Something I’ve Never Seen Before (I think)

April 27, 2018

I wasn’t planning to blog today, especially with live updates, but something happened that I just absolutely have to share. Maybe it’s not that remarkable, but as a poker player, it’s one of those “wow” moments that you just never expect to happen.

Here’s the lead up: I sit down in an 8/16 game and I’m in the big blind position and the dealer says, “I’ll deal around you,” because I guess the assumption is that any serious player is never going to sit down and post in the big blind.

That’s not me. I’m here to play, not wait around looking like a nit. Plus, the first Royal Flush I ever hit was when I sat down and posted my big blind. That decision netted me an extra $2500 or so when I really needed it. I’m not saying that’s why you should sit down and post immediately, but nothing good is going to happen while you’re sitting hands out. Granted, nothing bad is going to happen either, but I’m not scared of short term variance (unless I’m 9 hours into a 12 hour session!).

So I post my big blind and get JJ and win a good pot.I get KK in my small blind, flop a set and win another nice pot.I get TT on my button and here it comes – something I’ve never seen before.

Preflop action goes as expected. There’s some limping and I raise, one of the blind and the limpers call. Flop is JTx and two players check-call me. The turn is a 7, they both check, I bet, the small blind check-raises, the other player calls two bets cold, I 3-bet and…

here it is…


What? My head can’t compute it.

EDIT: There seems to be some confusion about what I’ve never seen before. While starting my session off with three premium pocket pairs is super rare and pretty remarkable, that’s not why I made the post. The reason I felt inclined to post something was because of the turn action on the JJ hand. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the parlay of someone check-raising the turn, a second player calling the two bets cold, and then both players folding for the third bet.

The reason I posted the two previous hands is because sitting down and raising my first three hands has some an affect on my image that makes the turn folds even more unlikely than they would be in a normal situation. I can see the first player check-raising as a move because of how aggressive I’ve been, so his fold makes some sense, but the other guy calling $32 cold and then being like “naw, this is getting out of hand” for the third bet? That’s just fucking incredible.

Obviously a great start to my session and I finished 8/16 at +$199 and I get to play a full 15/30 session.I wasn’t planning to do a live blog and I’m still really not, but this game looks like it could provide some good content. I’m not promising consistent updates, but go ahead and check in once in a while because I will make some posts.

Starting lineup: Cobra, Flea, Flea’s buddy, Chief Wiggum, a few decent regs, and one unknown.Flea’s buddy seems to be a new heavy regular and he probably needs a name. A Flea-like name. The Gnat. Tempting to use Cockroach but I think I need to save that for someone that really deserves it. This guy is more of a small nuisance.

8:37 PM: Things are going pretty well for me. I’ve made some flushes that have been good. I opened the 76dd and an uncreative and tightish player 3-bet me and I was able to check-raise both flop and turn on T98 because I have him pegged for an overpair.

My wife is now playing 3-handed 15/30 with The Joker and The Flea and the cards are no longer being dealt. They no joke started that game like 15 minutes ago with 12+ names on the list. That is an absolute JOKE. That’s insane amount of flaking.

Trying to talk Cobra into taking s1 before Joker’s annoying ass takes it. I really don’t want to go through the process of moving all my shit.

8:54 PM: Second game just broke. I now have a Joker on my direct left. I hate to say it, but having him on my left is super difficult – probably worth the trouble of moving all my shit. Sigh.

9:04 PM: I can tell The Gnat hates me. I don’t know why – probably because he thinks I think I’m good, or I carry myself with confidence, or, most likely, because he’s jealous. Who knows. But I can feel it. And that makes a hand like this super enjoyable.

Limpers and I raise KQo from small blind. Flop is A32 and everybody checks. Turn is a 5 and it checks to The Gnat in middle position, he bets, and everyone folds to me. My initial instinct is BULLSHIT. But then I have the dilemma of how I should act on that instinct. Check-raise? I feel like I’ve displayed genuine weakness so I don’t think it’s believable, especially on this bird texture. Am I ever playing AK this way? QQ? I also consider folding because he can be bluffing with better. I decide on call though and he checks back ten river and my king high is good.


3:44 AM: Sorry for the total lack of updates. Ended up finishing +$1286, which I’m starting to learn is a pretty solid win in a 3 chip/6 chip structure. Too tired to elaborate more. Will be back in action tomorrow, probably at Palace, and locked in for the $400 5th Sunday tournament at Muckleshoot he next day.

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