Back in 2019

December 28, 2018

Seeing as how I’ve taken five of the last six days off from poker and I’m not really sure what my playing schedule will look like with the New Years holidays, I won’t be making any new poker posts until after the New Year.

When I come back, I will have:

-a catch up post

-live blogs for 15/30 on Fridays and Marathon Mondays

-post-session PLO blogs

-2018 results post

-2019 goals post

-LAPC schedule post (I’ve booked two trips already)

-continued updates to Blog Nicknames (mine was the last update)

-continued organization of past blogs

Sorry for the hiatus, but holidays + buying/moving to a new house + no internet for the past week has made blogging difficult.

I will be back in 2019 and as consistent with posts as I always have been.

Stay tuned and thanks for following all year!

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