Palace $5000 Freeroll (Live Blog)

July 17, 2018

This could be a short post if I can’t bring myself to adjust properly to these fields.

Details coming shortly… looks like 60 players to start.

7:04 PM: I mostly took yesterday off but I did play the $5.50 Rebuy on Global, the $33 $10K GTD, and the $11 6-Max nightly Limit Hold’em.

I was cruising in the rebuy until I opened KT, a player with good results flatted in position, I c-bet the T43 flop and he crammed it on me. I snap called and he showed 63 of clubs. What? Turn: Kc. River: 3.

No clue what happened there. Dude has a 70%+ ROI over 750+ tournaments so… what was this? I have no idea, but it cost me the tourney chip lead and apparently all my momentum as I busted out of the money.

I did win the limit hold’em though. 1st of 25 for a whopping +$101.50.


7:10 PM: Cards still not in the air. 2k staring stacks with blinds starting at 5/10 with 15 minute levels. I know FanBoy is out there somewhere. Not too sure about anyone else.

7:41 PM: 2275 starting 25/50 blinds. Nothing too exciting to report. I’ve been playing loose and aggressive, but nothing spewy.

7:48 PM: KJ v KQ on T73K5. 1800.

8:10 PM: Down to 12 bigs on the button, with blinds doubling in three minutes.

Time to get it in.

Jean Segura though. MVP!

8:33 PM: QJ > 77 > AK all in pre for ten bigs. Sitting on 5900 at 200/400 with 50ish left.

8:46 PM: Min-raise to 800 with JThh and BB defends with 1100 behind. Flop is 854 with two hearts and I put him all in. He snaps… with… AK. 🤔 Okay…. he holds.

2800 at 400/800 lmfao. 40 players left and average stack is 5 big blinds. 👍🏻

Wait, why am I here?

9:00 PM: Jam two bigs from cutoff and get folds around. Lol.

Jam 3.5 bigs after a limper with A6ss. He tank-calls (lol) with KQ. KK33x.


Never again.

9:07 PM: Jean Segura wins the MLB All-Star Game MVP with a clutch go ahead 3-run bomb.

9:09 PM: Wait. What? Alex Bregman? Because he hit a solo shot that won the game? What?

Nice job, Diaz.

9:11 PM: 15/30 on the verge of starting… so I think I’m staying here to play… for now.

I’m working on a wrap up post for my Vegas trip, but haven’t had much time to focus on it. Hopefully I’ll have that up within a week.

Spoiler Alert: it’s ugly.

The Joker on the All-Star Game MVP:

9:26 PM: 15/30 going 7-handed. Starting lineup: Scrappy Doo, Part-Time, a new somewhat wild player that’s good action, a loose-passive older regular, FanBoy, a solid regular, and myself.

9:33 PM: Blinds just went up to 2000/4000 in the freeroll. There are 17 players left. The average stack is 9500. That’s barely two big blinds. Three spots pay.


I honestly can’t wrap my mind around how ridiculous it is.

10:07 PM: 15/30 is 6-handed and that means I probably won’t be blogging too much because the action is too fast and furious.

10:44 PM: Game is full now. The Invisible Man is in. Plus another super LAG player.

11:42 PM: Nothing worse than getting pwnd by The Invisible Man. I mean he’s such a nit it’s disgusting. So here I am in the small blind with Q3 on a final board of A2336.

I’m the small blind and he’s the big blind. Pot started 3-ways and it checked around on the flop. I led out with my trips on the turn. There was a spade draw available on the turn, so I guess he can have that, but this is a limped 3-way unraised pot and we are in Overs. Hard to imagine him calling with a spade draw on a paired board.

Like I said, so here I am on a final board of A2336 and he’s raising me. I practically want to fold but then I start thinking he could play a 3 this way and I beat most of the threes and since he got a free play from the big and a free turn, all of them are in play.

I call and he shows 54o.

Heads up vs FanBoy. He opens button, I defend K2 of diamonds.

Flop is J95 with two spades and he checks back.

Turn is 7 of spades and I bet as a pure bluff. He calls. Okay, I’m looking to fade spades on the river but I should have a lot of good cards to bluff on, like tens, 6s, 8s, maybe board pairs…

River is a king. Now I can show down. He has some good kings in his range, so I check and call and he shows me AQ high and says, “you’re the man” while making eye contact with Snowflake as if to say: You see this shit?

1:51 AM: Open A5o from the cutoff and both blinds defend.

I bet 852 flop and the small calls, but a speeder in the big check-raises. I have enough hand here against this player to 3-bet and I definitely prefer to play this hand heads up, so I raise it up. The small blind folds and the big blind caps it. Hmmm… okay.

Turn is a queen and he checks it to me. It’s quite tempting to bet here but I really don’t want to get check-raised and I have a pretty good idea what his range is here. I check back and I’m planning to call on rivers that don’t improve 76.

River is a 9. Sigh. He bets and I stick to my plan and fold. Obviously I can be beat anyway, but when his most likely drawing hand gets there (the flop was rainbow), I think he has too many hands now that I’m losing to to make calling profitable. Even the gutshots like 98 and 97 improved to a pair. Obviously the 43 missed but there was one hand I totally overlooked: the 64 double gutter. That hand also missed. I think I’m still okay with the fold though. It seems like strong hands on the flop and 76 are his most likely holdings.

2:22 AM:

Flummoxing the FanBoy

There’s a limper, FanBoy raises and I look down at the QT of clubs on the button. I like to 3-bet with suited Broadway hands when I’m in position a lot because when you take charge of a pot good things can happen. Two players call and FanBoy caps it.

Flop is AT6 and everybody checks to me. I love it. I know FanBoy has JJ-KK and if any of the yahoos call me I think he’ll fold a lot. I bet, the other two both call and FanBoy snap-folds. Hahahaha. I feel like I’ve already won.

Turn is a blank and only the small blind calls me. He’s pretty unlikely to have an ace here since he should be trying to check-raise the other two out on the flop.

River is the jack of diamonds. Ugh. That’s a good card for his range, so when he checks to me, I check back and he shows 63, for a pair of sixes and I win the pot.

FanBoy is tuned out so I ask him what he folded as the cards are collected and the pot is pushed to me. He says, “Jacks” and I say “ahhh… good fold” and then he asks what I had and I won’t tell him.

I’m sorry John, I don’t remember.

He eventually uncovers that I had the ole QT of clubs and he is not pleased and claims he will call me down now forever. It’s always fun when you play poker in a way that people think is… unconventional. If only I could play in a way that made it easy for everyone else. 🤷🏻‍♂️

2:39 PM: FanBoy gets a modicum of revenge when he gets AA vs TT and my QQ, but a K42ccK3c board gets me a free card on the flop and a free showdown.

Sigh. Open 65cc, get the J4c3c flop heads up vs the big blind. He calls flop and the ace on turn gives me some nice fold equity but he calls again there too. I barrel off on the 9 river and he snaps with QQ.

Open QTdd and only the blinds call. Flop is QJ3 with a diamond. The big leads, I raise, the small calls, and so does the big. Turn is a 2. I bet and they both call. River is a 5. Nice clean runout, safe for value betting. I bet and only the small blind calls. I table and then the tables J5.

Running good all the sudden.

3:19 AM: Session saver? I open TT on button and only the big defends. I’m pretty exited when he check-raises me on the JT4 flop. I call and jack him up on the turn and he calls. River… ten! He pays me off and so does Uncle Leroy. $100 Jackpot! About 3 minutes after the floor said we couldn’t turn the PSJ drop off 6-handed.

That’ll teach him.

4:04 AM: After that bad stretch earlier I was kind of surprised to see that I was down $800, so I guess I should take some solace in the fact that I just cashed out -$28.

Add the $40 last longer bet I won from FanBoy in the freeroll and I had an ever so slightly profitable night.


  1. Well, that was pretty short.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. trading rakeback for the freeroll was the worst decision made so far at the palace imo. hurts regulars. dealers don’t love dealing tournaments (rightly so.) And costs them 260k (rakeback never cost that much, even if everyone claimed it all).. so who is winning here?

    I’m never going there on a tuesday, and more inclined to play elsewhere as a result.

    I don’t get it.

    • Agreed. It’s just silly. Total crapshoot. Not even remotely worth my time. I’d much rather have the $150-$200 I made in rakeback every month… or just no freeroll or rakeback and go back to a $3/$3 drop.

      Now they are doing it TWICE a week! Tuesdays and Sundays. Unreal.

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