Muckleshoot Spring Classic $300 NLHE Shootout (Updates)

March 14, 2018

Not going to do my normal live blog thing here but I’ll post updates and the occasional hand.

Starting stacks are 8000 and Shootouts start with 10-handed tables and play down to a single winner. I swear I heard them say we are playing down to two players today though so I’ll have to get some confirmation on that, but it’s pretty irrelevant at this point.

Blinds start at 25/50 with 30 minute levels.

I’m already down to 5300 in chips after getting a free play with A7o from the big blind and getting the A87 flop vs 77. Fortunately, he checked back the river for some silly reason and gave me a free showdown.

I plan to re-enter if I bust early.

12:26 PM: I somehow only recognize one of my seven opponents and I don’t even have real history with him. Two seats remain unoccupied.

12:36 PM: Just lost over half of my remaining stack flopping top pair in a raised pot and losing to a turned gutshot. Re-entry ends after level 2 – which just started – and I won’t be looking to take a 2k stack into level 3, so I will be all in at some point in the next 23 minutes looking to double or bust and start fresh.

12:45 PM: Down to nine here. I open 250 with AT, next player calls, next player 3-bets to 850. I start with 20 bigs and I’m looking to get them in, but I feel like I’d be punting here so I fold. Other guy calls and they end up all in on 7758 with 88 busting the PFR’s KK.

Same guy that flopped the set of 7s vs me. Must be nice!

13 minutes left to get all in.

1:01 PM: There are six open seats remaining and they are extending re-entry until they are filled. So I can be a bit more selective.

1:08 PM: 3-way all in at my table not involving me: AK vs AQ vs AJ. So this is what happened: AK limped, AQ limped, AJ raises, AK 3-bets, AQ jams, and AJ stacks off, and so does AK… for like 40-50 bigs each. I mean, how can you fold AJ there? Impossible!

8 left at my table. I might be locked out of re-entry and I’m sitting here with less than ten bigs and needing to pee so bad I can’t take it anymore.

1:17 PM: While I was in the bathroom someone doubled up with AA… in a hand that I wasn’t dealt into… a hand that should have never existed. Everyone seems cool about it but I’d be pretty heated if I got doubled through there.

1:21 PM: Back in it after back-to-back gifts. Someone opens with 74cc from MP – as you should when someone had less than 8 bigs behind you – and I wake up with AK and hold.

Next hand, someone limps and I jam 2050 with AJ. She calls it off with QJcc and I somehow dodge all the outs on AT3c8c runout.

Then someone busts after that and we are down to 7.

I have 4325 with blinds at 75/150 after being all the way down to 850.

1:42 PM: I just heard someone tell the same bad beat story for the third time while I was on break. I can’t stand the breaks here. Everyone standing around blowing smoke in each other’s faces, telling painful hand histories. Ugh. Nope, not for me. You can find me walking laps around the slot areas.

1:45 PM: Coming back to 100/200/200 with 20 big blinds and about to have my first experience with the big blind posting all the antes. Love the concept. Makes everything faster and easier.

1:56 PM: Someone opens to 800, I jam 3600 with TT and double through her KQ.

She busts on the next hand when her AQ < KJ.

We are down to six and I have 7700 now.

2:20 PM: Down to 5. I’m the shortest stack left. No surprise there since I’ve never had more than the starting stack.

2:25 PM: PEAKING! Someone opens 700, I jam 4800 from SB with AA, big blind snaps with KK and other player folds and I hold to more than double to 10.6K.

2:54 PM: Blind vs blind, he limps and calls my raise and c-bet on J87hh. We both check 5h turn (I have Ah) and I call a smallish bet on ace river and he has T9o. 😴😴

Down to 6100 and back to short stack.

3:03 PM: 3-bet squeeze jam with AJ and no caller to chip back over 9K.

3:07 PM: Four players left as someone flopped a set of aces and slowplayed his way out the door.

I just defended small blind’s raise with 75dd and decided to get it in on J52 two spade flop when he bets 1600 and I have about 7.5K. He ends up calling it off with Q8ss and… whiffs! Another double. Peaking at 18.4k.

3:37 PM: Three left. I’m the shortest but there’s a big stack and I’m basically even with the other player. I have position on the big stack and he’s been applying steady pressure on the other guy for a while now so this is a great spot for me.

3:50 PM: Chipped down. AQ loses and then top pair loses to flush.

Down to 8K and at a massive disadvantage.

4:03 PM: 3-bet jam button open with QQ and he finds a fold with an ace. Bleh. Next hand I jam JTcc on button and BB snaps with A9.

I get the KQx with one club flop, but get no love with the rest of the board and and bust in third.


We did a $100 save so I only lost $100 total.

$200 Limit Omaha 8 or Better at 7 PM next.

Stay tuned here. I will start updating this post again at 7 PM when the O8 tourney starts.

6:58 PM: About to start $200 O8 tournament. Looks like we are starting with 8K in chips with blinds at 25/50 and 20 minute levels.

I just had ATddQ2cc in 6-way raised pot, got the K87dd flop and got none of it, which seems pretty fair.

7:19 PM: Had AAJ9 on J95hhd flop and get scooped by K886 w/out hearts. Yes, I bet the flop.

Def QQJT double suited and get the Q96 flop and none of the pot.

I have slightly more than starting stack but… yeah, this has been comical already.

7:28 PM: Talking trash to a huge Twins fan and finally worked my way into an Indians more runs than Twins bet which I thought was amazing until I saw the Twins scored three less runs than Cleveland last year. Looks like a good sweat!

Also, there’s been a Big Daddy sighting!

7:37 PM: Other notables in the field: Flexx, Bill W, Slimer, The Sandman, and – almost missed him – The Invisible Man.

7:47 PM: AAQ4 suited ace in a 3-handed pot on 65386. None of it.

8:09 PM: The Joker just walked into the tournament area and when I say “walked” I mean it looks like he’s been running. Fast. And by “fast,” I mean as fast as an out-of-shape poker player can move.

He was playing short-handed $15/$30 at Palace but the game broke and he was in a 20 mile race against late registration and now he looks like he just went through a car wash.

8:47 PM: Gift shop! I have AA65 on 4329Q in a 5-way pot that is capped on flop and turn, and I don’t slow down until the river when a running flush gets there and my fellow aggressor still leads. She has 65 also (no clubs) and no one else has the nut low so I get 3/4 of this monster.

Then I have AK43 on A94K. I call flop and raise the turn. A third player in the pot calls two bets cold and the original bettor calls also. River is a nasty 5, not only making a low possible (I don’t have one) but also giving the nut low draw a wheel. We check to the turn cold caller and he bets. We both call. He turns over AJJ4 and the other guy has A9 with a busted flush draw. Neither of them have a low. I scoop. Jesus, what a torch.


9:05 PM: Last hand before break I open AA54 double suited aces, the next player cold calls and scoops me on JT4cdKd5 with QQ92cc. LMFAO.

Down to 19.8K on first break but obviously my table is unbelievably generous.

9:21 PM: It was too good to be true. My table is first to break. 🤢

9:35 PM: Slimer wearing the same UW Husky hoody every single time I see him almost makes me want to disown my alma mater. Can’t you root for the Lakers or something, dude?

9:45 PM: Defend KKQ2 one suit and it checks around on Q82 all spade flop. Turn pairs the 8 and if neither of them can bet the flop it seems like I should have the best hand unless they tripped up with a dangler. I bet, the PFR folds and the other guy calls his last 1400 with AK49 for some reason and bricks his ace and low draw to bust.

The Invisible Man just moved to my new table and he appears to have double starting stack.

I just got pretty lucky after opening button with 8643 one suit and raise-calling A54 flop and rivering a 7 to chop with 32.

Joker disappeared. Dude didn’t even say goodbye or nothing, like he mad that someone else was live and staying in the fight or something. I’m sorry man, I wasn’t trying to steal your blinds with nothing, but you’re a super aggro, tank-tapping guy that’s bluffing.

Oops sorry, got on an old school Eminem tangent there.

10:31 PM: I’ve been scooping or getting a profitable piece of basically every pot I’m playing. Been on cruise control since the break. I currently have about 48k with blinds at 600/1200 and three tables left.

10:45 PM: Sigh. UTG+1 opens AK76 and I 3-bet AK54 double suited and double barrel KQ692 before checking back river and getting scooped. Pretty hard for that hand to go wrong. Every pot is critical now… especially the 3-bet ones!

10:51 PM: Down to two tables. Flexx is taking his sweet time getting out of my new seat and I shoo him away and he laughs and says, “good luck with this table – you’re gonna be shocked.” I reply, “I doubt it.”

32k with 18 left. 8 players cash.

My new table features a Palace regular, Kirby (as in Puckett, as in the guy I made the Twins-Indians bet with earlier), and The Invisible Man. Sandman is still alive on the other table.

11:18 PM: 35K with 14 or 15 left. I’ve gone a little card dead and I won’t be opening to light since the guy on my left is playing way too many hands. I did open AAQ9 double suited from the cutoff and got the 997 flop 3-handed and. I postflop action.

On break for 10 minutes. Sandman appears to have HEAPS.

11:36 PM: The good news is there are 13 left. The bad news is I haven’t been doing any chipping up.

11:43 PM: Open A742 with nut hearts. Two callers. Flop is 977hh. Just a bloody murder of the board. You should usually never slowplay in O8, but it’s hard for this go wrong. You want to bet so someone doesn’t backdoor a low, but I have he nut low draw, so… it checks around. Turn 2. Not the worst. I all but lock up the high and I still have the second best low draw. I bet, cold caller calls and blind folds. River 4. Sigh. I bet and he calls with a naked A3. COME. ON. 🤦🏻‍♂️

12 left now.

11:51 PM: Open button with AQT9 with clubs and big defends. Flop is a terrible 663hh. I plan to c-bet and give up and he does call. Turn is a 9, which is interesting, but I don’t want to bet it. I check back. River pairs the 9 and puts a third heart on board. Note I don’t have a full house so I still lose to a flush. I think it’s quite close on betting here but this guy seems fishy and checking back seems bad against him. I go for value and he calls. Dealer tables my hand and he sort of mucks, releasing his hand face down on the table and the dealer is hesitating like he’s waiting for him to change his mind and I’m thinking “muck his fucking hand, dude.” And he finally does.

10 left. 8 cash.

12:05 AM: Final table. Everyone agreed to give 9th $300 so we are officially in the money.

Kirby, Sandman, and Palace reg all at final table.

Early clash with Sandman. He opens cutoff. I call SB with AQJ3 but clubs and check-raise the T96 rainbow flop. We both check on A and 5 run out and I have all of it somehow.

Also worth noting, The Joker and The Riddler are clashing in the no limit hold’em cash game streets.

12:24 AM: So when the table agreed to pay 9th $300 I made a joke, “so we agreed to give [Sandman] $300?” because he was coming over with heaps.

Uh, he just finished in 9th. 😮

12:38 AM: On another break. I appear to be 5th of 8 remaining.

Everyone is quite short though. I think one player has 10+ bigs.

8th place pays a measly $365 and 7th is $660ish.

Oh, Kirby just busted someone. Down to 7 now.

12:52 AM: Open AAQ2 suited ace in diamonds and Kirby defends. Flop is Q76 one diamond and Kirby check-calls. Turn is a 3 and he tanks for a while before showing Q3 and folding. Have to say I’m pretty happy about that, since I need to improve to scoop.

Up to 96k.

12:59 AM: Sigh. Weird blind vs blind cooler: I complete with T652 double suited and decide to bet KQ2 rainbow flop. Planning to give up when he calls, but I turn a 2 and a flush draw and keep firing. River is Ac, making my flush and I felt like JT was one of his more likely holdings so I bet for value and he calls with… A2 and scoops me.

Very next hand I get the rest of my stack in 3-ways with AJ52 double suited and the shortest stack (in for most of it though) scoops with A874. 🤢. I get 3/4 of the very small side pot vs AQT2.

Down to scraps.

I have half of my stack in with 7722 double suited and the button raises. I mean Jesus. This is about as bad as it gets, but half my stack is in. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I lament for a while and come to the conclusion I can’t fold.

He tables AQ95 and the flop comes JT3 (brutal). But I turn a set! 8 on the river to make his straight. GG.

6th place for $750. Meh.

I won’t be asleep until 3 AM probably so not planning to play the $200 donkament tomorrow. That means I will be taking the day off or playing $15/$30 at Palace.

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