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$20/$40 Omaha 8 or Better @ Muckleshoot (Live Blog)

August 18, 2018

Doing something different today. I heard this game has been going, but laziness and forgetfulness has prevented me from making an appearance until today.

After battling through some brutal traffic – for a Saturday – because of a Kid Rock concert at the White River Ampitheater nearby, I arrived at Muck about 30 after 5 and immediately got a seat in what was previously an 8-handed game.

Current lineup: 5 players I don’t know, Bill W, a nitty player that has become a Palace regular, and the nittiest player I’ve ever seen, and whom already has a great nickname, Tree Bark.

Slimer was playing in one of the spread games and saw me sit down… and made his way over pretty quickly. 🤔 I’m guessing the feeling of disgust must be mutual. I get the vibe that he wants to beat up on me and after multiple failed attempts in limit Hold’em games, maybe he thinks Omaha 8 is the one.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with me? 🤷🏻‍♂️

5:55 PM: I don’t think I’ve ever blogged an O8 session before so I don’t know how good or interesting this will be.

After playing late Wednesday night and getting up early on Thursday, I started my session early in the day on very little sleep. I was just planning to get some low stress hours in and go home at a decent time because we were going hiking early on Friday.

That meant I was signing up for an 8/16 session and when the floors starting asking about 15/30 I took my name off the list. I probably would have played with the people that were in the building but I wasn’t really trying to start the game a couple hours before I was planning to leave.

As such, I ended up playing some B-game 8/16 for almost nine hours.

I was threatening to have a big session after hitting a $400 High Hand and going on a serious rush, but the wheels feel off fast and furiously starting when I flopped a flush with 54 of spades in an 8-handed raised pot. There was a maniac in the game and he helped me get it capped on the flop multiway and he didn’t have the sense to stop betting when the turn bricked. I got in a raise there and only three of us saw the river. It was another spade.

The player that cold called two bets on the turn checked the river and the maniac bet. I didn’t think the other player would check the ace of spades and the more I surveyed the situation the more I thought he was folding… so I made the call. The maniac can definitely have a big spade here but he’s also capable of not having one. The other player folded the ten of spades (flop was QJ9 all spades) and the maniac did have the ace of spades this time.

He wasn’t done making me sick. On this next hand I opened with TT and my only callers were the psychopath from the small blind and the big blind.

Flop was T52 rainbow and the maniac led out. The other player folded. The maniac and I were playing 16/32 Overs and since the big blind wasn’t in Overs the flop betting round was 8/16. Normally, I would just go ahead and fast play against someone that is capable of spewing off, but I didn’t want to take the lead until he had a chance to fire $32 into me on the turn. I called.

Turn was a 9 and he continued for $32. I made it $64 and he called.

River was an 8 and I can hardly believe my good fortune when he donks again. I raise. He 3-bets. What? Considering he bet the flop on a T52 rainbow board there’s not much to think about here. I should always have the best hand. I cap it, announce, “top set” when he calls, but he can hardly wait to turn over his QJo.

So brutal.

There were other bad connections but those were the two worst. Fortunately the High Hand bailed me out and I walked away for the night +$223.

6:36 PM: Here’s some pics from our hike at Snow Lake Trail yesterday:

6:41 PM: First interesting hand after winning a few small pots over the first hour plus:

Kill pot, limper, Bill W raises and is raising more than anyone, I 3-bet with AKQ3 single suit and three of us see the flop.

Flop is K92 with one of my suit. I bet and they both call.

Turn is ten of hearts, which puts two hearts on board (I have diamonds). They both check to me and… I decide to check back. Not sure about that play, but I don’t think I should call a check-raise and if I’m going to put in $60 I’d rather be able to show down, or just fold river if it comes super ugly.

River is the 7 of hearts and we all check. The first player announces, “two pair” and winds up tabling AT73. Not sure how I get scooped by that hand on that flop, but here we are.

I complete in a kill pot with AJ72 with spades.

It’s like five of us to the flop and it comes K76 with two spades. I have a pair with the nut flush and nut low draws. It’s pretty huge. I bet and get two callers.

Turn is a red ten and I decide I have enough equity to keep firing. They both call.

River pairs the 6 and gives me the nut flush. I bet and one of them calls. Seems like I should always have the best hand here but he turns over K6.


7:16 PM: Free play with KQ43 and I peel the K54 flop.

Three of us see the turn and it’s a 4. I think it’s a good spot to check-raise, so I execute that plan and both players wind up calling me.

River is a queen, missing the low and giving me a likely scoop. I bet and one player calls after about two minutes in the tank. This time I do scoop!

Back in the green!

8:06 PM: Hiking took up a bigger portion of my day yesterday than I was expecting. We left around 6 AM and didn’t get home until about 7 PM, after spending a solid three hours in traffic on our way back.

Needless to say, after getting home around midnight and waking up before 6 followed by hiking 7+ miles, I needed a bit of a nap before playing last night.

I got a seat in 15/30 immediately when I walked in a quarter before 10 PM. My plan was to play until 4 AM and my energy level started fizzling out around 2:30 AM, but the game was insane and I was doing well, so I pushed it until 3:40 AM and booked a +$841.

We are going to the Mariners-Dodgers game tomorrow and get to see Clayton Kershaw pitch (and hopefully lose), so I won’t be playing too late tonight. I’ll probably leave around 11-12.

8:35 PM: I have the A843 on a T5256 run out. It’s raised pre multiway and on the turn and I get it all. Peaking!

9:22 PM: Slimer has moved to my direct left… basically immediately after that seat opened. No surprise there. I’m curious how that changes things because he hasn’t been playing overly aggressive to this point but I’m expected to get raised a lot more often now.

9:28 PM: Bill W, AA Founder, opined we should have a group therapy session and put Slimer on the spot, citing that Slimer has no compassion…. for anything or anyone. 😂

9:56 PM: Open with AT32 with diamonds and it gets 3-bet behind me with three other players coming in. I call.

Flop is 986 with two spades and one diamond. I check, the PFR bets, and the next player raises. It’s pretty gross, but I have all the nut low draws and backdoor diamonds. Seems like enough to peel with. I call and it gets 3-bet. We all call.

Turn is the 9 of diamonds. The flop aggressor still leads and it gets raised again. Considering I opened and the other guy 3-bet, I’m not expecting to see a lot of full houses on this board texture so I think I might be drawing live to the high. I call and so does the other player.

River is the 7 of diamonds. I have the nut low and an ace high flush. I go ahead and lead out and they both call.

Suspicions confirmed. I’m good for high and split the low with AA2 in this monster pot. The third player flashed 75.

10:52 PM: Welp. The Mariners won in balk off and suddenly no one wanted to play Omaha anymore. Game just fizzled out real fast. Oh well. Early day tomorrow for more laughing at the Dodgers ineptitude.

Final Score: +$916


$8/$16 LHE @ Palace: I’m Blessed!

October 23, 2017

Or least that’s what I’ve been told recently. But I’ll get to that later.

First, I’ve decided to continue with my idea to write about my sessions. I enjoy writing about poker, probably more than anything, plus I think taking notes during my sessions helps keep me accountable.

Secondly, I think I finally figured out how to rate music on my blog. I will be unveiling my new method this weekend.

Thirdly, I have a lot of T.V. shows I’ve watched recently that I haven’t talked about yet. I will try to do that this week.

Lastly, I didn’t write any notes while I was in Reno for the Run It Up series, but hopefully I’ll post a trip report sooner rather than later.

Okay, so on to my $8/$16 session at the Palace today. I mean, it started off innocently enough. Actually it started off in $6/$12 Omaha 8/B, but I didn’t stay there too long and quickly took my $29 profit to the $8/$16 game. I actually really enjoy playing Omaha and it’s a nice change of pace, but it’s hard to justify playing in a split pot game at lower stakes when the all the quads on the PSJ board are $499, the Spade Royal is over $33,000 and two other Royals are $6000. It’s not like I play for jackpots, but at those numbers, I just have to play in the Hold Em game.

Like I said, my session didn’t start off well and after an hour I was down about $200 overall and it was mostly because of this hand:

Button straddles, I three bet TT from the small blind, everybody folds and I’m heads up with the button. The flop comes down 752 rainbow and I check because the button likes to bluff and will probably put me on overcards. He does bet and I check-call, planning to raise the turn. The turn is a Jack and I execute my plan and the button just calls my check-raise. The river is a blank and I go for some thin value because I expect him to be a little confused and pay off light and he raises me? Now I’m confused – and I don’t fold when I’m confused, so I call and he shows me a set of Jacks!

I continued to trend down when I opened the AJ off from early position and got called by a somewhat tight and passive player on the KK5 flop. The turn was a 3 and we both checked and I paired my Ace on the river. I don’t think betting is wrong here – he has a small pair or medium pair often enough to justify a value bet, but bet-calling the river was a mistake and he showed me KQ after I paid his raise off. This is definitely a player I can reliably bet-fold the river to.

Next, I opened with AA and got three callers and was check-raised by the big blind on the JJ2 flop. I know this player is capable of trying to run me off an ace high hand and he’s also capable of having a Jack here, so I decided to turn my hand into a bluff catcher and just call down, like I would with AK. The turn was a blank and I called another bet. I would bet the river if he checked to me, but it paired the 2 and he fired again. I called and he showed AQ high.

At this point, I was trending back up and I was talking to the dealer in the box about how my buddy said I’m “blessed” while we were down in Reno, indicating that I really have nothing to complain about when it comes to poker. I hate losing, especially in tournaments, and it’s natural to feel bummed out when you bust events, but looking at what I’ve done over the past couple years it was hard to argue with him. Variance has really been on my side lately. I’ve been cruising at an ROI of 331% since November 2015 in live tournaments. That’s insane!

So as we were talking about being “blessed”, the dealer (a friend of mine) was saying how it’s true and that I never seem to miss a flop in limit Hold Em either. On cue, I’m dealt the TT in the big blind, raise five limpers, and get the T32 with two spades flop. As if that’s not sexy enough, I’m heads up on the turn with a player that has an Overs button (Overs buttons increase the betting to $12/$24 when those players are heads up) and he raises when the 8 of diamonds hits. I three bet and he calls. This is a pretty tight player, so when he raises the turn and a brick hits the river, I think there’s some merit to trying to check-raise again. We know where 75% of the tens are and I would expect him to have at least two pair when he raises me on the turn, so he seems heavily weighted towards sets of 2s, 3s, or 8s. So if the river bricks out, it’s really hard to imagine him checking those hands behind. But the river was a 6 of spades and I thought he would check that card back a lot, even when he had sets, so I bet and got paid off.

I was up $60 overall after a couple hours, but the run good was activated now. I raised the small blind with QJ of diamonds, bet the AJ5 one diamond flop, check-called the 5d turn and check-raised the Kd river. Then I limped along on the button with 98hh and stabbed at the A63 one heart flop, got one straggler, fired the 3h turn, and then raised the river when he led on the Jh. That one got him talking to himself!

Then I started flopping sets all over the place. I flopped sets of 8s and 6s for massive pots. I flopped a set of fours that won a good pot. I had 44 on an A52x3 run out. All in pots that were raised before the flop. I triple barreled with AdQc on the J42dd8dQ board and my rivered pair was good. Then I got the AAxA board with AQ and this was actually a weird one. I had raised before the flop and then I bet the flop and turn and my opponent raised me on the turn and then folded when I three bet? I mean, that is just comedy. What hand is he trying to represent? What is he trying to get me to fold? I guess he’s bluffing there, but what a crazy board to try and bluff a preflop raiser on.

All in all, it was a great session that started off slowly before I started running so hot half the table was mumbling to themselves. Normally, I’d never leave when I’m running this good and playing well on top of it, but I haven’t seen my wife in ten days and wanted to make sure I was home before she got off work, so we could at least spend a little time together before she went to bed. So I booked a hefty $1120 win for the day and called it an early night.

Welcome back to Gotham, TDK!