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August 2011 Gambling Results

August 31, 2011

Ugh. What a gross month. I topped it off with another miserable live session. In the interest of keeping my 9 month winning streak alive, I’m deciding to take tonight off, barely in the black.

I’m feeling a little depressed lately and middling gambling results aren’t helping out my mood much. Not only did I barely show a profit this month, but I had a pretty disastrous month financially as well. I moved into a new place and, long story short, my bankroll is about $1600 short right now. I took over a lease for someone and trusted them to pay the rent and deposit for me and for whatever reason, he couldn’t pay it (even though I handed him cash) and now owes me around $1500 (and another person owes me $120 for Kanye West & Jay-Z tickets). Oh, and Full Tilt still owes me $1600. Also, I blew my August budget by about $400 (the cost of moving and having no furniture). A frustrating situation under any circumstance, but exponentially more so since my month of September is built around jumping up in stakes. I requested five days off (that I normally work) this upcoming month to play juicy $8-$16 games and I’m playing a $300 No Limit tournament at Muckleshoot on September 9th. Fortunately, I have a backer… which is nice if I lose money, but kind of sucks if I win. Either way, the backing situation makes it a lot safer to play higher limits when half my bankroll is not in my possession.

I don’t know how I feel about my play this past month. I beat up the $8-$16 game both times I played it and I finally held my own at the $3-$6 level, but I couldn’t beat $4-$8 to save my life… a game I’ve been CRUSHING for two months straight. Perhaps it’s just variance, but I think my biggest leak nowadays is dealing with Run Bad, and on multiple occasions I turned somewhat bad sessions into disastrous ones. Or maybe I’m just burned out. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that I do NOT have fun playing poker when I’m losing. That’s not a good trait for someone that’s hoping to play this game for a living someday. It’s not always peaches and cream… and I know that… but still.

Perhaps I need to approach my every day game like I’m playing $8-$16 because when I was playing that higher limit, my starting requirements were much tighter and I really felt like I played mostly mistake free poker. God only knows I’m not above a $4-$8 game so there’s no reason to start playing like I am. I kind of feel like I’m falling into the same trap I’ve been stuck in before: I can play weaker hands because I’m better than these people. While the second part of that statement may be true, the first part isn’t. I think it’s time to hit the books again and get my mind right because there’s no reason I should be consistently losing at $4-$8, even for just a month.

To add to my depression, my day job has me at my wit’s end. It pays my bills, but I can’t say it’s even remotely what I want to be doing with my time. I have no interest in the food service industry, but my hourly income would be pretty hard to match elsewhere. I enjoy writing, but there’s not much money in that, especially when you barely have a foot in the door. Other than that, I have no idea what else I want to do. Except play poker… which is why this past month has been so discouraging. After two months where I brought in $4400 gambling, my bankroll was rising rapidly and I was more than a third of the way to the point where I feel I could quit my job. Now… I’m looking at this $3000 I have and realize my date with destiny is so much further away than I want it to be.

August Results (YTD in parentheses):

Overall Gambling: +$191 (+$4261.36)
Poker: +$295 (+$4418.36)
Live: +$355 (+$4543.30)
House Games: -$60 (+$298.70)
Pit: -$89 (-$55)
Sports Betting: -$10 (-$122)
Other Bets: -$5 (+$20)

$3-$6: +$41 (-$505)
$4-$8: -$903 (+$1321)
$8-$16: +$643 (+$643)
NL: $0 (+$503)

Live Tournaments: +$367 (+$1536)


Bad Poker Streak

February 23, 2010

Roughly a month after raving about how favorable the structure in the Bremerton Lanes daily tournament was to my playing style, I find myself in an unbelievable funk. First of all, I’ve cashed in the tournament 1 time in 11 tries. Ridiculous. At this point, a first place finish would barely have me in the green YTD. Secondly, I don’t think it’s ever taken me this many attempts to win any live tournament I’ve ever regularly played in. It’s starting to ware on me.

Yesterday was a disaster. I lost roughly 60% of my chips on the 3rd hand of the tournament and never really recovered. With the blinds at 25-50, I completed the small blind with 85d. The flop came T86, with one diamond and since it was only 4-way action, I decided to throw out a feeler bet of 125. I got called in two spots and decided I was done with the hand unless I improved on the turn. Fortunately the turn was a beautiful 8 and I lead out again for 250. The button raised me to 500, which is suspicious, but small enough that I’m not going to toss away a full house draw. River ended up blanking, I checked and the button bet 1200. Pretty easy fold… but for some reason I decided to call and he showed me a flopped straight with 97. As much complaining as I’ve done about my lack of success, it has been partly my fault and this call is a testament to that. In this situation the only hand I can expect to beat is a bluff. It’s very unlikely that my opponent would bet something for value that doesn’t have my three 8s, 5 kicker beat. My opponent here is generally over-aggressive and has a slightly crazy image in my mind, so that probably got him a call I wouldn’t have even considered against most other people.

After that hand, my stack dwelled in the range of 1000-1200 for several rounds. I finally lucked out a bit when I picked up AA and got someone to double me up on an 8-high flop with TT. After that, I lost an all-in with AQ vs AA and was right back to a micro-stack. After shoving 2-3 times without even looking at my cards or getting called, keeping myself afloat for a few orbits, I got looked up by KQ in a blind vs blind situation and my J9 didn’t spike.

Today started off well enough. I had about 7000 in chips by the 75-150 round and was playing very well. Then the downhill spiral started.

With the blinds at 75-150 still, three people limped in front of me and I looked down at QQ on the button. I raised it to 850 and was surprised when a tight female player called me from the small blind. The big blind and all the limpers folded and the flop came A65. The pot size is 2150 and I have about 6K… She checks to me… what do you do in this spot? When she called preflop, I narrowed her range down to about 5 hands: AK, AQ, AA, JJ, and TT. Since three of the hands I put her on have me beat, is betting a wise move? I think not. So I checked and she fired out 1000 on the turn and I folded. My current impression of this woman is that she plays pretty solid… but I haven’t exactly decided if she’s a nit or not. I did see her limp UTG with the blinds @ 50-100 and get it AI for $2K+ with 7s6s on a 65s3s flop… so she obviously has a little creativity and gamble in her game. The big question for me was… is she the kind of player to risk $1000 on the turn with Jacks or Tens assuming I didn’t care much for the Ace? If I thought the answer to that question was yes, I would have called the turn and put her to the test again on the river… but honestly I don’t know. As it was, I thought AK made up about 70% of her range, AQ about 10%, JJ/TT about 15% and AA about 5%. I’m ruling QQ out as a possibility since I have it myself (also making AQ less likely) and I don’t know many players that would smooth-call with KK preflop in that spot. Since I’m beat by what I estimate to be 85% of her range here, I think checking the flop and folding the turn is best…. but soooooooooooooo annoying!

The hand after that, I raised over a weak limper to 400 with Qc9c and saw a KQ9, two diamond flop HU. Perfect. He checks to me and I bet 750. He calls. Turn card is a Jack, basically killing my hand and my action. The river is an 8d and he shoves for like 1600 and I fold. At that point, there simply isn’t a single hand I can imagine him calling that flop with that doesn’t have me beat now. Regardless, I’m steaming and I walk away from the table for a good 7 minutes to calm down.

I think I had a few unsuccessful steal after that cause I was in the 2000-2500 chip range by the time the blinds were 200-400. I picked up a couple rounds of blinds to stay afloat and got a disgusting walk on my big blind when I was holding QQ. Finally, I got it in with 77 and got called in two spots which pretty much sealed my fate unless I spiked a set. The board came K high and they both checked all the way down and I had a brief glimmer of hope when the second caller flipped over AJ high, but then my other opponent showed QQ and I was showed the door for an early exit yet again.

My showing in this tournament over the past few months has been putrid… with one cash in eleven tries, I’m running at an ugly 11% In The Money rate, which is even worse than my MTT cash % in MUCH larger fields, let alone 3-4 tables. Something’s gotta give… and soon… cause my patience is waring thin.

To make matters worse, I had my first losing day in 2 weeks yesterday and just ran BRUTALLY bad during my hour of play after showing a profit all day long. So goes the swings…


Maccent Music News

November 17, 2009

Sorry folks… I was on a good roll for updating the blog and then I didn’t have an internet connection for two weeks. Anyways, I’ve been rethinking my music plans and I’ve decided to go in a different direction. I’m not scrapping Leaving Las Vegas altogether, but I’m going to put it on hold. Instead, I’m going to issue a revamped version of my 2003 album Relationshits first. Relationshits 1.5 will be released on December 20th and will feature the best songs from the previous version, plus 8 or 9 new tracks that deal with my constant battle with the fairer sex. I will have a tracklisting ready in the next couple weeks. Leaving Las Vegas will come out in the first quarter of 2010, I imagine. Even with some of the songs being moved to this upcoming mixtape, I still have about ten tracks ready for LLV. After that, It’s Maccent and Pyro time.


New Maccent Single – “My Only”

July 29, 2009

I have about four songs completely finished for my upcoming album, but I can’t keep this one to myself any longer. It’s too funny and brutal for me not to share it immediately. This is what happens when someone gets on my bad side. It’s really not a good idea… because I will destroy you. I will take your soul, your pride, your dignity, your self-respect, all of it. My words are weapons and they will kill you. Don’t fuck with me.

You can download it here or listen to it on MySpace here. It will play when you go to my profile.

If anyone wants background on the track or if you’re confused about something, just post it in the comments section.

Here are the lyrics so you can follow along:

“My Only”
Leaving Las Vegas

This is for real baby, ain’t no illusion
I don’t have a mind filled with doubt and confusion
I ain’t about to lose when I’m feelin’ so close
to the goal that I want the most — My Only
This is for real baby ain’t no illusion
I don’t have a mind filled with doubt and confusion
I ain’t about to lose when I’m feelin’ so close
to the goal that I want the most — My Only

Yo.. I been looking at your pictures up on Facebook
got me cooking up ways that I can make you stay put
never thought with us together it would fade fast
days passed and I thought I’d never see your face laugh
again, baby, crack a smile if you hear me
I know you think I’m getting wild with my theory
we been apart for a while and you clearly
have to see the smile on your child when she’s near me
I love your little girl and I have to tell ya
I missed my whole damn family, yeah, even Ella
never thought that I could ever be your fella
and treat you to Tony’s Pizza, extra mozzarella
while playing the Wii and the Legend Of Zelda
I’m thinking how I’d rather be best friends than nail ya
We destined for failure? then I guess it’s for the best
if we give this shit a rest so we don’t mess with Mahalia

This is for real baby, ain’t no illusion
I don’t have a mind filled with doubt and confusion
I ain’t about to lose when I’m feelin’ so close
to the goal that I want the most — My Only
This wasn’t real, it was just an illusion
you still have a mind filled with doubt and confusion
if I’m about to lose then I’m feelin’ so close
to the edge, I’m about to roast — My Only

ayo, it hurts, for me to even write this fucking verse
already told you the truth and I can’t think of nothing worse
cause you’re cursed, livin’ life like you’re stuck in reverse
somebody give this chick a couple bucks for her purse
maybe you should find a job, baby you should go to work
I don’t wanna be a jerk, but you made me so bezerk
don’t care no fucking more, I’m not playin’ tug-a-whore
the bitch is all yours don’t wanna even up the score
give her four days she won’t wanna see you anymore
guarantee there ain’t a reason when she’s leaving out the door
cause she’s bored, fuck, man I think I see a sore
I knew I should’ve got some fucking rubbers from the store
say I took advantage of you once when I was over
No Bitch. I fucked you five times when you were sober
now you think of yourself as a role model and you can
raise a fucking daughter with a bottle in your hand
“Mike you’ve done some shit too, so you gotta understand”
if I understand this, then I’m not a fucking man

I hope you invested in a lot of armor
cause karma is coming right back to harm ya
never wanted shit to ever have to be this way
but you brought on yourself, that’s the price you pay
I hope you invested in a lot of armor
cause karma is coming right back to harm ya
never wanted shit to ever have to be this way
but you brought on yourself, that’s the price you pay

Last month you had a nice little ding dong haul
getting slapped between dudes like a ping-pong ball
can’t believe I stuck my motherfucking cock in raw
no wonder dude socked you across your jaw
aw, think I mighta went a little far in that line
shiiit, all you wanna do is hit the bars and that’s fine
but you think your daughter’s blind, why are you having kids?
seen so many dudes she doesn’t know who daddy is
so you think it’s kinda funny when she’s callin’ him my name?
but maybe in her brain we all are just the same
go ahead and sue me, you’re a phony lacking wealth
shoulda known you’d screw me, shit you told me that yourself
but shucks, I didn’t listen, it must’ve been the kissin’
sex in all positions that was messin’ up my vision
no hun this isn’t, how I ever dreamed it’d be
if i don’t rap about it you never meant a thing to me

This wasn’t real, it was just an illusion
you still have a mind filled with doubt and confusion
if I’m about to lose then I’m feelin’ so close
to sayin’ fuck you, now I’m a ghost — My Only
This wasn’t real, it was just an illusion
you still have a mind filled with doubt and confusion
if I’m about to lose then I’m feelin so close
to sayin’ fuck you, now I’m a ghost — My Only


Leaving Las Vegas News

June 3, 2009

First of all, if I’ve happened to develop any regular readers of this blog, I’m going to start rewarding you for your patience with extremely regular updates… and by regular, I mean, I plan to make at least one post a day, whether or not that post will be substantial or worthwhile remains to be seen, but I want to start increasing traffic to the site.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently working on my third album entitled Leaving Las Vegas. I’m pretty excited about the project and I think it’s coming together nicely. I’m really in the zone as far as writing is concerned and the last two verses I’ve written might be the best work I’ve ever done. I have parts of 18 different songs written at the moment. I plan to have about 25 songs to choose from and I’ll pick my top 15 or so for the album and I’ll likely release all the songs that didn’t make it on a separate bonus disc. I’m currently targeting a mid-September release (yeah… it is what you’re thinking.. can’t break a trend, can I?) and I think I’ll have no problem hitting that date at this point in time. I’m still undecided if I want to record everything in my bedroom or go for a more professional project. The truth is, I’m not that serious about this shit so I don’t want to invest a ton of money into it and the quality I get from my home setup is pretty solid. The real question is whether or not I want to spend my time personally mixing it when I’m not really that good at it. For those of you that want a sneak peak, you can check out the MySpace page link to the right and listen to “Meghan’s Song” in my profile. Oh, what a sweetheart I am. It’s a rough version that I didn’t put a lot of mixing down time into, but it’s a solid skeleton of what to expect from the track. Don’t worry though… for those of you that prefer the second half of Relationshits, I have been officially crossed and the gloves are now off; someone is getting torched: “Bitch, piss me off, I’ll make another damn Relationshits.” I don’t fuck around and you were warned.