Muckleshoot $300 NL 4th Sunday (Live Blog)

July 22, 2018

10:26 PM: Making an appearance at Muckleshoot in an attempt to increase my live tournament volume. $300 buy in gets you 25k in chips with blinds starting at 100/100 and 30 minute levels.

I already bluffed off 20% of my stack after getting a free play from the small blind with Q9o.

I lead out for 200 in a 4-way pot on T86 and only the small blind calls.

Turn is an ace. I check, not really planning to call very often. He bets 500 and I’m not surprised to see him bet. None of the draws improved and it’s pretty hard for him to have made hands that can stand a raise, so I make it 1700. He calls.

River is king. I bet 2100 and he snaps with A6. Bad result but I’m fine with my line there.

Dealer just told me I can’t have my headphone charger on the table. I use it as a card protector so I’m pretty annoyed. She asks, “is it an electronic?” I respond, “yes, it’s a card reader.”

A little help, Big Daddy?

I recognize a few players at my table. I’ll give one a nickname, since he pops into Palace on occasion and always plays the same local tournaments I play. I will call him Minh Cash.

Looking around the room to see who else in here. I see Bill W and Solomon Grundy but that’s it. Field is kind of small so far. Only six tables in play and all of them have multiple open seats. Registration is open for another 95+ minutes though.

10:51 AM: Defend 3x raise in 4-way pot from small blind with KTo (note: small and big are both 100).

Flop is T74 with two spades. It checks around.

I lead 600 on deuce turn and only the cutoff calls.

River is an ace. A card players will bluff on a lot. If I had the best hand on the turn, I still expect to have the best hand most of the time. I’m losing to nut flush draws that checked back on the flop in position and A7, A4, and A2. Basically I expect him to be bluffing a lot if he bets, so I snap call his 1300 and I guess we’re going to have to include 53 in his preflop cold calling range now.


Bright side: unlimited re-entry for 90 more minutes!

11:04 PM: Minh Cash coolered for stacks in a 5-bet pot with his QQ running into AA.

11:23 PM: More bluffing. Open 98hh. C-bet total air. He calls on K32. Turn blank. River ace. Prompts me to bet again. He calls with K6.

Had another weird spot. SB makes it 800 after multiple limps. I defend A3dd.

Four ways to 762 one diamond, one spade flop. Everybody checks.

Turn 3 of spades. I bet 1600, button calls and SB makes it 4100. Really weird spot. Hard to imagine what good hands he plays this way. Probably not overpairs. Sets make some sense, I guess. Spade draws? Probably not with that small of sizing, out of position against two players. He’s been playing pretty aggro so I’m tempted to stuff it on him, but I reluctantly muck instead. So does the button.

Defend 76cc in 5-way pot. Flop is AK3 with two clubs. It checks to cutoff and he bets 1100. He probably has the weakest range of anyone besides me (this is 53 guy), so I jam it on him. Everyone folds.


My image is horrible right now, so time to tighten up for a bit and go for extra value when I have something.

11:47 AM: A5hh whiffs on J76hh4-2. Poker is so annoying sometimes.

12:18 PM: Decided to jam the QJdd with 30ish bigs against what I knew was a strong hand. I was planning to forfeit my stack if I was going to L5 with 20-30 bigs, so I just gambled here and tried to double up. He had AA. And I flopped a king. That was the extent of the sweat for me.

Starting 200/400 with 25k now on bullet #2.

12:28 PM: New table has Bill W on my direct right and a player that has 120k somehow.

12:54 PM: Mentioned to Bill W that today is my 8 year anniversary since my last drink… and that got him started telling me all kinds of stories that blew my mind.

If you don’t know, Bill W runs an addiction/recovery center. My nickname originates from one of the founders of AA, so while that name might seem like I’m poking fun at what he does, as someone that has dealt with repercussions of alcoholism since I was in high school, I actually have a tremendous amount of respect for him.

1:09 PM: Bill W limps UTG, I make it 1700 at 300/600 and we go 4-ways to J94 flop. I don’t really like c-betting with my stack size, so I check, the first caller bets 3000 and the other two fold. Not to sure about this spot. It costs me 3000 to win a pot that has 11.3k in it so I’m getting almost 4 to 1 on a call. The board is coordinated around the J9 so there’s no guarantee both my cards are live. The bet size is pretty small in relation to the pot, so I go ahead and speculate.

Turn is a ten. Let’s. Go. I check. He puts me all in and I snap. He tables 44.

River: Ten.


Pretty solid showing. Two bullets and I never had more than the 25k starting stack.


That’s probably all the poker for me today. I don’t want to jump in a cash game right away so I’m not heading to Fortune and Palace doesn’t even have an 8/16 game yet.

I plan to make a post of my “highlight reel” for my PLO session on Wednesday and the insane 8/16 game I played in at Palace on Friday night.

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