace and we both check. I table and he confidently rolls J9o.

Solid misread in my favor.

Next notable hand: there are multiple limpers and a late position player raises. I defend with the 6 of clubs and a black 5.

Flop comes A43 with two clubs. I look at my second card and it’s the 5 of clubs. I have a monster and since the raise came from LP and I want to get as much money in the pot as possible, I lead out. There’s a flat, a raise, a cold call, I 3-bet, call, cap, call.

Turn is a Jc and I lead my flush. The flop aggressor is my only customer.

River Q. I bet and win the showdown.

Currently +$1100.

2:38 PM: Dude that lit me up for that A2o hand I described earlier just asked me if it was hard to shave my beard.

Never fails to amaze me how people think they can oscillate between being a total asshole and friendly to you at the poker table. It seems that if they win a pot or it’s a new day, all past behavior is forgiven.

I don’t really care, but I don’t really like people like this either.

When they do stuff like this, I put up a friendly facade, but what I’m really thinking is “get bent.”

2:46 PM: Sometimes the price is wrong.

I just defended 65 again from the big blind in a multiway pot.

The flop was A98 with two clubs and when the action got back to me I was getting 15 to 1, more than enough to call profitably with a gutshot.

But not all gutshots are created equal.

First off, there’s a flush draw available so maybe I only have three outs.

Secondly, JT is such a common hand for people to play and a 7 gives that hand a better straight.

I think if one decided to fold this flop with my hand it wouldn’t be that bad.

I call though and, of course, I turn my straight and, of course, someone has JT and I wind up losing multiple big bets.

3:29 PM: If you read my post last Monday, I mentioned that I was getting wrecked by a nit.

I guess he’s really comfortable in this game now cause he just showed 65o UTG+1 and 54o UTG the last two hands. Yum yum!

4:01 PM: Not a good 90 minutes. Lost that 65 v JT on A987x board plus some other unfavorable run outs.

I just seat changed because one of the players on my left is playing absurdly loose and I wish to punish him.

+$400 now.

5:19 PM: AQ is a pretty good hand.

First I raise a bunch of limpers with AQcc from the cutoff. Flop is 852 with two clubs. I bet and get two callers.

The turn is the T of clubs and I bet, one call, and the other player check-raises; I double-check my hand and 3-bet, the player in between mucks, and the other guy caps. Yay!

Unfortunately, the river is a J of clubs and I don’t get the two big bets I think I would if it bricked. But I do get called and win a big pot.

Next orbit, I’m on the button with AQo and raise another series of limpers.

Flop is pretty solid: QQ4 rainbow. They check to me and I get three callers, which is amazing because it almost always means I’m getting raised on the turn.

It doesn’t quite go down like that. The turn is a 6 and the big blind leads out. I raise him and he 3-bets me. I consider calling because any reasonable player would realize I have a strong Queen here a lot of the time – but I’m not sure he qualifies, plus he’s in the big blind. So I cap it.

The river is a blank and I’m very happy to see him check-call. My hand is good.

+$900 now.

5:35 PM: Radio Mike is in the game! In his first 20 minutes he has already raised about six hands, got off to a hot start, and just pantomimed a gun to his head and pulled the trigger after his AJ ran into J9 on J9998.

5:49 PM: Is it getting hot in here? I feel like I’m getting sweaty… is my blood sugar low?



6:11 PM: The Torch just sat down with less than $300…

…and Radio Mike just sucked out on him on the river first hand he’s dealt in.

None of these things are good news.

But The Torch is in the game.

6:14 PM: The Torch is all in and felted on his second hand dealt in.

He just reloaded for $200.

Hopefully he has about 10 more of those short buys.

6:41 PM: The Torch has felted three times already, for a total of about $700, and just reloaded for another $140, which I don’t even know is legal – I can’t remember if it was here or Fortune that recently changed their short buy policy.

6:46 PM: The Torch just left Radio Mike in ashes after he ran Mike’s 22 down on 882×3 with pocket threes – despite the fact an 8 was in the hand helping Mike put max pressure on.

But The Torch didn’t come here to make easy folds!

The game is in a precarious situation. We are 7-handed with no list (there are two call ins) and two players (mentioned above) are probably on mega steam and might be itching to snap quit at the next bad beat.

7:20 PM: I’ve been pretty hot which is always nice, but it’s particularly fortunate because this game is on FUMES.

The Torch is felted for the fourth time and done for the night.

Five players have either passed on the game or sat down for an orbit and moved to $8/$16.

And a player has been sitting out for multiple orbits.

There are currently six active players. One has a very short stack and another is so tilted I’m surprised he hasn’t left already.

Hopefully these guys are willing to play short because I sure am!

I normally don’t chop 6-handed but the guy to my right is definitely an always chop no matter how short the game is kind of dude and he’s also the player that’s on super steam… so I’ll bring it up later. Lol

Currently up about $1700!

7:53 PM: Just picked up two new players.

First hand one of them limps in middle position and I raise AK on the button and bet all three streets when it runs out K9258 and he’s in total check-call mode so I’m kind of stunned when he rolls over 95dd.

Welcome to the game, champ.

8:36 PM: Just raised a limper with AThh on the button and both blinds tagged along.

Flop is T42 with one club and one heart. I bet and the small blind check-raises. The other two players fold and I flat to raise the turn, which will be Overs – the first time this game has seen a $50 bet.

He leads out on the 8 of clubs, I raise him, and… he 3-bets me. Gulp.

I don’t have a ton of history with him yet, but he’s played tight in this game and hasn’t been overly aggressive so I expect to be losing this pot. I call though.

River is a 9 and he checks. I still don’t think I can be good but I’m happy about the free showdown.

He shows JT of clubs, which turned a flush draw, and I’m good!

8:44 PM: Open AQss UTG and get multiway action.

Flop is K95. All spades. I don’t win this pot. I put in four bets on the turn when the 9 pairs against a player that can have a hand as bad as trips here and wind up losing to 55. Blech.

A minor hiccup in what has been a flurry of run good for me. Currently up a little over $1800.

8:55 PM: Speaking of Overs… I’ve had a button all day long by myself and someone finally asked about it after sitting down with $300 in a $15/$30 game… and then asked for one… and didn’t add chips.

And now he’s busto.

9:01 PM: And he just reloaded for $200… which is four big bets in Overs.

My blog needs emoticons. 🤦🏻‍♂️

10:04 PM: Nothing much new to report. They beat Radio Mike into submission. The short stack with Overs is unsurprisingly busted. We are currently 7-handed and have a feeling we won’t be picking up many players from now on.

10:22 PM: Shocking development: a $4/$8 regular, that may or may not read my blog, just sat in $15/$30 with $1700. In the 3+ years I’ve been playing here regularly I’ve seen him play $8/$16 once or twice so… kind of a big deal. Good luck!

11:23 PM: I’ve gone stagnant. Except for this hand:

One player limps, I raise 88 from cutoff. Four players to Q86, two heart flop. The limper donks into me, I raise, the BB calls, limper calls.

Turn 5 and they both check-call.

River is a sexy 9 of hearts. So like I’m never winning now. Limper bets, I call, and lose to his 52 of hearts.

I won a couple decent pots while I was typing this. Back to +$1700.

Two players just left though and we are 6-handed now and no longer chopping in the blinds – or what I like to call My Happy Place.

12:17 AM: Updates are going to be hard to come by. We are playing 4-handed now so I can’t really take any breaks and I’m playing basically every hand dealt to me.

12:47 AM: 3-handed now… because a player busted on this hand:

First to act opens, button 3-bets, small blind caps, and I have AQo in the big blind. And I want to fold it. Ludicrous. That’s ludicrous, right?

I just think the button is 3-betting tighter than he should be and I know the small blind is capping a narrow range.

But we’re 4-handed. Folding is ludicrous. It has to be. So I call.

Flop is AJ8 rainbow. SB leads, I raise, UTG folds, the button calls, BB 3-bets, I call, button caps. Goddammit.

The turn is a blank and the BB has one big bet left so he puts it in. Sigh. Can I possibly fold now? Knowing the button will raise here a lot? Ugh. I call, button raises, I CALL.

River is not a Queen. This is swell. Just swell. Now I’m heads up against the only player with an Overs button. And I have the best hand like never. He bets and I still want to fold. For the third time. But then I start looking at the pot size and, I mean, how can I?

I call. Button has A8. Small blind has AK.

Total disaster.

And to illustrate how hard it is to update playing 3-handed, I started this post at 12:47 am and it’s now 1:24.

So… don’t expect anymore updates until these guys give up.

2:55 AM: Just got home. Wrap up coming soon.

3:22 AM: I’m going to be honest. I just put on a 3-handed clinic. I also ran better than both of my opponents, which didn’t hurt. And I got one hell of a compliment. After absolutely torturing them and sending one of them to the felt, he turned to me and said “you’re a great player, man.” He was sincere, which was surprising because I could see how visibly frustrated he was. That was about the last thing I was expecting.

I was obviously in a pretty good position before we got super short, so it should be no surprise that after running good in that situation I finished in a very good spot… at +$2725.

It’s always nice when you set a goal and exceed it!

My friend BVR is threatening to make an appearance next week in the comments. That should definitely be entertaining if he follows through!


  1. I’ve decided to assist your goal by not playing the $15/30 today.

  2. I’ll give you some action next week sign me up I’ll be there by 11

    • List doesn’t start for next week until this game breaks – which hopefully won’t happen until 2 AM when I’m ready to go home.

      • Ok well I’ll be there no flake here! Good luck on that 2k goal love reading your updates!

      • I can try to remember to put your name up but I’ll probably forget. So far, if you’re here at 11 AM, you would have a seat 100% of the time.

        Is this BVR?

      • Yessir it is

    • You’re on the list for next week.

  3. I also will probably not make it, which has to add a significant boost to your hourly. 2k should be easy now.

    • It’s always bittersweet to see you walk in the building.

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